NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 2]


Two cores down, eight to go. Last week we gave away the Motorola Droid X2 as part of one of our biggest contests ever and today we’re continuing the trend by offering up another top Android device to one lucky Phandroid reader. How can you win and what device are we giving away? Read on!

Some of today’s top Androids are faster than a speeding bullet thanks to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor. The company has extended their emphasis on geeky heroic power by code naming future processors with superhero names like Kal-el, Wayne, and Logan. Sticking with that geeky cool spirit, here is how you can win the T-Mobile G2X by LG, powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2.

This week we’re giving away the T-Mobile G2X!

See the Spidey pic below?

Leave a funny Android-related caption as a comment on this post by Thursday, July 21st at 11:59PM Eastern Time. Make sure your comment is tied to an account with an e-mail address or some way of getting in touch with you… otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you and will have to select a different winner.

Funniest caption wins and “funniest” will be SOLELY determined by Phandroid staff (must be Android-related). We’ll probably see lots of funny entries so think of it as us picking one random caption that made us laugh.  You may only comment ONCE. Anyone who leaves multiple comments, either with the same account or multiple accounts, will be automatically disqualified and we reserve the right to disqualify anyone at our sole discretion.

Will be notified on Friday, July 22nd by E-Mail.

On Monday, July 25th we’ll be giving away one of the remaining Dual-Core Android Beasts. Which one? How can you win? Those questions will go unanswered until the 25th rolls around. Remember we’re FIVE Android Devices – all powered by NVIDIA’s Dual-Core Tegra 2 processor– and we’re giving them all away to you, our loyal readers. In no particular order:

  • Motorola Droid X2 – given away week 1
  • T-Mobile G2X (aka Optimus 2X) – this week’s giveaway
  • ASUS EEE Transformer – TBD
  • T-Mobile G-Slate – TBD
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – TBD

Goodluck to this week’s contestants and we look forward to your entries this week and beyond!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. “Why isn’t my G2x running Gingerbread??”

  2. “How many multi-touch points can I use on this thing?”

  3. I’ll need a super tough screen protector on my Android… damn micro spikes, damn spider!

  4. “Wonder what kind of words swype will make up when i type with my fingers like this.”

  5. “All these super powers and I can’t even use a touch screen with these stupid gloves”

  6. “Steve Jobs wants me to shave down my fingertips?! Crazy bastard…”

  7. And I thought I needed this suit to control the web…

  8. These SmarTouch gloves are blowing my mind.

  9. What did I just do to that little green Android?

  10. Capacitive gloves, you say?

  11. Why can’t I hold all these droids?

  12. “How many weeks till HTC releases the kernel source?”

  13. “I’ll only get HOW MANY hours of battery life??”

  14. “Where shall i put my new inviseble Android Tablet”

    Sorry for bad language, i’m dutch ;)

  15. My spidey-sense may be tingling, but these stupid gloves won’t allow me to activate Google Maps!

  16. This virtual representation of Spiderman with Nvidia’s double quad cores on my honeycomb is wicked. It’s almost I am Spiderman.

  17. Which hand should I use to hold my G2X?

  18. “…6, 7, 8. 8 cores!”

  19. “I can’t believe they ran out of the green android costumes. Guess I’ll have to dance in this.”

  20. “Whilst multi-touch might be harder, at least I can’t ‘death grip’ my phone with no thumbs.”

  21. “I so can’t wait till the USB connectivity gets implemented for my suit…”

  22. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…Motorola and Verizon are 8 months overdue with the XOOM 4G upgrade, WHY!!!!!!!!!

  23. Android OS gets two thumbs!

  24. Aw damn! I can’t hold my new Galaxy Tab without any freaking thumbs!!!!

  25. :: after Peter Parker is hired by Apple ::

    Spidey: Android has how many more devices?

  26. Damn you spiders and your no thumbs!!!

  27. “I am going to be AMAZING at Angry Birds now.”

  28. “I really love my invisible tablet when im out spideying about!”

  29. This Spiderman 3D gmae in my my Evo 3D looks so real!

  30. Yo dawg

    I will use my web, to control your web!.

