UK’s Optimus 3D Not Set to Get Gingerbread Until October



The Inquirer has heard it from LG that the Optimus 3D in the UK won’t get its Gingerbread upgrade in October. The phone launched with Froyo even though thelatest major revision of Android for phones has been out for quite a while now. You can imagine our disappointment when hearing that we won’t be seeing it for at least another three months. To make matters worse, history tells us that updates in other regions could come even later than the UK rollout.

The only bit of solace to take from this news is that the upgrade is apparently complicated due to LG’s desire to add new 3D features that’ll convert 2D apps and games to 3D on the fly. Sounds pretty cool and might be worth the wait considering the lack of 3D content available to those of us with these types of devices. Anyway, we’re still a long way off so hang in there. [via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. These phones with 3D are soon be phased out just like any other fad. Good luck to the people who have 3D phones as the content is so limited still that they are not even worth getting unless you just want to show of the name(Evo 3D). I have played with an Evo 3D and was not impressed at all, i would rather have a Nintendo 3DS since I would only use the 3D feature for games. Its silly to try and use it as a camera feature .

    I doubt there will be anymore 3D phones after the Evo and Optimus, don’t get me wrong its a cool concept but with the lack of both hardware and software its not worth it to me. I only like 3D for movies on my TV or my 360 or PS3 that’s it however. My question is, how many times a day do people with actual lives use the 3D feature on their 3D device? Cant be that many.

  2. I play games everyday in 3-D I like the feature a lot and was one of the reasons I bought the phone. the duel core chipset and 1gb of ram were the main reasons i got it. 3ds games are 30-40 dollars not any better then the 4.99 gameloft games spider-man is very good and so is Nova.Even without the 3D its one of the best phones out and its super fast. already overclocked to 1.8ghz

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