ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Getting 3.2 Upgrade Tomorrow


The folks at ASUS have announced plans to roll out an upgrade for their Transformer tablet tomorrow, July 28th. It’ll step folks up to Android 3.2 which has a lot of low level changes and minor fixes and enhancements, but nothing that’s going to shake ground. Take a quick look at the main features users can look forward to:

  • Optimizations / refinements across a wider range of tablets
  • Compatibility Zoom – another option for viewing phone apps on tablets. Works like Apple’s way of doing this
  • Load media directly from a removable SD card
  • Extended screen support API – means more fine-tuned UI control across Android displays, specifically, you can target pixel density, rather than resolution.

The rest are pretty much developer-oriented which you may experience through updates to apps. It’s on its way tomorrow so be sure to check back here for details on how to pull it down. [Thanks _____!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is why I got the Transformer. Maybe it’s not the best Honeycomb Tablet, but Asus is a good company that backs up their products.

    1. Yup, me too! Super happy I got a Transformer, the Transformer is just… awesome!!!

      1. I might go on a limb and say… The Transformer might might be better then the iPad. I know, I know… the iPad is the king, but hey… but it’s definitely better than the Galaxy Tab.

        1. The Transformer beats the iPad2 in every meaningful spec to the point where the comparison becomes laughable, all while beating it in the most important spec: price point; The only area where the iPad wins is in available apps, and that is soon to be a non-issue.

  2. Beware if you’re a swype beta user–3.2 makes swype go squirrelly. Swype is aware of it and working on a fix, but no date is set

  3. VERY happy with my Transformer and it just keeps getting better! Go ASUS!

  4. This is why I love my Transformer, ASUS is on the ball with updates and support. If this is not the best Honeycomb tablet on the market I don’t know what is… Price + quality and support. A+ in my book/tablet

  5. Just exchanged my Transformer today at Staples and got the newer B7 model. Can’t wait to apply this 3.2 update

    1. What is the B7 model?

    2. What is the B7 model? Probably a crazy question

      1. B70, it denotes the batch build with that being the latest batch.

  6. Also rumored to be hidden in the new update are pinch to zoom included on the touch pad for dock users and Netflix is supposedly going to be official.

  7. can someone confirm that netflix is a fully functional working app on android 3.2 with the transformer tablet?

    1. Nope, not until someone has 3.2 loaded on their tab and gives it a whirl. There are enough pieces in place though to make this rumor sound highly likely. (The fact that several of us grabbed the app and can run all but the streaming under 3.1. Netflix shows up on the Asus TF microsite under specs. )

  8. I just want to know how to get one with a cellular radio. I am not eve sure I care which carrier… I am just so tired of all the promising tablets being dependant om WiFi for data.

    1. I don’t think there is a TF with cell radios. At this point, I’d say there won’t be until the second version.

  9. For pure value, best tab on the market. Very happy with mine.

  10. Still no update here in UK

  11. Awesome. I just had an update for it a few days ago. Go ASUS!

  12. Has anyone seen the update yet? Mine still says no update available.

  13. Ok, today is the 28th, and yesterday (the 27th), this article said the Asus Transformer will have an update to Android 3.2 on July 28th….. so Where is the update?

  14. I had to click check update like 25 times but eventually an update was found, i assume this is because of intense server load, not sure

  15. Just got 3.2!!!

  16. Damn you Asus! There is no support for Netflix contrary to what you say on your microsite! Tried both the version before 1.3 and 1.3 and neither one works. :( That was the one and only thing I was looking forward to on this update.

  17. Just installed 3.2 update. Old Netflix error message replaced with new error message. That’s progress ;-)

  18. I’ve just got the update!

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