NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 3]


We’ve already given away a Motorola Droid X2 and a T-Mobile G2X and now, in Part 3 of our blowout contest, we’re giving away none other than the T-Mobile G-Slate Android Tablet.

What do these three devices have in common? They’re all powered by a lightning fast NVIDIA Dual-Core processor that ensures optimal Android performance. But they inherently have something else in common, too.

NVIDIA has harnessed the power of their processor with an app called Tegra Zone that is available EXCLUSIVELY on Tegra-based devices and offers access to games that are optimized specifically for the Tegra 2 Dual-Core experience. Games found in Tegra Zone are console quality games with ridiculous graphics and super smooth animation. Simply put, they kick you know what.

Gaming is my absolute #1 favorite tablet activity so having a Tegra powered device not only ensures the best Android experience but also gives you access to games that alone make buying the tablet worth the investment. My personal favorites include:


Bang Bang Racing

Pinball HD

and Riptide GP

But there are many, many more.

Alright, now that we’ve got you aboard with understanding how NVIDIA awesomifies your Android experience, I’m guessing you want to know how you can win the NVIDIA powered T-Mobile G-Slate in our contest? This is the part where we explain.

This week we’re giving away the T-Mobile G-Slate!

What’s your favorite Android Game?

Answer that question as a comment on this post by Thursday, July 28th at 11:59PM Eastern Time and you’ll automatically be entered to win. Make sure your comment is tied to an account with an e-mail address or some way of getting in touch with you… otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you and will have to randomly select a different winner.

You may only comment ONCE. Anyone who leaves multiple comments, either with the same account or multiple accounts, will be automatically disqualified and we reserve the right to disqualify anyone at our sole discretion.

It won’t help you win this contest, but you may want to follow NVIDIA on Twitter and/or Like NVIDIA on Facebook: they have some contests of their own every now and then not to mention you’ll get some inside info from own of Android’s top supporters.

Will be notified on Friday, July 29th by E-Mail.

On Monday, August 1st we’ll be giving away one of the remaining Dual-Core Android Beasts. Which one? How can you win? Those questions will go unanswered until the 18th rolls around. For now, see if you can’t snap up the T-Mobile G-Slate and keep your eyes glued to Phandroid every Monday (and all the other days too, of course)!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Game Dev Story is the best.

  2. Angry Birds of course.

  3. I’m a big fan of Apparatus. Very detailed, constantly in development, fun to tinker with.

  4. My favorite? I’m not 100% sure but I’ve really been enjoying Burn the Rope recently.

  5. My favorite game is Angry Birds

  6. Angry Birds!

  7. My favorite would be Robo Defense. It reminds me of my ‘Total Annihilation’ days!

  8. Peggle is my favorite right now.

  9. Nova 2 hd…so insane

  10. The Impossible Game… Something about making an orange box jump over deadly spikes is both addicting and hugely frustrating. Either way, im glad i have it.

    1. Star legends from Spacetime studios. Its only in beta, but its very good.

  11. Game Dev Story as well

  12. SOLITAIRE~ b/c I’m a loser ;)

  13. I am loving Air Attack! Brings back the good ol’ days.

  14. X Construct FTW!

  15. WordFeud

  16. As of right now, my favorite game would be asteroid defense due to the fact that I have not been able to try any nVidia games…


  18. PewPew 2. May not require dual core power but it’s still my favorite. :)

  19. I love me some Fruit Ninja! :D

  20. Cut The Rope Has Me Addicted At The Moment

  21. Beer Pong HD… I keep the party going all day…

  22. Zenonia 1 2 and 3 are one of my top fav games. Spent a few hundred hours in each capping out levels and getting best gear.

  23. PewPew 2. It may not require dual core power but it’s still my favorite. :)

  24. Backbreaker Football

  25. My favorite game is Riptide GP. Runs great on my Thunderbolt with Chainfire 3D.

  26. WordFeud!

  27. Gun Bros or Hextacy….I find myself migrating back to them an almost a daily basis…simplicity works man.

  28. Fieldrunners HD

  29. My favorite Android game is definitely Spiderman: Total Mayhem. Bar none.

  30. I’m a Plants vs. Zombies guy.

  31. My favorite of the moment is NinJump. Its a simple game but addictive.

  32. Either Angry Birds or Peggle for me. I can’t decide :(

  33. Angry Birds here.

  34. Though I was initially kind of upset seeing it preinstalled on the Xoom, I really like Cordy. It’s kind of like LittleBigPlanet for Android.

  35. Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection. The puzzle games it has never gets old.

