Samsung Working on a 3D Handset of their Own?


With glasses-free 3D handsets already on the market from LG and HTC, it seems like a no-brainer that other handset manufacturers would jump in on the fad. According to the latest industry whispers, Samsung is taking a stab at it with a device that would largely mirror 3D smartphones already on the market. It is said to feature a 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos CPU, dual 8MP rear camers, and a 4.3-inch LCD screen capable of displaying 3D content sans glasses. And what could this phone be called. The Samsung Galaxy 3D.

3D has yet to truly prove itself as a necessary commodity, and it seems like the recent 3D boom in the movie industry is already beginning to sour, but devices like the HTC EVO 3D prove that these handsets still sell, even if only for the high-end specs they ship with. For many the 3D becomes an afterthought. If all goes according to rumors, we could see the Galaxy 3D by the end of the year.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. LOL that can’t be….all the Samsung fanboys say it is a gimmick. #TeamEVO3D

    1. I don’t care if it is on a Samsung, HTC, Apple, Motorola, Nokia, etc phone, it is still a gimmick. #TeamBatteryLife

      1. Yeah, it is a stupid feature…3D isn’t necessary unless its a TV or virtual reality headset. Come on…seriously? its a fad and it will be over as soon as you can say quad core. I would like more battery life also(especially on Android!).

  2. 3D is a FAD!!!! Wow, people are really naive.

    1. Yeah, doesn’t the 3DS have half the battery life as the previous model.

      Glasses Free 3D, eatin up yo battery since 2011.

      1. Even without the 3D the battery life is terible.


  3. why? . . . . just release the GS2 already . . . .

    1. No Josh, that is “the carrier’s fault” (Apparently European, Korean, Canadian and ALL OF THE PLANET’S other carriers do not have bloatware issues). #Excuses #Grin

  4. Since they make 3D TV’s….I dont see how this is surprising to anyone. What would surprise me is if Moto has one coming.

    1. Because a few months back Samsung said they did not feel that they needed to go there at that time. To me that seems to tell me like many people state here is that the glassless 3D and of course the 3D innovation as a whole is a FAD. I have a Samsung 3D TV and I used it the first time I got it and never turned it on again. If you want to see something in 3D, go outside of your house and do some Parkour.

    2. Seriously…people act offended whenever someone mentions 3D. If it’s not jealousy, what else can it be when you can simply TURN OFF THE 3D. Why get pissy about one additional feature? You can do hundreds of things with a smartphone. What’s the harm in adding one more? I suppose people just like to complain these days.

  5. nexus 3, gs3d, gs2, i dont care. my contract ends at December, which carrier got the best phone, i go there.

  6. Damn! Why don’t people just stop with this 3D rubbish?!

    1. Why don’t you just turn the 3D off?

      Seriously, get over yourself. You’re complaining about an extra feature. Would I use it frequently? Probably not but I’m not going to bash 3D when I have the ability to easily make it 2D.

  7. I personally love the 3D on the EVO, I use it all the time. It might be a fad now but once they have the technology to have glasses free 3D screens for tv’s and cellphones that don’t require a specific viewing angle, it will be the next common feature.

    1. Straight up nerd. LOL!

      1. -10 internets for capitalizing “lol”.


  8. I will soon join the ranks of 3D with the purchase of the Thrill 4G. Bash me!!!

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