  31. If I’d only modded some Isotoner SmartTouch gloves, instead.

  32. “I wonder if these would look good in green…”

  33. Why isn’t the touch screen working?

  34. I will never be able to use my G2X’s touch screen! Why? Why?! Why was I cursed with these damn spider powers?!

  35. So what you’re telling me is… I need to wear these to keep my iphone from dropping calls? Where’s my G2X?!

  36. OMG did I just lose my thumbs? I knew it that android stole them!

  37. “My spider senses are tingling! WTF is tactile feedback?!!”

  38. “so, four sets of dual core left for prizes…comes out to 8 individual cores? dammit, i should’ve concentrated on math instead of crime fighting!”

  39. “With these hands I can save the world, caress Mary-Jane or play angry birds on my GX2. Angry birds it is!!!!. Yes, i’m a geek at heart!”

  40. With great dual-core processing power comes great… oh you know the rest!

  41. “How many months has it been since my Fascinate was promised its froyo update?”

  42. I have eight fingers instead of ten…I really am a “spider” man.

  43. Did Sony really surgically remove my thumbs for that super-creepy commercial they did?

  44. “iPhone…. or G2X…… iPhone….. or G2X, Wait…. No signal on my iPhone!? I must be holding it wrong, forget that I’ll just get the G2X and enjoy it before AT&T HobGobbles my carrier”

  45. “Oh no…..I dropped my new droid…..while swinging”
    [email protected]

  46. “I just killed a man for cause I thought he had an SG2, only to find out it was an droid charge, What have I done?”

  47. That frickin’ Android ate both my thumbs!

  48. Spider-Sense: “Yes use The finger power!!”

  49. “What happened to me? Last I knew, I was playing Spiderman 3D on the Evo 3D in the Sprint store… This really is 3D!”

  50. Dang. I’m gonna need a tablet with Gorilla glass.

  51. damn acid flash backs or is it my evo 3d

  52. “This new XOOM 12 running Android 6.3 is so bitchin’ it’s invisible AND gave me super powers!”

  53. “I just won a G2X. But….but….it…doesn’t exist”

  54. ‘It’s bad enough AT&T is trying to kill off T-Mo…now they are airing a commercial in which a spider is getting killed too’ – as he watches the AT&T ‘Spider’ commercial in disbelief from his Android phone in his hand:

  55. Which finger tip is getting cut off so I can update my status while crime fighting?

  56. OMFG i lost my thumbs cause of the iphone!!! I need to get me an android phone…*thinking*…. xperia play! Have to go and steal some guys thumbs now….

  57. OH MY GOD. Best caption yet! Give it to Elaine!

  58. “Oh man, now I really have sticky fingers…”

  59. Rooting – DAMN that feels good!

  60. Man not Again, my web are not coming out again, I definitly need to go with Nvidia Android power..

  61. Wish I had more hands, so I could give Android 4 thumbs up.

  62. “Our next tablet will be this big!!!”

  63. “Yep, Mary Jane is a B cup.”

  64. I lost my thumbs battling doc Oc?!? How will I play X-Men on my xperia play??? Mary Jane could never love me now…

  65. * sniff sniff* ewwwww, that aint webbing on my hands.!!!!

  66. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared my google latitude info with Goblin!?


  68. “My Transformer! …oh yeah, wrong film.”

  69. How am I going to play Angry Birds without my thumbs?

  70. “Where the heck are my thumbs? ->


  71. If some girl in China is selling her organs for an iPhone. I wonder if I could afford one with just 1 hand.

  72. Nexus marvel spotted in the wild being used by Spider man himself. with it’s 15 inch superamoled 3d display it’s perfect for watching movies and even comes in “invisible”

  73. nmd, this wasnt supposed to be a new post.

  74. THAT

  75. What does he mean I’M holding it wrong….? Screw it, I’M GOING ANDROID!

  76. “Tegra two’s, I love you, fastest webs in the east!”