  36. I’ve always loved Gamevil’s Baseball Superstars series. Best sports game on Android hands down, and Baseball Superstars II is even more impressive. I love sports games and RPG’s, and the “my player” mode has an awesome RPG feel to it! Gamevil makes great Android games.

  37. BitBlocks!

  38. Enjoy Sudoku

  39. Gun Bros fo realz

  40. I have tons of games on my Evo 4G best free app from Amazon so far has to be “Archipelago” simple game but challenging and fun. Thus being my favorite game to date.

  41. Words With Friends

  42. Plants Vs. Zombies!

  43. Hmmm – that’s tough. I think I have to go with Cut The Rope right now

  44. A oldie but a goodie: Robo Defense HD

  45. Robo Defense

  46. asphalt 6 . awesome graphics.

  47. After all this time, Spira Defence is still one of my favorite go to time wasters on Android.

  48. Samurai II

  49. My favorite android game is Jewels. My phones an Eris, so that’s about the best I can do.

  50. At this time, my time is spent playing Plants vs Zombies with my five year old daughter. It is a blast watching her try to different strategies at each of the levels. entertaining and educational.

  51. Words With Friends

  52. Does Words with Friends count?

  53. Grow is an epic game! :)

    1. Is it a game about a boy becoming a man? If not than it is by definition not epic.

  54. Peggle :)

  55. Robotek HD for the win, ” resistance is futile, all become one with the machine “

  56. Cut the Rope… really the only one of the top games that is not slow as hell on my sprint hero

  57. Backbreaker Football

  58. Plants versus zombies

  59. Fruit Ninja for me, only because I’m in competition with my friends.

  60. My current fave is Bakery Story…

    I have no idea why, buy I enjoy building my bakery.

  61. pew pew2 is amazing

  62. fruit ninja

  63. Well it is kind of hard to pick between Backbreaker and Riptide GP….. but I think my favourite just has to be Riptide because playing via an HDMI out is just beautiful and fun, plus I like the effects it does with my music when in in tunnels, very clever game.

  64. Does Trapster count?

  65. WordUp!

  66. Duck Hunter

  67. I love Ozzy’s Odyssey.

  68. Angry Birds

  69. Hex Defense is kicking my butt right now ;)

  70. Need for Speed

  71. Order & Chaos. It’s like WoW on my phone.

  72. Battleheart

  73. best game by far is need for speed!!!

  74. Right now a toss up between Cut The Rope and Stupid Zombies

  75. World series of poker

  76. Game Shot Pro by Webxit

  77. “Live Holdem Pro”, if I rank by number of hours played.

    And why don’t *all*'s — as linked in these disqus posts — redirect to Google+? Some do; some don’t. Anyway, here’s where it should redirect to: in the 1 in 1XXX chance I randomly win.

  78. Stupid Zombies

  79. I’m enjoying ShakyTower right now.

  80. Backbreaker!

  81. Love the immersive graphics and game play in Gangster 2 Gameloft…..

  82. I loved RoboDefense

  83. Fieldrunners

  84. Angry Birds ,,,,

  85. Dungeon Hunter 2

  86. plants vs zombies

  87. Still a sucker for Angry Birds Rio

  88. Call me old fashioned, but I think BattleHeart is the perfect blend of action and role-playing. Definitely my favorite mobile entertainment source for Android.

  89. FRUIT NINJA!!!


  90. Angry Birds. Pulls you in so much when you want to beat a hard level.

  91. Plants vs zombies

  92. Cut the Rope is prettty awesome!

  93. GALAXY ON FIRE 2 THD and also 3D Ping Pong

  94. i’m a fan of ConnecToo

  95. Pinball HD is my favorite!!

  96. Right now I have to go with Androminio.

    Though Cut the Rope, Burn the Rope, Plants Vs. Zombies, Tower Raiders, and Tower Raiders 2 are all high on the list as well…

  97. Has to be cut the rope.

  98. My favorite Android game? that is a tough one. I have a couple different games in various genre’s. Majesty is a great game that passes time quickly, Cyberlord is a GREAT Cyberpunk/Shadowrun type RPG, Jet Car Stunt is intense racing action, and Plants vs Zombies is a great tower defense game. I also enjoy Shadow Era for some good old MagicTG style gaming. On the top, so far is Pocket Legends for AWESOME MMORPG action. (Wouldn’t mind jumping into Order & Chaos though)

  99. Robo Defense

  100. Still loving Plants vs Zombies.

  101. Assassin’s creed great game on all platforms

  102. Alchemy. Playing God’s assistant is fun :).

  103. Plants v Zombies

  104. gots to be angry birds!

