Aug 2nd, 2011

This story sure is making the rounds quick. After it was rumored that NVIDIA’s Kal-El platform would be delayed past summer, the chipset vendor has been quick to clear it all up. No, it’s not coming this month. Or next month. The earliest we’ll be seeing it is in October as we’ve only been promised a Fall window, and that’s only for tablets.

For phones, Kal-El won’t be available (or unveiled, at least) until Q1 2012. More specifically, we expect to see some of these devices at CES in January 2012. If you didn’t know already (and we don’t know how you couldn’t), Kal-El is NVIDIA’s quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 chipset for all sorts of devices such as tablets, smartphones and netbooks.

It’s said to be a huge step forward over Tegra 2, and in prototype form we’ve seen that with our own eyes. We can’t imagine how good it’ll be in final production form. We look forward to several big name OEMs to at least announce plans to carry a Kal-El (unofficially being called Tegra 3, as well) tablet later this year. [A&M]