  77. Thumb culture my ass, who needs thumbs with a touchscreen…

  78. How can I swype with these mitts?

  79. “Man, I sure looked cooler in the spiderman game on my Evo 3d!”

  80. my spidey senses are telling me that i must find the samsung galaxy s 2

  81. I have fingers that can gesture with my T-mobile G2X android device..OH NO!!! Steve Jobs might think I’m infringing on his IP/patent

  82. “…then there’s Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Now what is number eight? Jackal maybe? Then Kingpin?”

  83. Wow, I really thought after Apple’s lawsuits that it was just a scare tactic that I would lose my thumbs if I imported an Android phone.

  84. wait…i have to wait *this* many more months for the Samsung Galaxy S II? OY VEY!

  85. Wait. Did I bring my extra battery with me?

  86. “Whoa, where did my career go? I swear it was right here a second ago!”

  87. Phour plus phour is.. umm, Mary Jane can I borrow your Hero to check something on the web?

  88. I guess this rules out the Xperia Play… :(

  89. CRAP!!!!!!!!! what rooftop did I leave my Droid on..

    Welcome to phandroid all !!! -atlya02

  90. “My spidey senses are tingling…nope just the haptic feedback”

  91. Took my mask off and hours later I still can’t pass the first level of Angry Birds. What am I going to do with these things? Useless!!!

  92. My Droid Sense is tingling!

  93. I hate Sticky Keys!

  94. “I think I’m holding it wrong…”

  95. “With great spirit fingers… comes great responsibility!”

  96. I can “pinch/zoom” with Android, but will it give me the power to pinch/doom!?
    zoebeagle at gmail dot com

  97. MJ: Hey Pete, should I Google+ this on my new Android?
    Pete: NO! go get me a freakin’ DOCTOR!
    MJ: Sent! =]

  98. Those bees had it too good… I’m feeling Android 4.1, “Spiderweb.”

  99. Anybody see my G2X. I think a little green android took it.

  100. With these hands I can control the web…….

  101. hrmmm…no thumbs. I guess swype is out of the question now.

  102. uh oh hope MJ doesnt video call me right now….not looking like this ugh

  103. 1, 2, 3, 4 tell me that you… doh! forget you apple I’m going android

  104. With great dual-core power, comes great Android responsibility…

  105. God @#*&^% malware on android market, Steve Jobs rooted my phone to make me into a spider, I knew he had world domination for his next plan

  106. stupid jappaneese doctor, I needed those thumbs for trying to type on my iphone…(looks to the left), HEY YOU LITTLE GREEN ANDROID GUY, BRING ME BACK MY THUMBS!

  107. Shoot webs from my fingers or play Angry Birds? Shoot webs from my fingers or find the nearest Starbucks? Shoot webs from my fingers or, awww screw these things!

  108. There is something seriously wrong with these gloves!


    (EMAIL: [email protected])

  110. Thank God I still have unlimited web!

    1. Lol! I was going to post something similar to this, too bad it’s not android related.

      1. Web=Interwebz :P

    2. Yay! I won!

      1. Congrats!

  111. “More cores than phones!? Hmm… You have 4 here, and 4 there… so… 8 phones!? Oh wait, I can search for the answer, I have free web.”

  112. “Does this suit make my fingers look fat? If so, I’m going to have a hard time swyping…”

  113. They look like big, good strong hands don’t they. I always thought that’s what they were. My little friends: the angry birds, the plant fighting zombies… with no thumbs I couldn’t hold on to them… I failed…

  114. Are those little androids rising from my fingers? How the hell should I use them for climbing?

  115. “I was told with great power comes great responsibility and I already dropped my new android… This suit needs to get some pockets.” [email protected]

  116. “Galaxy S III… has a…..Dual…. Kal-El…?”

  117. I am skinned more than a Moto phone…well almost

  118. I’ve decided to trade in my spidey sense for HTC Sense 3.0. I mean seriously … have you SEEN the new lockscreen!!!!!!!

  119. “I knew I should have sprung for the heat conductive gloves…”

  120. Oops, screwed up.

  121. “Ah CRAP, and you all thought I couldn’t put down my Droid before!?!?” (sticky fingers!)