  105. Speedx 3d.. which would be awesome to play in 3d on the Gslate!!!

  106. For me? Assassin’s Creed: Altair Cronicles, I love the main series and owning all collectibles, well besides first AC…

  107. Still playin’ HexDefense :) I hope they release a tablet-optimized version.

  108. Angry Birds is my favorite game. I know lame answer but the game is to addicting.

  109. Right now it’s Homerun Battle HD

  110. Robo Defence! I love that game!

  111. Age of Zombies!!! Barry Steakfries is the best undead killer since Bruce Campbell!

  112. Cut the Rope ^_^

  113. Cut the Rope is awesome, just need some more levels!

  114. I love Back Stab

  115. I have been tearing up Cut the Rope. I like the casual gaming style, I can pick it up and put down at leisure. I need more levels now though.

  116. Dungeon Defenders! My co-worker and I enjoy playing it at work!

  117. Plants vs. Zombies!

  118. Angry birds, when you get to the upper levels its very challenging and I can’t stop till I beat it.

  119. Carcassone!! It’s an amazing board game. lot’s of fun.

  120. I have to say Words With Friend

  121. I’d love to get this and donate to chiefzreloaded. Hes the best dev on the Gslate forums. We really need to get him a slate so we can jumpstart the dev work on our slates! Please help us enhance the G-Slate enthusiast community! He loves Game Dev Story by the way!

  122. Bubble breaker no question. Closest thing to meditation without having to meditate. Then again my Eris an’t really handle much live action.

  123. Samurai II or N.O.V.A 2 both are incredibly awesome. I could think of so many games to list here.

  124. Nano Panda!

  125. definitely Zenonia

  126. My favorite game is Modern Combat 2 by Gameloft, but since I only have an Evo 4G, I don’t have many high end games that I can play.

    The G-slate would allow me to enjoy a lot more games, including Gangstar: Miami Vindication.

  127. I love playing words with friends

  128. Peggle! Love the pc version, now working on beating all the challenges

  129. Angry Birds…oldie but goodie

  130. Fingers crossed once again!

  131. Herman the Hermit. It gives a console style of play.

  132. I would say Replica Island, or maybe cordy. Those are awesome games!

  133. Plants vs. zombies

  134. Angry Birds or Battleheart! zoebeagle at gmail d0t com

  135. Falling Fred

  136. My favorite is definitely Angry Birds. Not only is it free on Android (albeit with ads) unlike iOS, but it’s an addicting game. I downloaded it the day it released for Android and played it hours that day.

  137. Open Sudoku… I know it is simple, but when I am done playing all the other complex games, I can always rely on it to kill time and not my battery.

  138. Peggle is my numnber 1 by far! Nothing quite as satisfying as heroin for the fingers.

  139. Riptide for me as well. Mind- blowing graphics

  140. Plants v Zombies.

  141. I’ll be the 999th Angry Birds commenter

  142. Age of Wind 2 is my favorite so far.

  143. Angry Birds!

  144. Baseball Superstars 2011

  145. Samurai Vengeance 2!

  146. Drag Racing by Creative Mobile

  147. Hex Defense Rocks!

  148. Fruit Ninja! great fun to slice those shiny bananas.

  149. Texas Hold’em pro

  150. Angry Birds ftw!

  151. Plants Vs Zombies

  152. Plants vs Zombies

  153. Cut the Rope!!!

  154. Apparatus

  155. It depends on the day of the week and the time of day, lol. How about i give you my list:

    Riptide GP
    Modern Combat
    Pinball HD
    Crazy Snowboard

  156. Fruit Ninja !

  157. Chalk Ball or Stupid Zombies—- ADDICTIVE!

  158. I like both modern and some retro games and for me Need For Speed is awesome and retro remake I like Tank Hero. Though the graphics and game play is rather simple sometimes simple is all you need to pass the time away and it is nice to see them bring back some classics into the modern age. Retooled a little of course. Paradise Island is rather an addicting but yet relaxing game if stressed. LOL

