Jul 25th, 2011

A bit more news from AT&T today. First up, if you’ve bought an Android phone from them this year expect to get a Gingerbread upgrade if you haven’t already. Phones like the Inspire 4G and Infuse 4G have yet to get 2.3, though AT&T says those users will see it in a matter of weeks. The ATRIX has gotten its upgrade already, in case you were wondering. It’s great to see AT&T committing so much time and energy to Android when they were once believed to be partial to Apple when Android was just getting out of the starting gate. (Note: AT&T has also mentioned the Samsung Captivate will be getting a Gingerbread update.)

In related AT&T news, they have confirmed that their first 3D phone will be $100 when it launches. We haven’t gotten an exact release date yet as they’re still sticking to the “in the coming weeks” mantra, but the latest rumors peg August 7th as its landing date. [MobileBurn, Engadget]

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