  122. Anyone can be a Super Hero, I want to be a Super User!

  123. In line at the cellphone store.

    Clerk : Mr. Parker now that your iPhone is deactivated you can enjoy your new Android .

    Peter: thanks I’m sure its not that much different.

    Clerk: (looks Peter in the eyes) Peter with great power comes great responsibility.

    peter : (looking at his hands ) Wow I never realised.

  124. Introducing the 10.1″ HTC Unseen.

  125. Of course I use Android! Have you ever tried typing on an Blackberry when you have no thumbs!

  126. Dang it! Smartphones are getting too small. Where is that thing?

  127. 2x the G-spot action,,,muahhahaha!

  128. dammit apple is going to sue me again..

  129. I can spidey-text so fast now, it blew holes thru my glove fingertips!

  130. I knew that with great power comes great responsibility…but I didn’t think it meant losing my freaking thumbs!

  131. Dual-core powers ACTIVATE! – oh – uh – wrong company. Why do THEY get all the good stuff? Wonder if I can create a Android-powered Spidey Tracer without Uncle A finding out?

    (Marvel is owned by Disney and Jobs sits on Disney’s BoD thanks to the Pixar deal)

  132. To self: “C’mon, Peter! You can’t use a touch-screen keyboard with these, they’ll stick to the glass when you try to swipe! Remember what happened the last time you tried to dig out your own Green Goblins? You’re STILL paying off that rhinoplasty bill…I need a slide-out!”

  133. “Guess I won’t be needing these Anti-Death Grip gloves now that I switched from the iPhone to the G2X!”

  134. There’s no way these will work with my on-screen Android keyboard!


  136. “The Xperia Play Android stole my thumbs!”

  137. Oh sweet, Gingerweb!

  138. Why can’t I shake this booger!?!?!?

  139. idk

  140. BETTER

  141. Aw, F@@@, I lost my Android phone. No more texting and web-slinging. I have to remember that falling is NOT at the top of my to-do list! I’ll just add that to my FFUUUU….

  142. “I cant believe i donated my thumbs to sony for some kind of open sourced device!!”

  143. I knew I shouldn’t have bit that apple.

  144. My spidey senses are tingling. Steve Jobs must be near. Quick lets use my android web sheild!

  145. Typing on my G2x would be a lot easier if I only had thumbs…

  146. “Dude…my hands…are soooo big…why are my hands so big? Well, now I can use the Optimus Black.”

  147. Why did I borrow Wonder Woman’s XOOM?

  148. While testing his new found abilities, young Peter Parker discovers he cannot make LG’s G2X appear in his hands through sheer will power…….but sticky fingers could come in handy.

  149. Hey Mary, I think I still have gel on my hands, now what….

  150. Okay soooooo, how does this comes off, if I got a diarrhea?

  151. ahh wth i asked for a green suit not this piece of crap

  152. Somebody tell Sony I want my thumbs back from that damn robot!

  153. I love cats

  154. Has anyone seen my thumbs? This is going to be one hell of a day if i cant find them!

  155. i never knew that the web was so sticky with those android suits

  156. There are now, 6…7…8… tablet-optimized apps! My HTC Sense is tingling.

  157. “This long after CES and still no Bionic?!”

  158. Spiderman is still in shock after learning the ITC has put an injunction on his Spidey suit because it violates 2 Apple patents.

  159. Should I keep the sweet gloves or the sweet phone?

  160. “Do I need to make sure I hold the G2X right?”

  161. Peter Parker throws his hands up in disgust upon seeing AT&T’s Samsung Infuse commercial. “WTF, man?!”

  162. why am i in this alley? HEY WHERE ARE MY THUMBS?!?!
    *see’s the creepy android from the xperia play commercial*

  163. Spiders have 8 legs and I have 8 fingers!!! Coincidence?

  164. I can see it now… Sony S1 is going to be good, S2 will live up to expectations, but the S3…. Oh no… Not Again!!!

  165. “For the last time, Gobby, no multitasking, no Flash, and 75% of their App Store are paid! Are you kidding me?”