  159. Cut the Rope and Fieldrunners!

  160. Stupid Zombies!

  161. Been addicted to Robotek HD for a few weeks now. Simple, quick to jump into a game and finish in a few minutes.

  162. Eternal Legacy is actually really good I like it a lot.

  163. Rocket Bunnies duuuhhh!

  164. nes emulators. i love the classics

  165. Apparatus is probably my favorite. Cut the Rope is a good one too!

  166. Galaxy On Fire 2 rocks…

  167. Drag Racing very nice game i played from the day it came out

  168. I would definitely have to say Plants VS Zombies!

  169. riptide gp

  170. Peggle

  171. At the moment Galaxy on Fire 2 (transformer :) )

  172. I’m digging Fieldrunners nowadays.

  173. Currently liking plants vs zombies but the playstation emulator has to be my favorite

  174. Shaky Tower

  175. PewPew is still one of the most fun games on android.

  176. Plants Vs Zombies

  177. Cut the rope

  178. Angry Birds and Words with Friends (got to exercise the brain somehow!). Thanks for the opportunity!!

  179. Plants vs Zombies!

  180. I love Zynga Poker…it’s a great time-waster!

  181. Impossible game is my latest.

  182. My new favorite game is Plants vs Zombies. So much fun!

  183. Cut the Rope of course! Who can ignore the hunger of Om Nom?

  184. Cut the Rope

  185. Samurai II: Vengeance THD

  186. Tank Hero is my current distraction, but really like Apparatus too.

  187. gotta say angry birds, instant classic

  188. Jet Car Stunts! It’s a racing game that you don’t get tired playing after a few minutes. It can be a little difficult but has a tutorial level at the beginning that shows you how to play. Also, the graphics look nice on my Evo. But on the G-Slate, I bet the graphics would be stellar because of NVIDIA and the Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor.

  189. Words with Friends is probably what I play the most times per day.

  190. Pinball lHD

  191. My favorite game for Android is presently Zenonia 2. The first kicked ass, the second is even more excellent, and I’m itching to play the third.

  192. fieldrunners, i love a good tower defense

  193. Gun Bros and GBA emulator

  194. Samurai Vengeance II THD

  195. loving gun bros., especially with the new update. im in constant debate with my friends over who’s bro is the best

  196. Cut The Rope! Cosmic Box is EPIC!

  197. I really enjoy “Age of Zombies” but is there a way to higher the difficulty?

  198. Love Let’s Golf2…also Angry Birds of course!

  199. Angry Birds Rio

  200. Right now, Alchemy

  201. Stupid Zombies FTW

  202. Robot Unicorn Attack= the best game ever made

  203. Never get tired of gamedev story, Zenonia comes in a close second.

  204. Angry Birds!!!!

  205. words with friends and Apparatus

  206. it’s got to be Samurai II: Vengeance THD. That game is awesome.

  207. The only game I play on my free time is FRUIT NINJA THD. I have other game on my android phone but FRUIT NINJA THD has become my favorite game.

  208. Words with Friends would be my favorite game

  209. Cut The Rope no contest…

  210. Herman!

  211. Cut The Rope!

  212. Cut the rope and Fieldrunners Its a toss up.

  213. I’m addicted to Paradise Island. It isn’t even that entertaining but I’m obsessed with getting all those rewards.

  214. FPse…that’s just a bucket full of games to enjoy :)
    …not to mention re-living some great FF9 action on my phone :D

  215. Robo Defense

  216. fieldrunnersHD

  217. Right now it’s Peggle. It reminds me of the best “Price is Right” game ever: PLINKO!!


  219. My favorite games is still Jewels. I have had it on the phone since I got my Sprint Hero on launch day. :-)

  220. N.O.V.A 2

  221. Love Peggle.

  222. Angry Birds Rio Carnival Upheaval………..DUHH!!!

  223. I like bubble blast and a mind teaser and falling fred to kill time

  224. My fav game for Android is HexDefense! Good was to get the stress out!

    1. good WAY to get the stress out.. Geeez cant type!

  225. Fruit Ninja!!!

  226. Battlehearts

  227. Apparatus

  228. Still loving Angry Birds, all these pigs later…

  229. bang bang racing.

  230. Plants vs Zombies

  231. My favorite Android Game is Spectral Souls. I love the game because no game can match the content the game provides. It reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics and with over 100 hrs of gameplay. The unique twist to the game is that you play both sides of the story: Good vs Evil…then again I wonder which is good and which is evil…

  232. fieldrunnersHD!

