Samsung Bringing Slide-Out QWERTY Handset to AT&T


A new render has shown up depicting an unnamed Samsung handset destined for AT&T. The most notable feature of the phone is the inclusion of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Aside from that hard-to-miss bit of hardware, the phone also looks to feature a front-facing camera and forgoes Samsung’s three-button layout for four capacitive Android buttons. So what exactly are we looking at? A mid-range messaging handset or something a bit more exciting? We’re hesitant to say this could be a variant of the Galaxy S II, but we won’t say the thought wouldn’t get us all tingly inside.

[via BGR]

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  1. Nexus S Slider!

    (I can dream)

    1. With removable storage, because 16GB is not enough for people who like to take movies with them on the go. LoL!!

      Unless that Galaxy Player hurry’s and comes to America. :D

      Though I like your idea. Nexus Slider.

  2. this is a high-end device imho, they wouldnt squeeze so many keys onto say a 3,5 inch device

    1. High end has nothing to do with screen size its all about what’s under the hood.

    2. My 3.2 inch phone with the lowest-end hardware has more keys than this phone. Would that make my phone higher-end than this phone? :P

  3. What happened to the rumored Samsung slider for Verizon from a few days ago??

    1. That one was supposedly single-core. The GS2, and hopefully this variant, will be dual-core…

      1. I realize this, but it looks like we’re gonna have to choose.

        I want a Verizon phone (preferably Samsung) with an AMOLED screen, keyboard, LTE, and Dual Core.

        I’m getting sick of waiting. If I’m going to have to pick and choose, I’ll ditch the extra core in favor of the other features.

        1. Yeah, I’m looking for something similar. My ideal phone would be Verizon LTE, dual-core, with an excellent keyboard and screen.

          At least we’re starting to see a few high-end sliders recently. After the Droid 2 (which I bought), there wasn’t anything decent coming out until last month. Now we have the Droid 3, the MyTouch 4G Slide, the Verizon Samsung LTE Slider, and this phone, which is hopefully a GS2 slider.

          If it has LTE, it’ll be my first choice. If not, I’ll have to decide whether I care more about LTE or dual-core.

  4. Unless everything is huge, I don’t think this is a 4.5 inch phone, look at the size of the capacitive buttons and the keyboard, doesn’t seem to match the right dimensions

  5. looks like it could be a GS2 variant. Just glad AT&T is getting it and not Sprint. (hopefully)

  6. bring this to verizon and skip the epic look alike

  7. If this comes through, I think I might get my first Samsung Qwerty phone. Hmm… I’m not to fond of square qwerty’s compared to how HTC do theirs, but I think I might get this. Hmm…

  8. Looks like it would be the Epic 2… but for AT&T, obviously gng to be called something else…

  9. Epic 2!!!!!!

  10. Oh god let this be a high end Android QWERT on AT&T. I love my Atrix but I’d kill for a good QWERTY.

    1. I hear ya…love my Atrix but GOD I’d love a keyboard

    2. I agree with you. +1 Like. But let me remind you of one thing.

      AT&T: Rethink Pessimism

  11. Looks more like a picture for a screen protector ad.

  12. Why do they not stagger the damn keyboard wtf is wrong with them?

  13. I like the way the keyboard looks. Let’s hope that it comes to fruition when it leaves render to reality.

  14. Bring us a SGSII slider to europe please!

  15. Hey samsung us Europeans also like Sliders too….thanks…

  16. Most beautiful hand set to date. Now I’m starting to hate my Atrix. And this one is thinner sexier looking than the EPIC which is big & bulky.

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