  166. With text to speech, I don’t need these fingers either.

  167. ” Ew.. I guess that’s what all that white stuff is all over my G2X.”

  168. My Spidey sense 3.0 is sensational, too bad Electro still waiting with his Thunderbolt! “First LTE super phone my Spidey A$$!”

  169. thayt

  170. “You may control the web on your G2X but I control the web with these wrists”

  171. with these spidey hands, and a brand new android phone; I can do some major rippin’ and tearin’ of the Internets.

  172. Great, honeycomb has got my hands all sticky!

    [email protected]

  173. “How will I play Angry Birds in this suit?”


  175. To bad my thumbs fell off… I guess I won’t be texting Mary Jane later tonight…

  176. “What the hell happened to my thumbs!?”

    Meanwhile at Sony headquarters:

  177. Spidey: “Is this the G2x? Am I sure I want to know? If someone told you this was just your average ordinary phone without a dual-core in the world, somebody lied. Truth is phones weren’t always like this. There was a time when life was a lot less sophisticated. A time when iPhones ruled.”

  178. I thought you couldn’t catch viruses on Android?!

  179. So what you’re telling me is: “There’s no way to hold it wrong”? I’ve gotta try one of these!

  180. “Eight Times! Eight times is the number of times I exchanged my G2X for screen bleeds and it’s still f**king there!”

  181. Spidey counted on his fingers and came to the realization that there were only as many cores left to give away in the Phandroid “Nvidia Dual-Core Blowout” contest as Dr. Octopus had limbs!

  182. “I’ll give you 8 reasons why Phandroid is the best Android web site”

  183. “So fast, I can’t even see it with my Spidey senses!”

  184. **Read between the lines**… I still don’t get that crazy guy from Patch Adams. He must have an EVO 3d.

  185. DAMN!!! These new gloves might not work on my xoom!!!

  186. Man with flash enabled tegra 2 powered phone is like spider; bound to have sticky hand after being on web

  187. Why the hell can I not count the number of phones being offered in this contest on either hand?

  188. Damn Androids..They are using all the web, so none is left for poor Spidey!

  189. Toby wasn’t sure that his Android full body VR suit would help patch things up with Kirsten

  190. “What, you mean wall climbing is only available on Spider 3.0!”

  191. No more ‘peel off gloves, lickey finger, touchy screen” with my new Android.

  192. Wow, now there is a new android powered spidey costume? Time to upgrade! I hope I don’t go over my data limit and be throttled while I’m fighting crime…

  193. Wait, Android 3.2 just released?
    So how many different versions do they have now?

  194. Spidey- Wait, so not only can I shoot webs out of these hands, but I can also use these hands as a death grip device on my sensation 4g?

    Steve Jobs- Watch it spider boy, I have patents on that.

  195. WIth these hands, I have the ultimate power, the ultimate responsibility. I must create what the masses need. This is my gift; this is my curse. My name…is Spidenogen.

  196. How do I superusered phone?

  197. Holy crap…. Imagine if I had TWO Android phones at the same time!

  198. Well, how ’bout that… there IS such a thing as a tablet that’s TOO thin…

  199. Mom always said that if I didn’t stop I would go blind but this is ridiculous….dual core lte download speeds are my gift and my curse

  200. 4+4 is…..Ahhh android stolez my memories

  201. Back story to picture: Taken in 2009, Spiderman is an i*hone user that just played with a Motorola Droid for the first time….


  202. Thank God for my new Spidey Sense, now it is time to go and Core an Apple

  203. “I touched the fabled Droid Bionic, and Sanjay cut my thumbs off…”

  204. PINCH TO ZOOM ???

    On the bright side, I think I’ve found a solution to dropping this sexy but slippery Neuxs S.. XDA forum here I come !!!

    [email protected]

  205. PINCH TO ZOOM ???

    On the bright side, I think I’ve found a solution to dropping this sexy but slippery Neuxs S.. XDA forum here I come !!!

    [email protected]

  206. My spidersense is tingling….two cores down! Why 10 take away 2 only leaves 8! I need to start swinging to get mah hands on that T-Mobile G2X!

