Jul 22nd, 2011

Here we sit over half a year since the announcement of the Motorola Droid Bionic and still we have no release date to speak of. Sure, we have some ideas. The end of July/early August seem like a good bet, and if accessories showing up at one Michigan retailer are any indication that just might turn out true. We typically see accessories show up right around the launch of a new device, but in some instances it hasn’t quite worked out that way (looking at you, HTC Thunderbolt). Still, accessories appearing on Amazon and in stores are about as good a sign as any we have right now that the Droid Bionic is (finally) right around the corner.

[UPDATE]: A reader spotted another Droid Bionic case on the floor of an Auburn, Michigan Meijer and kindly sent along the above image.

[via TechnoBuffalo | Thanks, Sean!]

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