  233. Drag Racing! Can’t stop playing online :)

  234. I’m going to have to go with X-Plane right now…

  235. Peggle!!! by far the best!

  236. I would have to say Riptide is one of my favorites so far. It brings back memories of waverace64.

  237. Definitely Cut the Rope! Until the next big thing of course!

  238. Riptide GP

  239. Playtime-wise, my favorite must be Slitherlink. I’ve always been a fan of that type of puzzle.

  240. I am a big fan of Nano Panda.
    Games that make me use my brain are what draw me.

    As a side note, I am excited to see what NVIDIA Tegra 3 will bring to the world of gaming! :D

  241. Cut the Rope

  242. Galaxy on Fire 2

  243. Angry Birds!

  244. Fruit ninja. HIYAH! Sorry, didn’t mean to cut you with my ninja skills. :)

  245. Zenonia 3. Reminds me of the old days staying up till 5 a.m. playing A Link to the Past. Actually thats fun to play too on SNesoid ;)

  246. Plants vs Zombies. LOL

  247. Game Dev Story

  248. Pumpkins vs. Monsters FTW!!

  249. No question about it……………Riptide GP !!!!

    [email protected]

  250. Plants vs Zombies

  251. Here is to hoping. A tablet would be great!

  252. gun brothers

  253. Samurai 2.

  254. I love Angry Birds Rio. I will shoot some birds your way if I don’t win. :P

  255. Spider Man in 3D on my EVO 3D
    Looks and plays great

  256. Fruit Ninja!!

  257. drag racing

  258. Plants vs Zombies is my favorite!

  259. Plants Vs Zombies, even with cute graphics, its the content that sets it above the others.

  260. Apparatus. Tho it runs sadly laggy on my Magic.

  261. I’m an old fogy, so I like simple games, and puzzle games… so, as lame as it is, I like Jewels.. now, with a tablet with a bigger screen, I might be able to get into more games…

  262. Cut the Rope!

  263. game dev story

  264. There are so many great games to pick its hard to name just one. I would have to say there are 2 games. One for me and on for my son. I would have to say angry birds, since it does what it does best kill a few minutes (or hours).

    But with my son it has to be zoodles kid mode. My son and I can sit down and play this together and he loves it and I love that he is at least learning a little something while playing. Thanks for the chance in the contest!

  265. Game Dev Story!

  266. Right now:
    9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

  267. Robotek HD is a great game! Turn based strategy!!! A little luck is needed but fun overall! TRY IT OUT.

    No I don’t get money for saying what I just said… Just saying

  268. A Monster Ate My Homework. Does not get the recognition it deserves! :)

  269. I have been loving Grand Prix Story lately, but my favorite game changes often. Android has been getting some awesome games recently.

  270. Plants vs. Zombies!

  271. Backbreaker HD

    [email protected]

  272. This is tough, there are so many great games. There’s the console emulators, field runners, plants v zombies, cough*angry birds*cough. I’ll have to go with apparatus, I’ve been obsessed with it since it hit the market. Sure would be nice to try out some of those tetra 2 optimized games too…… ;-) Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome prizes.
    [email protected]

  273. Need for Speed Shift is my favorite game that takes advantage for what Tegra II can do.

  274. My Favorite Game on Android has to be Samurai II for Tegra

  275. Fruit Ninja THD. Much better graphics and higher frame rate than the regular version.

  276. It’s probably boring for most of you but I can’t get enough of “wordoid”.

  277. Angry Birds for sure. Still amazing.

  278. My favorite game for Android is Rocket Bunnies

  279. Cut the robe

  280. Plants vs Zombies is my favorite

  281. My Favorite Android game was RoboDefense for a long time, but Yu Ninja has me hooked lately.

  282. Asphalt 6 …. having fun with it on LG G2x by connecting it to TV using HDMI.

  283. fieldrunner hd

  284. My favorite seems to be something different every week :).
    Splode is a good way to kill some time.

  285. Angry Birds is still my favorite.

  286. Parallel Kingdom. Playing since G1.

  287. Inotia 3

  288. I find myself playing Jewels Deluxe more often than any other android phone so I’m going to have to say its the best game for me.

  289. I would have to say without a doubt that plants vs zombies is the favorite game for the entire household.

  290. Angry Birds

  291. Definitely BattleHeart! ^_^. Although I would love to try sprinkle!

    [email protected]

  292. Andoku. Had it since G1. There is now an Andoku 2 which is also awesome.

  293. Cut the Rope! [email protected]

  294. Fruit Ninja. A game with such a fun concept that Hideo Kojima felt the need to build a similar E3 demo.

  295. Loving me some apparatus. It’s an awesome game, and makes you think outside the box quite often!

  296. Plants vs zombies, definitely!
    Played Angry birds till I could see no birds no more, played falling ball until the update ruïned the gameplay, played abduction till I could jump no more, but PvZ is a game that I still pick up to play even after I finished the game;s story-mode.
    Also, it has the best credits I have seen on an android device.

    p.s. If anyone here knows “Red stone” and can tell me if that game is beatable, I’d appreciate it. First levels were easy as cake, but then comes “sulphur” and my god, how much time have I wasted on that level…..the jump in difficulty is astonishing and makes me think it’s unbeatable.

