Leaked Spec Sheet for the T-Mobile Wildfire S


The Wildfire S has been available for awhile now in Europe and was recently leaked as the HTC Marvel for us here in the states. It’s been rumored to hit T-Mobile ever since the FCC filing and now, in an unexpected (but refreshing) twist, T-Mobile has decided to keep with the Wildfire S name. TmoNews was even able to secure this leaked spec sheet for the US debut of the device.

Pretty much everything here we’ve already known for quite sometime from it’s overseas cousin. One thing oft left out of spec sheets was the process which is a 600MHz Qualcomm processor (same one found in the Mytouch 3G Slide) which should be more than enough to make this puppy fly through apps with ease.

What do you guys think? I can’t help but fall for the “cuteness” of this device and if priced right, could do very well with the teenage girls crowd (my favorite demographic).

[Via TMoNews]

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  1. Hey, that’s my favorite demographic too!

  2. Er, why would TMO get a phone using 850/1900 for its UMTS/HSDPA?!?

    1. Yeah, apparently that’s a typo. Happens all the time and from HTC no less. Lol

  3. We imported this little thing for my gf and I can say that regardless of its 600MHz processor the phone behaves very well. No lag at all compared to my SGS. She has been playing Pocket Legends, Angry Birds and other 3D games smoothly. It has a nice screen resolution and the interfaces look pretty crisp. Can’t complain at all. Once of the best mid-range devices I’ve seen so far. I’d totally recommended as an entry device. [androidmodo.com]

  4. You know what, why doesn’t T-Mobile and HTC just get married… and produce me some Nexus 3 babies!

  5. Think the date of Aug 10 has any significance to the actual release of this device?

  6. So this is why the G2 still does not have Gingerbread. They are busy going after teen aged girls. Who runs that place? R Kelly?

  7. why not put a msm7230? or at least bump the speed a little like on the htc status… well, at least htc phones tend to have good software, my girlfriend’s mytouch3g slide is pretty snappy, way better that a similarly specced optimus one

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