Jul 19th, 2011

Okay, so despite the snarky tone of my post title, I think this is actually pretty great idea. Turns out Google knows so much about you that they’re able to detect if your computer is harboring malware. How, you ask? Well, they’re able to do this is due to the specific malware in question sending information to Google through proxies. Once detected, Google will notify you via bright yellow message (pictured above) that your computer appears to be infected and you can update your antivirus software to remove the threat. Pretty nice of them, I must say.

Google announced this new feature on their blog today and talked about how they were able to detect this type of malware after collaborating with security engineers from several companies. Could this new malware detection be a sign that Google might be implementing something similar into the Android Market? A guy can dream, can’t he?

[Via GoogleBlog]