Received Your Photon 4G Yet? Amazing Camera Samples Inside [Forum Talk]


This thing isn’t set to come out until July 31st, but some users are already receiving the Motorola PHOTON 4Gs they preordered the moment they were able to. This thread at AndroidForums.com has a few people who are willing to share their thoughts, images and camera samples. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here. To note, the camera samples produced by this thing look amazing. Also, the device isn’t quite as big as the EVO 3D thanks to that thin bezel and cut-off edges. Enough talking here, though – head on over to the thread and get a good look at it yourself before yours ships.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not too shabby!

    1. I was think the exact same thing.

  2. That looks neat. I’m sure most phones would kill the texture on the red bits of the flower.

    It would be nice if manufacturers tell us who made the camera on their phones. It’s always just “8 Megapixels”, always implying more is always better.

    1. agreed. we should be aware and critical of camera components in the same way that we’re aware and critical of processor components. that is, unless everybody gets their camera parts from the same place.

  3. Very Nice, looks like a solid phone.

  4. Yikes! I didn’t even have to click on the larger size of the photos posted to be able to tell those aren’t really all that great. Typical cellphone cam pics really.

    1. THAT PICKY AH!!!!

      1. No, I just know how cameras work. This isn’t made to be a camera, just to stroke egos. “Wow! Look, I have 8mp. What does your phone have?” That camera unit lacks in any other image quality yardstick.

    2. its a phone asshole….I guess there is always one

      1. It’s (there’s an apostrophe there) a phone isn’t an excuse. So what’s yours?

    3. Really? Considering the crap HTC puts in their phones and the crap Motorola used to, these are “typical”? I think you missed an “a” at the beginning of that “typical”.

      1. No, not missing anything in my statement. It stands as written. I can see the defects of concentrating on packing too many megapixels and not enough on everything else without viewing a larger size.

  5. You should probably click on the larger size pic.. the image lost quality when converted to fit on this page, but on the larger pic, even when resized back down, has a lot more texture than this sample, especially on the edges of the petals.

  6. i just hate the design. from what i heard so far, the software sounds great but i couldn’t get past the design

  7. It’s funny how all people hate Sony Ericsson and talk dirt about their phones, but my X10 has been able to take such HQ pics from the very beginning, which was almost a year and a half ago. And it’s a much more attractive phone then this poo.

    1. I started reading your post and I was all: Hey this is going to be funny because he says “It’s funny how…”and then it wasn’t funny at all, it was just pointless bullshit about a year and a half old phone no one gives a damn about. Not to be rude or anything…

  8. Even though I am leaning more to this device than any other, there are some aspects of it that i do not like or have yet to decide if I like. Such as the pentile display, the automatic landscape once the kickstand comes out and the need for accessories like the keyboard/laptop.
    Still, one needs to look at the phone in hand to determine if it meets or exceeds ones expectations. But from what I’ve seen, everything is good so far beside the points i made above. Its basically what the HTC EVO 2 should have been instead of the 3D which to some isn’t all that great. If it comes with the keyboard/laptop dock as rumored much like the Atrix on At&t and Motorola keeps its promise that eventually the bootloader will be unlocked through a down the line update, then this device will be one if not the best device Sprint has put out yet.

    1. I must say at best this is a serious JOKE you wrote above…The entire EVO BRAND is better than anything MOTOROLA HAS OUT TO DATE…I commend them with adding this to the stable of DUALCORE DEVICE ON SPRINT THIS IS A GOOD ADDITION. The best on sprint NO WAY EVO 3D IS THE FLAGSHIP DEVICE ON SPRINT ALWAYS WILL BE…

      1. Hey Dick, shut up, sit down, and READ something for once: http://www.androidcentral.com/editorial-my-dogs-better-your-dog-only-me You might actually learn something.

        People are entitled to their own opinions without stupid little you “correcting” them on how to think. Go get an education and learn what “free will”, “opinion”, and “choice” mean. You sure as heck don’t seem to have those (elementary school) words in your vocabulary.

      2. I traded my EVO 3D for the Photon because the EVO 3D sacrificed screen display quality in 2D view in order to display 3D. I so rarely used 3D except maybe as conversation starter. It’s a good phone, to be sure, but there’s plenty of room at Sprint for both.

        The Photon is what the second-gen EVO SHOULD HAVE BEEN:

        – 16 GB RAM
        – 8 MP 2D camera (3D is for the kiddies folks – leave it for nintendo)
        – a built-in kickstand. Remember that?
        – Beautiful display
        – Gorilla glass
        – Yes, it has “Blur” – but pop in an alternate launcher (ex: ADW EX) and a widget collection like Beautiful Widgets – and blur is gone. No rooting required (not that you can root anyway with a locked bootloader).

        Anyway – very happy with Photon. Anyone considering the EVO 3D users definitely want to check out the Motorola Photon.

  9. Unless the background was photoshopped, impressively short depth of field in that pic.

  10. so may of us are photographers

    1. did not know that? so you just wanted a good phone.?

      1. i believe thats the number one reason i get a phone..so you do need to be wanna be photographer..awesome!!

  11. On sprint we are ROLLING WITH…Evo 3d, Photon 4g, Samsung Within 4g, Htc Hero 4g, All DUALCORE MONSTERS plus the Nexus S4g and Evo 4g all PRIME TIME DEVICES. Let’s not discuss the tablet selection as well. Simply put SPRINT HAS BUSTED CARRIER BUTT ALL YEAR LONG…

    1. The HTC Hero 4G has been proven to not be dual core. It’s dual MODE (GSM/CDMA). Get it right or shut up. The “tablet section”? Oh, you must mean the HTC Evo View that only has Gingerbread; a far cry from true tablet optimized, Honeycomb goodness. Or do you mean the BLACKBERRY Playbook (obviously not Android based)? Or maybe you mean the wifi only Xoom that was released 3 months ago that Sprint sells? You mean those “tablets”? Yeah, I’d like to see sales figures of those things. Keep kidding yourself.

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