Apps of the Day: Peel, Green Farm, and More


How about some hot apps for a hot day? We don’t want you breaking a sweat trying to track down some cool new apps in the Android Market, so we’re bringing you another edition of Apps of the Day. Had enough of the temperature puns? Me too. Read on to catch up on the new and up-and-coming apps we found in the Market today.

Peel – Peel is a TV Guide search/recommendation engine built for mobile devices. As you browse through channel listings you can favorite shows that you enjoy. As you tell Peel more about the shows you like, the app will begin notifying you of similar shows that it believe you will find of interest. The presentation of the app beats the heck out of your traditional on-screen guide. The only thing that could make it better would be built-in remote control of your TV set. Free in the Android Market. [Market]

5 Miles – Here is an interesting tale on location-based social apps. 5 Miles allows users to create “fivecasts,” a message which is broadcasted to other 5 Miles users within a 5-mile radius. It is designed to spread the word about community events and news. Have a yard sale you’d like others to know about? Fivecast it. Users entering the range of an existing fivecast will be alerted. As with most social services, the app is only as strong as the community using it, but this is one we wouldn’t mind seeing catch on. [Market]

Green Farm – Sure, it’s a FarmVille clone, but that isn’t such a bad thing. Build your farm, tend your crops, and barter your to the top of the farming world. One downside for players of the online version of Green Farm is a lack of connectivity between the two versions. You’ll have to start from scratch, but that’s half the fun. If you’re ready to work the land for your keep, Green Farm is available now for free. [Market]

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  1. Swift Key X, is the free app of the day in Amazon Market!! Phandroid should tell it’s people about this. The keyboards awesome!! :P

    1. They said something about it earlier today…….

      1. Oh cool. I just found out about. I’m using it right now actually. LoL!! :-P

  2. What about Hive Player? The only music player for honeycomb with a scrollable widget for music navigation and playback, optimized layout for honeycomb fragments and multiple song searching and playlist additions. Paid and lite versions!

  3. Green Farm isn’t available on a huge number of devices like my Droid 3, Droid 2, etc. what gives?

  4. That 5 mile is a great idea, hopefully it will catch on. My pimp business will surely benefit.

  5. Does anyone have a DX that 5 miles works on?

  6. I’ve been using 5 Miles since last week. Really really useful must say, such an innovative idea and also helpful for me and my friends. It wouldn’t be odd to see it becomes quite a trend :)

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