HTC Sensation Gets S-Off; EVO 3D Sure to Get It, Too


We’re getting there, folks. The team behind alpharevx and Unrevoked – who will be merging into one super team, soon – have hammered away at that lucrative exploit they said they found for HTC’s dual-core devices and have been able to do some great things. Well, one great thing. But it very well will lead the way to several great things.

I’m talking about S-Off, of course, which is encryption-free unlocked bootloader love. Yes, that means someone – anyone – will probably try to get MiUi, CyanogenMod, and other ROMs going on this device. And a whole other smorgasbord of things will be possible that we won’t get into because it’d make this post much longer than it has to be. Anyway, this thing isn’t being made public just yet but we’re happy to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t HTC’s. [XDA, Thanks Swaze!]

Bonus: Need video proof? Of course you do. Feast your eyes on the visual buffet below. [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Um??? Shoot is the Evo 3D..

    1. I know what the shooter is. The first picture is of the EVO 3D. The video is of the Sensation. Both are getting S-Off. Not sure what’s being misunderstood here.

      1. lol… nice.. Keep editing

        1. I did edit my post. I already told you I didn’t mean to come off as hostile. If it appeared that way, I apologize.

          1. Hi Q. You are correct as even I take things wrong at times. Which is likely the case today, I do apologize.

            Likely I miss read at first, as I responded Hostile myself & for that I’m sorry as well..

            Lets just brush this under the rug & start over. I’m sure it was just a miss understanding from the start was all..


          2. At least you didn’t miss remember somebody sticking a needle in your ass.

      2. What is your source for saying that Evo 3D will also be getting S-OFF? Just a guess because the phones are similar?

  2. Freakin sweet! I wanna see how fast my Sensation gets with stock Android. Sense 3.0 is pretty cool, but I still miss stock after moving from my Nexus One.

  3. Holy crap, i knew checking this site hourly while I’m at work would pay off!! Can’t wait for custom ROMS, and really looking forward unleashing this beast

  4. LMAO!… Wow, I was just stating the Shooter is the Evo 3D via the Pic shown.. How about you do your research before telling somebody else to research or getting offensive..

    Also I already new about the Sensation before you even Posted, I felt the Post was confusing due to the Picture shown ( Evo 3D ) with S-OFF is all. Coming soon? or was achieved?

    I meant no Harm but, but clearly you would rather tell somebody to search when it wasn’t needed, nor address the post as an adult.


    1. ? I was simply clarifying. I appreciate you pointing it out though.

    2. I was confused by the picture as well, also telling people to search is what got XDA into trouble

  5. I’ve been holding off upgrading from old EVO to 3D until bootloader fixed. Now is the time to head to Sprint for an upgrade!

  6. This should end all that SGS2 nonsense. Because the 3vo running asop will be on par with ANY single cell phone released this year. Now run tell that.

    1. What SGS2 nonsense?

      1. How in every single article no matter what the phone is, someone comes in here with the SGS2 smokes all phones BS.

        1. Because people are THAT anxious for the phone. I broke down and got the sensation, but hell I’d love the sgs2.

        2. The SGS2 smokes all phones

    2. Yarell’s cousin? lololllololo

    3. HA! you are implying the sgsII will arrive in the U.S. this year. lol

  7. lol, Portal 2 was fun…that song is cool in the video. Dang it, i’m trying to wait for the Samsung Hercules, but Cyanogen on the Sensation would be very tempting once that occurs.

    1. Got dammit. I didn’t finish Portal 2 yet. A spoiler message would have been nice guys.

  8. Love the Portal Song lol

  9. I gave my mom my Evo because her Blackberry got stolen and used my upgrade to buy an new Evo (with dumb locked bootloader 2.3.3 Gingerbread) I want take my phone back from my mom so bad I have been suffering with sense for 2 weeks!!! I love you MIUI

  10. Thanks to the Dev community, I can tolerate having a Samsung Galaxy S 4G. The Samsung UI is just DISGUSTING!

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