Sprint’s TEP Now Opening Up for All From Today Through August 31st


It’s common practice to limit enrollment options for protection plans only to people who opt-in at the time of purchase, but Sprint is offering those who aren’t enrolled in TEP to do so anytime between now and August 31st. The devices you’re enrolling must be in working condition in order to signup. You’re paying $8 a month for standard protection from manufacturer defects as well as accidental coverage for lost, stolen or user-damaged phones. For the latter, deductibles of $50 and $100 will be charged ($100 if you’re a smartphone user). Folks can enroll at a Sprint store, at or by calling 877-663-6250.

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  1. Insurance on our phones is a huge fucking rip off. I hate it so much. you can go literally six months or a year without having to replace your phone and the money your forked over doesnt even net you the phone for free. Why is it we have to pay 50 to 100 bucks when our monthly service charges, in a common sense and money spending way, make up for what the phones is worth in a matter of 4 or 5 months. I would gladly pay my monthly sprint bill and the 8 bucks on each phone i have as long as when its due to be replaced for any damage, i can get it without forking over more of my hard earned money…VZW ATT and Sprint make wads of money just from overpriced plans. Plz does it really cost as much as the say to connect our phone calls, send our text messages and data? phone calls & text messaging alone they probably mark up on their plans by 20 30, or 40 bucks plus the 30 bucks they tack on for data. They more then make up for the phone and our service in 1 or 2 yrs.

    1. the insurance is provided by a 3rd party if you didnt realize… could instead just not carry insurance and then bitch when you have to pay $300+ for a non-subsidized phone

      1. Uhhh Bitch…since you wanna be an Ass and answer that way. Its actually not bitching, im actually considering to think about all the money i’d throw out in 6 months, 1yr, or 2yrs and with the 8 bucks and the service plan i have. I think alot of ppl who are suscribed between VZW, ATT, or Sprint fork over alot of money on their plans to have their phone crap out between 0 months to a year and beyond to have to fork over 50 bucks to a $100 more…so i have every right to bitch along with anyone else who has a phone crap out and says “fuck i got to give 100 hundred on top of the insurance and the monthly bill i pay these guys?” so if you like throwing out money to the wind be my guest…doesnt matter whether a third party gives me the phone or not. Im just saying its shitty.

        1. I’ve never had an issue with any phone I’ve ever owned. Call it good luck, but I still pay for insurance for that what-if scenario. It’s only $8.

          1. yea man…i dont mind paying the 8 bucks on top of my service its just squeezing out that extra 50 or 100 for a wonky phone when you know you shouldnt and when you know you cant fork it over. for those who can god bless but after a while it gets to be a pain when they send replacement devices that also fail consistently…girlfriends experiencing that with her Evo 4Gs

          2. Get Geek Squad Black Tie Protection from Best Buy, $9.99 per month, unlimited claims, no deductible, battery replacement. It’s pretty awesome

          3. They aren’t going to give us free phones if we break them even if it’s by accident. That said, I’d rather pay 50 to 100 bucks for a phone that would normally cost 400 or so to replace.

            …but I agree it is a bit ridiculous when you’ve been on an insurance plan for years and are still required to pay the subsidies when your handset craps out.

          4. So how much money have you spent on insurance? $100, $200, $300?

          5. Who knows. I’ve had it for about 4 yrs. I guess that’s somewhere in the $340 range.

        2. guess you didnt grasp the 3rd party comment in my reply. sprint/vzw/tmo/att do NOT offer the insurance in any form, the fact that you dont understand the terms and agreements of the insurance does not make it sprint/vzw/tmo/att’s fault. go after insurion and who ever else offers the insurance with the other providers for having a high deductible. imho its not high at all when an EVO 4g on craigslist is about $250+ with no guarantee that the esn is blocked first off and then when you need another replacement for it being defective like you state your gf is dealing with you wont have any recourse.

          p.s. i dont like throwing money to the wind….i dont carry insurance on my phone i take care of it.

          1. and PS….I take care of my phones what happened with manufacturer defect even when you replace the phone over and over again. so….we get nowhere in this convo…i actually do understand the terms and agreements of my contracts…once again the point i stress is having to fork out the cash over and over again especially with all the money we throw at them. so im familiar thank you very much.

          2. Try again. Evo’s on CList are in the $150 range (maybe as high as 200, maybe) and it is common practice to check the ESN via a simple call to C.S or . In all my 12 yrs with Sprint, i’ve never had their TEP. Think of all the money i’ve saved over the years. I’m very careful with my stuff and treat them as if they were holy or something. I usually buy my phones off CL and get better deals than walking into a Sprint store at full price.
            Yes, one takes a risk when buying on a place like CL but it’s your duty to check it out properly before exchanging funds.
            It’s all relative.

    2. Best buy black tie protection. Two dollars more but there is no deductable for replacement. It’s also unlimited

  2. Squaretrade has two years of protection for around $120, about $60 less than if you were to use Sprint’s plan, so, this isn’t a very good deal.

  3. I am with Verizon, got the droid the day it came out. Bought the insurance with. Glad I did, because since then I used the insurance twice. It is worth it. I am in the army so I need to have that protection. You have elevate the situations you tend to be in.

  4. Does no one here understand the concept of ‘insurance’. How many THOUSANDS of dollars do you spend on car insurance with up to a $1,000 deductable, health insurance with up to $6,000 deductable for families, home owners insurance with up to $3,000 deductable? All are something that you pay for, but hope you never HAVE to use. Are you all griping about those outrageous costs? Let me fill you in on a piece of the puzzle you may not be aware of…Phone manufacturers charge cell phone service companies a lot of money for their phones. An iPhone COSTS about $800 from Apple, an EVO about $600 from HTC. Since the average consumer wouldn’t pay this much, wireless companies pay a subsidy of each person. Basically, paying for 60-75% of the cost of the phone for you in exchange for a 2 year contract so they can make this money back. For those of you that take care of your device, this is great for them. But there are some clumsy folks out there. Take into consideration that Asurion (who actually supplies the insurance) allows up to 3 replacements per year. This means that the EVO you paid $200 for originally COST Sprint $400. If you lose it 4 months from then, Asurion is out $500 if you pay a $100 deductable, up to 6 times during your 2 year contract. That’s $3,000. Even paying $100 per month for a 2 year contract that’s $2,400 and you’ve not even factored in the cost of the service. Now not everyone uses the insurance or only uses it once and a while, but as with all insurance, home, health, car, that’s what the insurance company is hoping on. So, as a previous blogger said, complain to Asurion. Sprint
    , AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. have nothing to do with the cost or deductable. Or complain about ALL insurance companies for being the bloodsuckers they are. Or stop complaining and drop the insurance and not your phone. And BTW manufacturers defects are exempt from a deductable for a year, so you must have had some other issue with the device, water damage, physical damage, etc.

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