Facebook Bringing Web Based Apps To Mobile Browsers


Facebook wants a bigger piece of your wallet and what mega billion dollar company wouldn’t? As it stands, the company’s largest presence seems to be from your computer where you can click on ads and use their Facebook “Credits” to keep your virtual farm thriving and continue to pester friends to check out your over-sized pumpkins. But outside of the web, what other ways are there for Facebook to make some quick money? How about the booming mobile market?

According to TechCrunch the social networking giant has been hard at work on a secret program dubbed “Project Spartan” where users can make purchases via a phone’s mobile web browser thanks in part to HTML5 based applications. Only problem is, some of Facebook’s biggest competitors have control over their own app stores and that doesn’t sit well with the social networking giant. That’s probably why FB is looking to bypass Apple’s App Store and the Android Market altogether so that they can maintain control of all those applications they’re known for, but within the Facebook ecosystem.

Reminds me a lot of what Amazon did when they released their own app market on Android. Only problem is, not every company is cool with a someone just releasing app markets on their mobile OS (Apple) which is why Facebook is taking this to the mobile browser space where they can sell their Facebook Credits to anyone willing to jump onto their website. Bloomberg reported that Facebook’s ultimate goal is to begin building a software community to rival Apple’s. They may have a long way to go but who knows, in the future maybe we’ll see a Facebook OS to go along with the HTC Status 2.

[Via TechCrunch]

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  1. How about they just worry about actually making an app that works and doesnt have a ton of issues. Come on fb you would make more if your app didnt suck so bad.

  2. Good point by Chris. They have not even been able to make a decent Android App as it is, they lack (from what I hear) being able to make an iPad app…and they want to now venture into a new project? First get what you have currently right before moving on.

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