    Either way, if I win, contact info: roemraw at hotmail dot com

  297. StarDunk! FTW!

  298. i’ll have go wit angry birds

  299. Cut The Rope, I just can’t seem to feed enough candy to that bottomless pit Om Nom

  300. RoboDefense, Its a love hate sort of thing………………

  301. N.O.V.A. 2 as well as most Gameloft games.

  302. Booya

  303. Plants vs Zombies, for sure.

  304. Robo Defense. Classic

  305. Pew Pew 2 is my favorite so far. Would love to have a Tegra 2 device to play Galaxy on Fire 2

  306. Fruit ninja

  307. Angry birds ftw!

  308. Asphalt 6, reminds me of old Need for Speed games

  309. Fruit Ninja!!

  310. Random Mahjong pro. It’s kinda hard to play on a phone though, i really need a tablet.

  311. cut the rope

  312. Fruit ninja, simple yet addictive

  313. I’m really liking battleheart right now!

  314. Right now my favorite game is Doodle Fit.

  315. Backbreaker HD, thank goodness the NFL season is back on!

  316. Stupid Zombies!!!

  317. Robo Defense

  318. Angry Birds Rio added something to the original game to keep it fresh. ABR is my fave for sure.

  319. Definitely Glow Hockey 2. Not really a point of the game, so you can just keep playing against the computer or with your friends to pass the time.

  320. Sinister Planet

  321. Words with Friends is a good time filler for me

  322. I think I’m going to have to go with Age of Zombies, but only because I find the game near impossible to play well and I just cant stand being bad at it.
    Practice, Practice, Practice!

  323. Riptide GP

  324. It might not be an actual game but the ability to play more games. One of the most recent emulators, N64oid (2.0.4), has definitely shown how much the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor can dish out to play those nostalgic games on the N64 we have loved since we were adolescents. My Droid X does not even come close to how the Droid X2 handles my old console games because of the power within the Tegra 2. Even with overclocking the X to 1.35 gHz it has a hard time emulating the classics. So cheers to N64oid and the Tegra 2 to help us revive the kid in us.

  325. Fieldrunners

  326. Angry Birds!

  327. Age of Zombies for sure.

  328. plants vs. zombies!

  329. Word Game Pro is my favorite.

  330. I know it’s old school, but Fruit Ninja is still my favorite Android game.

  331. Droid emulite ;)

    I’m not really sure if that counts. If not, then Fruit Ninja

  332. X Construct is awesome!

  333. Angry Birds was a day one install on my day one purchase of HTC Droid Incredible…

    fast forward to one year+ since the phone purchase and you’ll find the original game (and all its iterations) still in my phone.

  334. I love Drag Racing, Zenonia1, 2, and 3.

  335. Peggle is my favorite Android game, it’s perfect for bathroom breaks. :)

  336. Hmm as of right now fav game would be cut the rope

  337. Reckless Racing for me!

  338. Fruit Ninja for sure. [email protected]

  339. I’m gonna be boring and say Words With Friends. Sure it’s not action packed but it’s fun! My second choice is definitely fruit ninja.

  340. Plants vs Zombies

  341. Angry birds Rio

  342. Word with Friends is the BEST!!

  343. Dungeon Defenders

  344. Zombieville USA

  345. Cut the Rope.

  346. Fruit Ninja

  347. Its all about Chalk Ball

  348. Game Dev Story is the most addictive game I have ever played!

  349. I’m really enjoying “Inotia 3” at the moment. It seems to be one of the better RPGs available (and it’s free).

  350. Hex Defense.

  351. castle defenders ftw

  352. SPEED X 3D

  353. Apparatus

  354. Bang Bang Racing

  355. Speedx 3D

  356. Hex Defense FTW!

  357. Stupid zombies.

  358. Air Control!

  359. NEED FOR SPEED™ Shift

  360. mmmm….Fruit Ninja.

  361. Favorite? Well this is a bit of a biased answer but, Genesis Chess Beta. :)

    Some app that I don’t have ties to, would be Cut The Rope!

  362. Robo Defense.
    or a console emulator if those count..

  363. My game of the moment, Cut the Rope.

  364. Plants vs Zombies is my favorite even though I’ve been enjoying Cut the Rope lately.

  365. Apparatus

  366. Jewellust is my favorite.

  367. cut the rope – perfect poo game!

