Costco Removing Motorola Atrix Display for a “New Handset Coming Soon” – What Could It Be?


Looks like the guys over at Android Central were able to secure this screen shot of a Costco computer with instructions to take down their current display unit of the Motorola Atrix. The more interesting part is that a sign reading, “New Handset Coming Soon!” will take the Atrix’s place. What phone you ask? Well, that part is still a mystery but I’ll go ahead and answer your question with another question. What phone do you think will take its place? Maybe something of the dual-core variety?

[Via Android Central]

Chris Chavez
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  1. babababionic!!!

  2. Maybe they’re going to showcase the HTC Status, as that’s the one AT&T is advertising most aggressively right now?

    1. Hmmmm…. true. That or the Xperia Play? (Wish it was the Galaxy S II) =/

  3. GooApple 3G Obviously.

  4. Bionic 2 or Defy 2

    1. I really hope it’s the BIONIC 2. My Bionic1 is feeling so dated.
      zOMG! :)

  5. That’s the same day the AT&T Nexus S hits Best Buy shelves. Maybe Costco is getting it too or maybe the HTC Holiday will finally see the light of day

  6. Can’t be the Status Status is already out. it’s probably the new HTC HOLIDAY. or the Nexus S. still feel upset I have yet not received my Ginger Bread

    1. I thought Nexus S was going to be a best buy exclusive? anyways, more than likely it’s (sadly) the LG Thrill

  7. someone brought up a good point.. at&t device leaving.. prolly the nexus s coming on at&t soon = (

  8. I bet you 100 million dollars that they will be selling the Droid 3 on the 26th.

  9. A phone that hasn’t already passed the FCC just showing up with no other fan fare? Very unlikely, probably the Nexus S

  10. No one thinks this is just a generic placeholder for any random device that will eventually be filling the spot that the Matrix is vacating? We are always so anxious to see the latest and greatest that we read more in to things than is really there.

  11. Optimistically: GS2.
    Realistically: Bionic.
    Cynically: Some crappy phone no one cares.

  12. LG thrill……and no it’s not sadly. I rather have that then the overrated iphone 5/sg2

    1. hey, if your idea of a great phone is one with less ram, less internal storage, older OS, slower data, and gimmicky 3d be my guest. but just because your ideal phone is under-spec’d doesn’t make the gs2 overrated.

      1. Bro, besides the operating system how can you call this phone underspeced? The Texas Ins OMAP 4330 is a Cortex A9 design (dual 1ghz processor) making it faster than HTC’s evo dual 1.2ghz. Reson for that is cause that Qualcomm’s Scorpion build is of Cortex A8 which is slower than the OMAP. As far as internal storage 8 gigs is plenty. 512mb of ram isn’t much on paper but dual memory helps speed up performance. Beside the point no one can keep up with the specs of mobile phones now these days. Im sure the Nexus coming out in December is going to make the SG2 look bad.

        1. obviously the nexus in december will be better than the sgs2 cause it will most likely be quad core running ice cream sandwich and have damn near an hd screen

  13. What about a relaunched Atrix with gingerbread?

  14. The way I understood it was that the Atrix was recalled. They wouldn’t simply pull the entire phone for no reason, not when the Captivate, Xperia, and Infuse all still there.

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