  207. So, androids are all the rage nowadays…It seems being part spider just isn’t cutting it, I need an upgrade.

  208. hmmm…. those duel core droids can do some serious shit…

  209. The phone is web-based

    *see image, thanks memegenerator for letting me add the text*

  210. My Spider Senses are starting to tingle, I must be winning that G2X…

  211. Yes, 5 free androids! But how can I tweet without opposable thumbs!?!?

  212. “With great power, comes great benchmarkability”.

  213. “Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hank and Mary Jane still haven’t accepted my Google + invites”

  214. Lovin these new Isotoners! Now I can text in subzero temps!

  215. I could have sworn there was a spider crawling on me!


  217. A true super hero doesn’t need thumbs to control the super dual core goodness of the G2X.

  218. Some super powers, how did I just drop my phone?!?!

  219. Wait… I can climb a skyscraper, so how the HELL did I drop my droid?

  220. Woah! Last thing I know I was playing with that cool looking LG phone at the T-mobile store and then poof! Im in that spiderman app game.. wow this human stuff really works!

  221. So much for being able to grab things with my web, I could have sworn I grabbed onto that handset….

  222. I didn’t know that I could ditch the suit and control the web from my fingertips instead of my wrists.

  223. “Why did they have to use Andy, and give him opposable thumbs for the Xperia Play superbowl commercial…


  224. Will the screen of G2X handle my strength me thinks…

  225. “This is SO awesome!!! VZWs continued “back to school” sale and I got BOGO on the DROID Bionic!! I am totally gonna rule the Marvel Universe now…….whao…..wait…..what happened?!?!? You mean I was really just asleep and the DROID Bionic was just a dream??? This must be the work of some new super villain.”

  226. With all this power this power in my phone you think Moto will unlock the bootloader to give me full potential

  227. “Oh god, what’s happening to me?! Oh right.. movie characters have to use apple products because steve jobs thinks that makes them cool. NO! I want my android!”

  228. I should have got the batman skin, but could anybody really stand that speech engine.

  229. “Hmmm, I wonder if Dr. Octavius uses a G2X or a Galaxy SII?”

  230. MJ said “8 is the new 9!” Better Google it!

  231. How spidey powers affect our android user – The gorilla glass has stuck to each of my fingers. How am I going to answer my Droid now?

  232. “Stupid Invisibility app”

  233. “So according to Phandroid there are eight to go. So eight fingers, and if I take away two, I get six devices left. NO! WAIT! Divide by two! So that means I take away half of my fingers and get, FOUR! Four Tegra 2 devices left to win!”

  234. Maybe this’ll teach Verizon.

  235. OH HELLL NO !, the tmobile G2x app drawer opens quiker then me hoping from building to building. now i can really text mary jane – i was just in the neiborhood

    [email protected]

  236. Open source, dual core, custom roms, custom kernels, themes, XDA, root, iPhone ownage…
    My Spidey senses are tingling! Damn it! Out of fingers. Its a bad time Bob!

    [email protected]

  237. I’m being infected by the iPhone 5 rumor-fest. WHY !! ???

    I don’t want no Jobs
    A Jobs is a guy that can’t get no love from me
    Hangin’ out the passenger side
    Of my best friend’s ride
    Tryin’ to holla at me

  238. Google Haven’t released Honeycomb source Code yet, let me get Andy Rubin’s neck 1st ? Everybody is waiting for Custom Rom out there and now, it is my turn to rescue everyone. GOOOOOOOOOOGLE…. BE PREPARED……I AM COMING…….OTHERWISE….

  239. I may have spider like ways, but damn I have trouble counting how many devices they’re giving away!

    [email protected]

  240. With great power comes great responsibility, and with Android phones comes a feeling to destroy every Iphone i see!!

  241. are those my spidey sences tingling or is it Mary-jane texting me on my tmobile G2x , she does have a knack for getting in to trouble. il just text her ” i was just in the neiborhood ill be right there.

    [email protected]

  242. “I cut off my thumbs for an iPhone? I should have just bought the Android that I can afford!”