  368. Right now my favorite is Fieldrunners!

  369. Words With Friends!

  370. The Moron Test

  371. BubbleBlast (original or 2). For some reason I actually like watching bubbles pop.

  372. Froggy jump. Definitely the best jumping game

  373. Apparatus and Galaxy on Fire 2 THD. Both are very well designed, very polished games, leaning a bit to Apparatus for sheer creativity. GoF2THD sure is purdy, though.

  374. Gun Bros. I like games with a multiplayer/coop option.

  375. I’m really into Archipelago right now. Sure, it’s really simple, but totally addictive.

  376. Gem Miner: Dig Deeper by Psym Mobile

  377. 9 innings pro baseball

  378. Any nvidia games would do

  379. Plants vs. Zombies!

  380. Whatever one I am currently playing. Right now that’s Peggle, one of the recent Amazon free apps of the day.


  382. Samurai II: Vengeance.

  383. Return Zero

    – And thanks for doing this contest!

  384. Need for Speed

  385. Text Messaging

  386. Apparatus

  387. Plants Vs. Zombies! Spent way too much time into that game

  388. I’m a Peggle Fiend.

  389. All popcap titles but plants vs zombies inparticular

  390. Paradise Island has taken a month of my life. Yet still, I love it.

  391. Doodlefit. Simple yet fun.

  392. The Zenonia Trilogy. ‘Nuff said.

  393. Order and Chaos

  394. I like blowup

  395. at the moment

  396. “Zombieville” hands down

  397. Hands down its Angry Birds Seasons :)

  398. Millionaire

    +1 to anyone who has ever played this

  399. Currently cut the rope :) love that game lol

  400. amtalee….

    i love that game :)

  401. Robo Defense, hands down. I can kill hours on that, and all I want to do is get to the next level!

  402. right now, Chaos and Order Online.. but when my free premium membership expires it’ll be something else!

  403. Plants vs Zombies!

  404. GameBoid Emulator

  405. Cut the rope for now.. kinda go back and forth between different games
    please ignore or delete my previous post.. realized you couldn’t reach me through it

  406. Angry Birds

  407. I had fun with Plants vs. Zombies.

  408. Has to be Pinball HD, classic pin ball action with new killer graphics!

  409. I love the action of Mini-Squadron and the challenge of Cut the Rope.

  410. Angry Birds

  411. Definitely Game Dev Story!! Ive spent hours and hours, up all night playing that game, as soon as i start playin it again….addicted within seconds lol

  412. Gun Brothers!

  413. Been having a blast playing Gun Bros. on my wifi Xoom. Nice fast-paced action, smoothly rendered :-)

  414. Dungeon Defenders first wave and Galaxy on Fire 2

  415. I have to say that Plants vs Zombies is a great game!

  416. Boats n Hoes

  417. I love Samurai II: Vengeance. A 3D action game with minor RPG elements and controls that actually work on a phone. What’s not to love?

  418. Game dev story is themost addicting game I have ever played

  419. “They Need To Be Fed”.

  420. My favorite game is Fieldrunner HD – it used to be RoboDefence until I snagged FRHD on Amazon for free. Something about a Tower Defense game on my happy little OG Droid is addictive and fun. Thanks!

  421. I’ve been really into Fieldrunners HD as of lately.

  422. Peggle by Popcap Games! :)

  423. Words with friends

  424. Fieldrunners :P

  425. Plants vs Zombies~

  426. Angry birds.

  427. Angry Brids

  428. Nova 2 would look sick on the T-Mobile G-Slate!

  429. Robo Defense

  430. As of this moment its Robotek

  431. Nothing better then “UniWar” playing against my brother!!!

  432. Nova 2 would look sick on the T-Mobile G-Slate!

  433. Plants VS. Zombies FTW!!

  434. Fieldrunner HD is my current game of choice.

  435. My all time android favorite game is Lane Splitter. so simple but very addicting

  436. plants vs zombies

  437. Plants vs Zombies

  438. Zenonia series.

  439. trial extreme

  440. Nova 2 would look sick on the T-Mobile G-Slate!

  441. I love Solitaire Deluxe~~ kill time and brain cell at the same time!

  442. Nano panda.

  443. Fruit Ninja for sure!

  444. Words with friends

    [email protected]

  445. Definitely Cut the Rope

  446. Fieldrunners. It has taken up much of my time over the past few weeks…

  447. Bang Bang Racing!

  448. Angry Birds…so far

  449. Cut The Rope

  450. Konas Crate! Awesome graphics and gameplay, plus like angry birds you can go back and try to 3 star everything. [email protected]

  451. Peggle!

  452. Cut the Rope! icromaholic @ gmail dot com

  453. robo defense

  454. My favorite game as of right now is fruit ninja. It is just so darn addicting yet aggravating at the same time. Though this is my favorite game as of now, I would probably say my all time favorite is alchemy. It is a very simple game but you get to make some things you would never expect. For instance: bike + cancer = Lance Armstrong. Amazing! But I might be more interested in the games with better graphics and move at more fps if I had myself a beastly NVIDIA dual core beast that could pump out that kind of power. My wimpy Mytouch 3G slide can’t handle some of these amazing games that are out now. I mean it can barely handle fruit ninja. Anyway, this would be an incredible gaming device especially since I am on the go.

