Wondering How You’re Going to Fit Samsung’s 5.3 Inch Galaxy Q in Your Pocket? You Might Be Able to Fold It [Video]


4.3 inches for a phone is great. 4.5 inches is pretty big, but manageable. 5 inches was downright ridiculous. Then Samsung introduced a 5.3 inch phone and our pockets feared for their lives. While this rumored 5.3 inch Galaxy Q phone/tablet hybrid is a VERY questionable rumor, it doesn’t hurt to pass some time talking about it, and the latest hot topic is the device’s display.

People have reason to believe that Samsung may be using a display that can fold, something that’s been in the works for quite some time now by them. The device won’t have a bezel, apparently, which could lead to it being an Ice Cream Sandwich affair.

I’m still not sure how I feel about devices like this having not held a product with such a display, but I’m not quite sure I want a $500+ device that can twist, bend and turn. These are just possibilities, though – no rumor suggests Samsung will be going this route. It definitely is possible, though. [Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Foldable Amoled technology ftw!! If sony used foldable screens on their S2 Tab, it would have been an epic win. Hell, I probably would have gotten one.

    1. Quick Apple… Patent this technology, tell your iFollowers you invented it, sue everybody….

  2. That’s a big ass phone! LOL

  3. This is the way it should be. Hard, blocky devices need to go away if we want to have things like PipBoys, digital paper (think Minority Report’s or even Harry Potter’s magic-infused newspapers), and other, more convenient to use technologies.

    I’ve been following flexible displays since they were first introduced at my previous employer (yes, I worked at one of the Army Forts that helped design and test those Army PipBoys we saw last year – they were powered by DIncs, too!) and I’m glad they are finally making it to the mainstream.


  5. Eh I don’t think I’d want it. Personally I’m fine with my 4″ – 4.3″ screens. I have my tablet, laptop, and TV monitors for bigger screens if I want them.

  6. Shh!!! Don’t talk about it too much as Apple will patent it just to sue Samsung if/when it comes out!

  7. I can’t imagine using this device, I think that the “fold line” would drive me crazy.

  8. A flip phone. “Flip n touch”, “fnt”, or “f n touch phone” I’m cracking myself up.

  9. Ew. That looks pretty unappealing, it’s like the return of flip phones. xD

  10. I personally cannot wait to get a nice Android flip phone!! I miss flip phones so much, open to answer, close to hangup, can’t get better than that for call initiation/termination usability.

  11. am i the only one that saw a seam in that seamless display? or was that a crease? either way, fix it or no bueno

  12. 5.3 is too big to fit a pocket? Oh please, the original galaxy tab fits snugly in my pockets. Maybe if everyone stops wearing super-tight jeans, we can then have bigger phones with better hardware and/or batteries.

  13. Phone on the outside, ‘tablet’ on the inside… how does it work, Samsung – are you wizards?

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