Jul 29th, 2011

Look what just popped up on the interwebz – an interesting page, to say the least. It’s a teaser for an announcement that teams Alpharevx and Unrevoked (who will soon be one in the same) are making later on today. They call it “revolutionary”. The only thing that comes to mind is S-Off (unlocked bootloader) for both the EVO 3D and the HTC Sensation 4G. These teams have been working on both phones since they were launched and it seems they’ll finally be ready to show their progress off to the world. Or maybe they’re announcing the merger of said teams and their new name will be Revolutionary. Unfortunately, it says they’re only “announcing” something later today, not releasing. Who knows? Regardless, we remain excited for any news from the teams who are making great progress in breaking encrypted bootloader hell. Let’s hope for an actual release whenever this announcement is set to go down. [Thanks Silkyjohnson!]

[Update]: Looks like it might be for a release of something “built” between these two teams, as per this tweet. Can you say “excited”?