Netflix Patch Brings Movie Streaming to Rooted Asus Transformer Tablets


The latest update to Netflix brought support for a boatload of additional devices, but Honeycomb tablets were few and far between on the list. Luckily for owners of the Asus Transformer who took it upon themselves to root their tablet, a patch has been brewed up that will get Netflix up and running with little fuss. Ignore, for now, the Netflix price hikes that may or may not have you rethinking your subscription to the service and enjoy a flick or two on behalf of the kind folks at XDA.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Kudos to netflix for their good support!

    1. Netflix support nothing, kudos to xda for once again getting stuff done that should’ve been done in the first place.

      1. I think he meant that sarcastically.

  2. Ugh, really don’t want to root my Transformer just for this.

    1. I’m in the same boat.. Maybe if Honeycomb had an AOSP release I’d mod it. Speaking of watching video on the Transformer, WatchESPN app sucks. The video was grainy and choppy. Looks better on my Droid 1.

      1. Come on guys, what is so hard about rooting your Transformer. I did a few weeks back and it took like 30 minutes. Once done you will never look at your Transformer in that same old way (disgusted because you can’t play Netflix videos). And the best thing is that I can watch movies on the train while tethering it to my OG Droid. Awesome!!!

        1. I guess I’ll have to root. Having Netflix would be awesome.

        2. Any advice on tethering my Transformer and OG Droid. Both are rooted. Droid’s running GPA16 if it matters..

          1. just use android wifi tether on your OG Droid – oh, you do need to install the ad_hoc wifi patch on the Transformer also

          2. Thanks! I’ll try it out

  3. Still waiting for Netflix to support DVD queues on their app…

  4. Xoom now has Netflix without rooting. Amazing!!!!!

  5. Works for xoom too lol

  6. i really dont understand why people piss and moan about rooting. it takes less than 30 minutes and is simple to unroot. its like, Ugh i want that cookie but I have to get up for it. shut up ya babies!

  7. I decided to take the plunge and get a Transformer a few days ago, and I keep finding new reasons to be happy about that. :)

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