Jul 20th, 2011

Starting July 24th, T-Mobile will be changing up their plans once again. This time they’re introducing customers to some new affordable “Value” plans. These new plans are geared towards those who don’t mind entering into a 2-year agreement and either already own a T-Mobile phone or don’t mind paying full price for their handsets with the benefit of a smaller monthly bill. Even if you’re one of those who doesn’t like to pay full price for a device, T-Mobile also says they’re allowing their customers to make installment payments of around $5 – $15 a month.

The new Value plans have various “talk” minutes and feature unlimited texting with unlimited tiered data of 2GB, 5GB, 10GB. There are no overages for going over your data limit but you’ll be throttled into an oblivion if you ever do. For families, T-Mobile’s Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited 2GB of data (sounds weird) is only $50 per line, for two lines.

So, if you and a friend wanted to go halve-sies on a T-Mo bill, you’re looking at only $50 each. Essentially, these new Value plans are rebranded “Even More Plus” plans and the traditional “Even More” plans will now be known as their “Classic” plans.

These new Value plans really work in favor of those who like to get their phones off eBay or hunt for deals on Craigslist. If you were wary of becoming a T-Mobile customer when they’re likely to get swallowed up by AT&T, John Celland, T-Mobile’s Senior Vice President of Marketing insists, “there’s never been a better time to be a T-Mobile customer.”

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