  243. where did my phone go!!!!

  244. …Ok, so 4G times dual-core equals eight G-cores? No, wait….

  245. To buy an Android; or to buy an Apple?

    Better android, apple might come after me with one of its lawsuits about having a patent of sort about my suit… think my webs can hold that apple back? oh no, android it is!!!

    [email protected]

  246. “Wait Android can do this? Why haven’t I realized how shitty ios was?”

  247. “Dammit, angry birds is gonna be a bitch without thumbs…”

  248. Now I will be unstoppable at Angry Birds…Muahahah

  249. OHHHH HELL NO ! the tmobile G2X app drawer opens faster then me swinging from building to building. NOW i can really text mary -jane faster .sayeng” i was just in the neiborhood; you kno she does have a nack for getting in trouble ;)

  250. I will always have access to the web now

  251. “How can I text without my thumbs? GIVE IT BACK ANDROID!”

  252. Got the web at my fingertips and I play well with Bart Allen. AKA… Flash.

    Am I spiderman, or am I Android?

  253. *Looks at hands* I know holding the web in your hands is amazing and all, but why was the suit included? … Oh yeah, so I don’t drop my Optimus 2X next time I go jumping off buildings… I guess this is better. Besides, that Apple costume had a worm in it… Never again. *shivers*

    [email protected]

  254. Where did my thumbs go? Meh… Eight fingers like eight legs

  255. 10 multitouch points you sain’ ? with 3d…now I can play that strip poker :)

  256. Okay, apps, I see games, where is the “Web” on this thing?

  257. “All this time, Mary Jane was…an Android?!?! Yes! Her power is in these hands now!!”

  258. “So you’re telling me I don’t only have one core, but two?!”

  259. Why do all the good ones have shiny backs? That is the 5th phone that slipped out of my hands this week!

  260. My spidey senses are picking up 4G?!?!

  261. What happened to my spidey senses, Oh! that right I’ve go droid senses now hey at least I’m not locked in on apple senses

  262. T-Mobile G2X? Android? 1GHz NVIDIA dual core Tegra 2? HD recording? Unlimited data? Oh god, I did crap myself…

  263. “Now I have fingers to text~~” said Mike or BigDroid, or Droid (whatever the name of the robot is called)

  264. hmmmm….I wonder how many cores i can hold in each hand?

  265. ” nvidia’s dual core processor is too powerful my thumbs blew up, its responsibility is too great.. can’t…. take… power…!”

  266. OOh pick me…

  267. 1,2,3…8 hours of battery life on this dual-core Android superphone and it’s not even dark out? O.o

  268. Verizon charged me overage, I couldnt afford it and had to sell my mask…..

  269. crap! only 8 cores left to go.

  270. HTC SENSE 4.0 is poop! spidey SENSE 1.0 is legit!

  271. ” nvidia’s dual core processor is too powerful my thumbs blew up, its responsibility is too great….. can’t…. take….. power..!”

  272. “Bet Steve Jobs and his incomplete apple can’t show up to the scene of a crime in less than ten minutes to help me take out the bad guys. Oh there you are android! 90 seconds, great timing!…..your boot time is how low? That’s incredible! So I can take down a bad guy and play Angry Birds at the same time?”

  273. HTC stole my Spidey Sense (3.0), now all I have is this crappy suit.

  274. Can I till win if I post using my twitter account?

  275. I think I’m going to need a bigger screen.

  276. “I would give up these powers for a new Android phone any day!”

  277. “I would give up these powers for a new Android phone any day!”

  278. T-Mobile G2X!, 2 Cores, Twice the spidey!!

  279. My Spidey Sense it tingling, Whoops just my T-Mobile G2X!

  280. 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest? 1 already gone, that means there are how many left? Damn I wish I had my NVIDIA Dual Core Android to help me do the math. Oh wait it’s Eight! Good thing they weren’t Quad Core otherwise I couldn’t count them all on my fingers.

