The Samsung Galaxy S II is Now Available on Two Carriers in Canada


While Virgin Mobile decided to jump the gun and start selling theirs a bit early, both them and Bell are now officially offering the Samsung Galaxy S II (4G) in Canada. It’s perhaps the absolute most powerful phone to hit the country to date and citizens have more than enough reasons to be excited for it. For Bell, off-contract pricing is $600, three-year contract pricing is $170 and nothing in between is worth mentioning, as usual. Virgin’s offering is here, Bell’s is here, and you should know where their physical stores are if you’d rather go that route.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. what chip-set is the Canadian version running?

    1. Its the same exact phone sold in Europe.


  2. Great, now I want it even more!! WTF is taking so long for official US info??

    1. Either the Apple lawsuit or American carriers suckitude

  3. OK, if this officially has 4G in Canada, does that mean these have the 4G LTE chips for here in the States?

    1. Actually it only has HSPA+ like the European version. It’s just that all major canadian carriers recently renamed their 3G HSPA+ network to 4G in an attemp to make it look better. Since they’re all working on bringing LTE by the end of the year, I wonder how they will cal the “real” 4G networks then.

      1. bandwidth in canada is a joke and so is 4g, like really 9GB for 90 bucks

  4. Did I read right? 3-year contract!!!!

  5. Came out in Israel today too, but of course, as much as i send news about the Android Phones that come here to Israel, u guys will NEVER post it…

    1. I believe Phandroid is mostly US-based. So the phone being available here in Canada hits closer to home than a release halfway around the globe.

  6. Got mine from Virgin, rooted right away, unlocked for free with a market app, happily using it on Telus (and you could be happily using it on AT&T if you were in the States).

    1. I was planning on doing the same – Did you just pay for the 30 day plan? Or did you get around it? Would you mind telling me how much you paid for it in total?

      1. Bought it on the SmartTab plan, as that worked out the cheapest and most
        flexible for me. 169.99 +HST today (ended up being $212 out the door with a
        $19.95 case as well). I owe $430 on the device, can pay that off at any
        time (no contract).

        Had to take a voice/data plan (you can go as low as a $40 Android Social
        plan), but even with that, if I cancel in a month, it’s still cheaper than
        buying from NewEgg.ca after you factor in HST. Works out to costing me $730
        CAD to own the phone. Deal with Virgin is, there is no activation fee
        either, just the one month’s service (which I’m cancelling in the morning).

        You can buy them outright from Costco, some Futureshops,
        some independent Bell dealers without a month’s plan. I didn’t feel like
        searching around for one that would do that to save $40, had a case of “want
        it now, they have it now, it’s a day early, buy it!”. :)

        1. Thanks for the info. I think I’ll be doing the same – to good a phone to wait for

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