Asus Aims to Ship 5 Million Tablets in Second Half of Year


After a rocky start that saw the Eee Pad Transformer out of stock in most locations for the first few weeks of its launch, Asus is finally catching up with production. According to a report at DigiTimes, Asus is shipping over 400,000 units per month, with the number expected to rise closer to 500,000 in the third quarter. Some analysts believe that sales of the Transformer are slowing and that the device is in fact overstocked in some channels, a stark contrast to its initial launch. Still, reports claim Asus is aiming to move 4 to 5 million tablets in the second half of the year, 3 million of which could be the convertible 10.1-inch Honeycomb slate. New devices including the upcoming Asus Eee Pad Slider will only add to the total.

[via BGR]

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  1. Asus has set the standard for tablet pricing and I thank them for that.

    1. Agreed! Let’s hope the other manufacturers take the hint. I love my TF101.

    2. Yep, they sure hit the sweet spot for me! I was eventually also able to get my hands on the keyboard dock and am enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I just discovered that the 2nd monster battery in the keyboard dock doubles as a handy backup power source for my phone via USB charging :)

      1. Thanks for the info, I didn’t know you could charge your phone off the keyboard dock.

    3. They also set standards for what a tablet should be! The dock is what makes the transformer. Do not dare buy a Transformer without the dock… okay guys?

  2. I love my TF101 and seeing that they are doing well and shipping more makes me happy. ASUS has been pretty good about getting updates out and I hope with the influx of transformers in the public that someone can figure out whats going on with skype and netflix for android. If those two issues were resolved i would have no problem convincing new people to buy android tablets.

  3. there was an update pushed to the TF101 yesterday, any word on what it did .. ?

    1. Tons of information on it in the forums here and at XDA.

  4. If Asus, Samsung and Amazon pull about 5 million each in 2nd half of the year, and all the others pull another 5 million, that’s about 20 million sales in 2 quarters. That’s what – 50-60% of the tablet market? It would put Apple below 50% by the end of the year.

    I think the real Android tablet wave will start with Android 4.0 tablets with Tegra 3. That’s when the Android tablets should explode in popularity.

    1. Ice Cream on my tablet and my next phone is going to be awesome. I wonder if the next version of LauncherPro is going to bring a lot of Honeycomb to phones.

    2. 4 inches is not a tablet lol

    3. Pure fantasy.

      iPad just posted 9.25 million for Q3 2011 sales. Asus just started SHIPPING (not selling) 400,000 a month, Samsung is as quiet as a church mouse about the Tab 10.1, and Amazon isn’t even in the field.

  5. taking mine back tomorrow… way too much light bleed…

    1. Is your tablet defective, or are you just that nit-picky? And why tomorrow? Why not today? You posted like 5 hours ago, so I’d think you have time.
      I have an iPad, PlayBook, NookColor, and Transformer. Their screens are all about the same. I have no idea what you’re looking for, unless your screen is truly defective.
      Anyways, good luck with being you.

  6. Asus tablets grow in sales, that’s a fact. App stores growth trigger that sales, i think…

  7. Well I’m getting my Transformer tomorrow. Waiting has been a struggle.

  8. Great that the device I bought five minutes ago is doing very well. Am already loving it.

  9. I think tablets are more useful when they can connect (HDMI, USB, SD, etc) easily. The Transformer is a case in point. The Iconia Tab and Thrive also take this approach.

  10. BEWARE!! Please read consumer comments on and The guy at Best Buy said a lot of these tablets (ASUS EEE Transformer) are coming right back to the store because of issues on powering up….or lack there of. Although there are cheap and have a lot of bells and whistles, I decided to go home and do some research. I am glad I did. However, I did call and speak with a tech rep at ASUS and he told me he knew nothing about all the issues I spoke of.

  11. 12% of reviews on rated ASUS EEE Transformer Tablet a 1….powering off after first use….does not power back on

  12. can you use pdanet on the transformer to connect to the internet via your phones modem, like a laptop. just wondering….

  13. Listen folks !
    Before You make Your purchase,search Internet about Asus Transformer.
    With low price comes low quality and even lower customer service(made in India,I guess)
    I’ve been there,I’ve done that,I’ve bought it.
    My song was over before it came to refrain.Bye bye Asus.
    Now I am waiting for another melody
    Greetings to all and only smart people

  14. The ASUS transformer is by far the best tablet so pleased with mine and has come down in price as well –

  15. Have one! No problems at all!

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