HTC Now Willing To Negotiate With Apple On Patent Disputes


It wouldn’t be a normal day around here without some legal/patent news to bring to you, so here we are with the battle between Apple and HTC. You may remember almost a month ago when the U.S International Trade Commission found Apple guilty of violating two S3 Graphics patents related to compression technology and only a week later when HTC announced they would be purchasing S3 Graphics (and a handful of their patents in the process) for a cool $600 million dollars. Then, on July 15th, Apple had themselves a win when the U.S. ITC ruled in favor of Apple, declaring HTC was guilty of infringing on 2 of Apple’s 10 patents related to data-detection and data transmission technologies.

Now, let’s fast forward to today where Bloomberg is reporting that even though both rulings are still subject to review, HTC is now willing to to enter talks with Apple over all this he-said, she-said patent dispute drama. In a telephone interview with Winston Yung, HTC’s chief financial officer said:

“We have to sit down and figure it out. We’re open to having discussions. We are open to all sorts of solutions, as long as the solution and the terms are fair and reasonable. On and off we’ve had discussions with Apple, even before the initial determination came out.”

Let’s just hope the results of these talks are quick and doesn’t end up with HTC paying Apple the same $5 per handset they’re already forking over to Microsoft. I’d really hate to see Apple getting rich because Android.

[Via Bloomberg]

Chris Chavez
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  1. thats a pretty smart move by htc though

    1. While it sounds smart its similar how HTC is now paying MS.

  2. the problem for Apple is, they know that android will crush iOS in long term, so they want to kill android via patent lawsuits, so my guess is Apple will not agree to this proposal and instead we will go through long drawn patent lawsuits

  3. Good read here:

    With the acquisition of S3 Graphics, it seems HTC actually has apple in the corner… as they can tell them, fine, if we can’t sell our phones in the US, you can’t sell your imacs.

  4. Shouldnt that boxing glove be HTC on it and Not Google?

  5. HTC is paying Microsoft, but it is only temporary. It’s not a bad move by HTC. It will only last as long as MS has intellectual property issues with Android. However, I bet Android is about to purchase lots of IP. once that is done, then the infringement payment to MS will end.
    It’s only a short term payscale…and not forever.

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