T-Mobile To Introduce New Unlimited (Tiered) Data Value Plans July 24th


Starting July 24th, T-Mobile will be changing up their plans once again. This time they’re introducing customers to some new affordable “Value” plans. These new plans are geared towards those who don’t mind entering into a 2-year agreement and either already own a T-Mobile phone or don’t mind paying full price for their handsets with the benefit of a smaller monthly bill. Even if you’re one of those who doesn’t like to pay full price for a device, T-Mobile also says they’re allowing their customers to make installment payments of around $5 – $15 a month.

The new Value plans have various “talk” minutes and feature unlimited texting with unlimited tiered data of 2GB, 5GB, 10GB. There are no overages for going over your data limit but you’ll be throttled into an oblivion if you ever do. For families, T-Mobile’s Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited 2GB of data (sounds weird) is only $50 per line, for two lines.

So, if you and a friend wanted to go halve-sies on a T-Mo bill, you’re looking at only $50 each. Essentially, these new Value plans are rebranded “Even More Plus” plans and the traditional “Even More” plans will now be known as their “Classic” plans.

These new Value plans really work in favor of those who like to get their phones off eBay or hunt for deals on Craigslist. If you were wary of becoming a T-Mobile customer when they’re likely to get swallowed up by AT&T, John Celland, T-Mobile’s Senior Vice President of Marketing insists, “there’s never been a better time to be a T-Mobile customer.”

[Via T-Mobile]

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  1. yes.. they’re going tierd to provide a better value for the customer. lol Just like throttling at 2gb’s

    1. Its unlimited 2GB! Lol (Makes no sense) =p

      1. It makes sense if you don’t think about it.

      2. Depends on how you think about your “phone”.. If phone minutes is your priority as opposed to data, then your understanding is improved.. I could probably save $10 a month if I switched my plan out from what I have, but I am keeping my unlimited data with low phone minutes and Faves because it suits my usage and I’ll never have to worry about any bill surprises unless I roam overseas or something.. My bill over the whole year is within pennies of each other month to month, so I set my auto bill pay at the bank for a couple dollars over and forget about it. I’m 20 some dollars, and building, overpaid now each month last time I checked.

    2. lol or verizon and at&t charging you $10 per gb the moment you go past your limit lol dumb ass,

      its not like you cant upgrade and downgrade your data plan when every you feel on t-mobile

  2. I don’t understand why companies can’t just be truly unlimited. Seriously, alot of this needs to be reformed and what not. Sprint is the only one left that is truly unlimited in the US and let’s you use your data however you want…right?

  3. i dont get it…i looked at unlimited..saw the star..expected to see a throttling clause..then instead it said “”no overages, never cut off”…but then there’s a limit on the data? why dont you just call the plan unlimited but limited..*mutters*

    1. Correct me if i’m wrong but that * is under minutes, so i’m assuming they mean cut off as far as minutes go?

  4. There’s never been a better time to be a T-Mobile customer if you’re the kind of person who thinks next month will never come!

  5. Pricewise T-mobile data is actually quite competitive. I don’t think there are that many data options on competitors for as little as $10 bucks a month for 200mb and $20 for 2GB, AT&T starts at $15 for the 200mb data package and $25 for 2GB and I think they do charge you overages. Verizon’s new data plan is $10 for 75mb and $30 for 2GB and again they will charge you for overages.On Sprint it looks like here are two options for data packages unlimited data basic for $15 and unlimited data pro for $30 (not sure what the difference is) but these look to be for feature phones only. Smart phone users are required to have Everything plans which although the data is bundled into the price the minutes are low and the plans are expensive. Also keep in mind Sprint charges $10 for 4G Wimax and there is a cap for USB modem and legit Tethering Users (5GB is the limit – after that throttled/warned, no overages).

    1. its completely impossible to stay under 200MB in a month on a smartphone unless you are on airplane mode the entirety of the month. With 4g, it’s quite hard to stay under 10GB/month if you stream a lot. EG: netflix, pandora, spotify, general app updates. Data usage over time is trending upwards, not downwards. We should be looking at 30-50GB plans *today*, it’s just the carriers don’t want to acknowledge it. So stupid. Cellphone carriers could be going after regular wired carriers (comcast, verizon, etc), but are too busy making money via monopoly to actually be competitive.

      1. I agree that its impossible for most people to use less than 200mb of data, unless you only use your phone for email (which I’m sure there are customers who only use it for that). But the thing is on T-mobile you don’t get charged for overages whereas on VzW and AT&T the overages are quite expensive. Also since people are transitioning from cable/dsl to mobile data as their main source of internet connectivity right now its good to have choice and if tiered data packages let you get the right amount of data for the right price I’m all for that. It would be really crappy for example for my wireless carrier to give me unlimited data/unlimited tethering but have to charge me 49.99 for it. My typical data usage is around 1.5gb to 2gb monthly. Right now I don’t think there is enough spectrum of infrastructure on any carrier (or even all 4 major ones combined) for the entire US internet consuming population to all become cord cutters. The cell phone companies will go after cable/dsl eventually, the technology just isn’t there yet for everyone to do so.

    2. correction for t-mobile data is $5 for 200mb, $10 for 2gb, $25 for 5gb, $55 for 10gb

      which just shows all the people that complain dont know what they are talking about

      1. how are you getting 5 dollars for 200mb/10 for 2gb?

        1. i know you weren’t complaining,

          for unlimited everything (not including data) is $49.99
          with 200mb it is $54.99
          with 2gb it is $59.99

          but this is assuming ur talking about phone plan and not just data only plans

          1. Ah sorry, you are right but keep in mind I was talking about the plans where you get subsidized phones. AT&T doesn’t have any plans where you bring your own phone, so I didn’t think it would be fair to compare AT&T’s plans which include a phone subsidy and T-mobile’s value plans which have lower monthly payments because they don’t let you get a subsidized phone. For T-mobile subsidized phone monthly payments are 59.99 for unlimited talk+text and then 69.99 (unlimited talk+text+200mb data) or 79.99 (unlimited talk+text+2gb data). Making it 10/20 dollars a month extra for data.

      2. Also in my post I wasn’t complaining just stating that even though T-mobile probably won’t have a great future outlook post merger, as of right now they do offer very affordable prices on data relative to the 3 other networks.

        Can you share a link exactly pointing out where to find the $5 for 200mb and $10 for 2GB? I’ve looked on their webpage/my account/ as well as talked to customer service and they said no such thing is possible on an Even More plan.

      3. 200MB for $24.95
        2GB for $39.95
        5GB for $49.95
        10GB for $84.95

        That must be if you have a phone already. Data only rates are higher.

  6. i have unlimited data (grandfather plan) with no throttle at 2,5 or even 12 GB’s

  7. Hmm, upsell to unlimited plans. Not sure why they even bothered with the 1000 minute plan in the first place if they don’t have any intention on selling the full range.

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