Nexus S 4G Update to Android 2.3.5 Begins Rolling Out July 25, WiMAX Gets a Speed Boost


The delayed Nexus S 4G update we first heard would be launching back on July 11th is once again on track to hit handsets, and as suspected the firmware will take the phone’s platform version up to Android 2.3.5. The update doesn’t include anything near as exciting as the built-in video chat functionality found in Android 2.3.4, but it will bring along some WiMAX enhancements for boosted 4G speeds, improved speakerphone quality, and TTY support.

The update is scheduled to being offering relief to those experiencing shoddy WiMAX performance starting Monday, July 25th. We’d bet that an Android 2.3.5 update will be headed to non-4G Nexus S devices sometime soon as well.

Nexus S 4G Software Update Roll Out Begins on July 25, Boosts Data Speeds

Nexus S™ 4G is getting a software update designed to improve 4G data speeds for users and provide several other updates. The release will begin rolling out to Nexus S 4G handsets on Monday, July 25. All users should receive the update in the next three weeks.

In Sprint’s preproduction testing, Nexus S 4G showed excellent performance. After receiving feedback from a small number of our customers, we conducted a secondary analysis of its performance with our partners at Google and Samsung and were able to identify some ways we could boost performance on Nexus S 4G.

These enhancements should increase 4G data speeds and signal strength for users. The software update also improves Wi-Fi connectivity, speakerphone audio quality and adds TTY support for the deaf and hard of hearing.

“Nexus S 4G continues to be a highly sought after smartphone and performs very well for our customers. We are excited to make additional enhancements that will provide an even better user experience” said Fared Adib, vice president – Product Development, Sprint. “We’re committed to listening to our customers’ feedback and working with our partners to provide the best possible customer experience.”

Manufactured by Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), a leading global mobile phone provider and the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the United States, Nexus S 4G is the only Nexus S phone with 4G and provides a pure Google experience with Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android available for smartphones.

Additional key features include:

– 1GHz Samsung application processor that produces rich 3D-like graphics, faster upload and download times and supports HD-like multimedia content

– Dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to make playing mobile games, browsing the Web and watching videos a fast, fluid and smooth experience

– AMOLED™ touchscreen technology on a 4-inch Contour Display

– 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and camcorder and front-facing VGA camera.

– Gyroscope sensor to provide a smooth gaming experience when the user tilts the device up or down or pans the phone to the left or right

– 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to six Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously

– Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows the device to read information from everyday objects, like stickers and posters embedded with NFC chips

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  1. about time they finally got it together

  2. what about my evo?!

    1. Look up wwjoshdew on Youtube. He’ll help you out with that. ;)

      1. it works! even though my area gets poor-to-nothing with 4G (it’s non-existent inside my house), turning the 4G radio on increases my speed by about 33%!

        1. That’s just idiotic. There must be a 4g signal or the 4g radio would be useless

          1. I don’t know why I even bothered telling the whole world if what I’m saying is completely wrong. I did say it’s non-existent in my house, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in my area. Maybe this should clarify it more with you, narrow-minded bird-brain. The 4G signal still leaks in inside my house. My 4G radio may say “disconnected”, but there’s always a speed difference between just using 3G and having 4G active. I did my speed tests, and it just confirms what I said. You can go ahead and deny it for all I care, but you cannot disprove the increased speed that I am having.

            Now, if you have a better, CONSTRUCTIVE response as to why I have increased speeds while my 4G radio on as opposed to just having 3G on, while inside my house that somehow shows the prior as “disconnected”, then please…feel free to tell me. Otherwise, please STFU.

          2. +1

  3. “The update is scheduled to being offering relief to those experiencing…” I think I re-read this sentence five times before I decided that it didn’t really mean anything. I believe your intention was to say something along these lines: “The update should begin bringing relief to those experiencing…” I’m not flaming you, I’m merely trying to be helpful.

    As someone who is seriously looking at making the switch from T-Mobile to Sprint before the buyout is finalized, this is welcome news.

    1. I just got the Nexus S 4G the other day… dont be discouraged. even without the update, its been running flawlessly. But, if an update brings better connection/speeds, I’ll be even happier. Besides, who can complain about unlimited and unthrottled data for a fraction of what the other guys cost.

  4. Better have Google wallet soon!

  5. this is my nexus s 4g’s last chance if I still need to do a battery pull once a day due to freezing and endless reboot cycles this phone is going to gazelle…

  6. will rooted nexus s 4g phones also get this update. ?? ?

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