  455. Peggle FTW!!!!

  456. Angry Birds without question

  457. solitaire

  458. Speedx 3D has always had a special place in my heart (and my engineering lectures!). :)

  459. Plants vs. Zombies

  460. Seeing as the only Android device I have right now is the OG Droid, my favorite game is Air Control.

  461. robo defense, even though it’s slow on my old phone.

  462. Plants v. zombies right now!

  463. Fruit Ninja, simple and fun :)

  464. Bang Bang Racing. i love all type of racing games.

  465. Ninjump is my fave, followed up by Angry Birds

  466. I go in phases, but right now Plants Vs Zombies. Ran with Fruit Ninja for so long though.

  467. I love Fruit Ninja!

  468. Fruit Ninja

  469. Apparatus

  470. Zenonia 2, just been getting into it as a casual 10 min-at-a-time game :)

  471. Star Traders RPG

  472. Battle Bears -1
    email is [email protected], just in case.

  473. Tank hero, because it’s like guitar hero but with tanks instead of guitars

  474. Word Twist

  475. So many choices! Of course it fluctuates. For example if I’m done with all the Angry Birds levels then I move on to another game. I would say the constant is Jewels. Yeah, I know…boring.

  476. Fruit Ninja – every time I walk through the produce section at the grocery store, I yearn for a sharp katana. :)

  477. Favorite game – Xcom by way of the PSX emulator :)

  478. FRUIT NINJA!!!!!!! I’m so addicted.

  479. Refraction FTW!!!

  480. Fruit Ninja, obvs

  481. Archipelago is sick, a little short though.

  482. Angry Birds

  483. Hard call, but I guess I’ll say Zenonia as I spend the most time playing it atm

  484. Currently obsessed over Angry Birds Rio.

  485. Bang Bang is pretty sweet so I’ll go with that one

  486. my favorite android game is nano panda.

  487. Lots of favorites, but probably would have to go with Vendetta Online.

  488. Fruit Ninjas

  489. Riptide GP

  490. Cut the Rope

  491. Plants v Zombies

  492. Words With Friends because of its stable programming and non need for updates.

    1. WordFeud.

      I’m pretty sure the post I’m replying to was intended as a joke. I laughed. I cried. I choked.

      1. Appears obvious.

        Wordfeud for me too. Been playing for a long long time now.


  493. Moon Chaser

  494. Dungeon Defenders First wave not only is it free but its super fun game to play and the tegra extended edition would be awsome if i had a tegra based device

  495. radiant is the most fun game i’ve played so far.

  496. Best game on android (itching head)…I think that the best game is tank hero. Amazing time waster.

  497. Cute The Rope

  498. I’m diggin Star Legends, but it’s almost too much too handle for my OG Droid…hook me up please!!!!!!!!!

  499. Pocket warriors!

  500. Pocket Warriors!

  501. I love Spiderman 3D.

  502. Contract Killer is one of the best shooting games out there.

  503. Scrabble Free

  504. Diversion!! Best platformer on Android!!

  505. I have to be one of the lame-o’s who say Angry Birds. But I’ll still be original and say Angry Birds Seasons.

  506. Diversion!! Best android Platformer!!

  507. My favorite is Alchemy. Yes, there are more popular games or more thrilling ones. Alchemy is a witty game that challenges my thinking. Plus, it’s regularly updated to make it even more fun for those of us who love the challenge.

  508. Plants vs. Zombies

  509. There are many great games in the android world!!! But only one survives – Angry birds:)

  510. Plants vs Zombies. I am considering counselling.

  511. Order and Chaos HD

  512. Imma have to go with Peggle for sure.

  513. Cut the Rope. It’s insanely cute, and easy enough that you don’t get too frustrated. Also, they vary the gameplay with new mechanisms now and again (hint: Angry birds).

  514. Gameboid Emulator!

  515. I have to say that after reading all the different games up here, one stands out among the rest…we waited along time for it so….Plants vs Zombies for the win!

  516. Plants V Zombies