Lenovo Passes Smartpad through FCC, Previously Announced Tablet or Something New?


Lenovo just unveiled a series of new Android tablets, and among them was no mention of a device going by the name Smartpad. But that very product name has shown up at the FCC, leaving us wondering which tablet it could refer to. The same device is listed with model number IdeaPad Tablet A1-07 and LePad A1-07, both of which are names that we have heard before. Other than that, we aren’t given much to work with in sleuthing out an answer to this one.

The filing could very well be associated with one of Lenovo’s recently announced devices, but there is a chance it will be something new altogether. Might the “07” in the model designation suggest a 7-inch slate in the future? We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this one.

[via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. Why would anyone want a 7″ tablet? You might as well just stick with your 4″ touchscreen on your phone?!?!? If I’m gonna get a tab I want it to be as different from my phone as possible so that’s why I need a BIG 10 INCHER!!! RIGHT IN MY FACE!!!

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