  281. Reasons why I sold my mask to buy an android phone…damn I ran out of fingers again…me gusta.

  282. Got Android Web?

  283. Oh android, you’ve given me flash now look whats happened!

  284. I can’t hold my ICE CREAM SANDWICH enabled phone without my thumbs….I didn’t sign up for all of this responsibility.

    [email protected]

  285. Where the hell did my thumbs go?

  286. What the hell did that goofy, little green robot do with my thumbs?!

  287. …6,7,8. 8? I could have sworn there were 10?

  288. Is mobile web down for anyone else or just me?

  289. My iPhone4 had made me forget my thumbs! But my thumb senses are tingling….Android welcomes my sticky grip! Reminds of the time I first met Mary Jane….

  290. T-Mobile G2X!, 2 Cores, Twice The Spidey!!

  291. “Why have I been using an iPhone all this time?!?!”

  292. My Spidey Sence is Tingling!! Whoops just my T-Mobile G2X!

  293. “Did my hands always look this big with a single core device? ;)”

  294. “Surfing the web just became too real to bare”

  295. Leftover chicken bento is surprisingly delicious

  296. “… So this is what an unlocked bootloader feels like..?!”

    With great power comes great responsibility, gais.

  297. I can almost feel my new G2X in my right hand

    [email protected]

  298. Awesome suit, right? Well when Apple discovered that it was powered by Android, they slapped me with a patent infringement lawsuit. Apparently I’m infringing on U.S. Patent No. 6,969,420 on a “ Spidey suit”. -_______-

  299. Hmmmmmmm………..what are these?

  300. Holy Crap!!! Sony stole my thumbs for the Play.!!!

  301. Let’s see how smart Google Goggles really is… How many fingers am I holding up?

  302. All these fingers and I only need one to swype. But which one ?!?

  303. Ah, so THAT’S what Spidey.apk does…

  304. Finally……my android powered suit. Now off to fight crime before apple sues me for copyright infringement saying they created their iOS super hero onesie first.

  305. Wireless tether thumbs! Engage!

  306. ” my spidy sense is tingling! oh wait never mind it’s just a text notification on my nexus ”
    [email protected]

  307. Aww Man! The Burgler stole my G2X. Why isn’t my web working again??

  308. Sense is slowing me down. I need to get naked! (stock)

  309. So what your saying is, with Android I can use either hand?


  311. How many minutes till that Mazda RX8 on the G2X’s screen gets here?

    [email protected]

  312. …6,7,8…..what’s after 8 again???

  313. You know, I probably am the least likely person on earth to drop and shatter an iPhone 4, but I still want an Android.

  314. Dog gone it! If only this suit was dual-core!

  315. spidey yes use both hands to pinch and zoom if you want to…

  316. And now I put on my specialized android texting gloves to reply to Mary Jane… wait a tic …. MY FINGERS ARE RIBBED FOR HER PLEASURE!!!!

  317. “What the…who the hell swyped my thumbs?”

    brian.bull at titlemax dot biz

  318. “I will force my Xoom to have LTE…. with my hands….”

  319. So do any of you guys help me get a girl?
    There isn’t an “APP for that” (in the android market)<—-(android related) see aren't i funny!!!

    Thanks a lot iOS.

  320. My HTC sence is tingling…

  321. Where the #$%@ am I supposed to stuff my phone in this suit?! Arrrrgh!

  322. Where did I drop the phone!

  323. “Wow, Android has come so far! I’m holding an invisible Honeycomb tablet in my hands!”

  324. After getting a serious case of BlackBerry thumb, Spidey decided that he would be better off with an Android.

  325. I get that look in my eyes when there’s no Android phone in my hands too.

    [email protected]

  326. So I can climb on the ceiling but I STILL drop my phone…..DAMMIT!

  327. Kiss girl upside down. Lose expensive smartphone.

  328. Woot I just got a new G2x! Wait… what do you mean that Apple has a patent on thumbs….. damn it.

  329. Androids? In MY vagina?

  330. Hmmm…Is all this hair on the palms of my hands just a bi-product of being part arachnid? Or was Uncle Ben right about watching too many of those flash enabled videos on my G2X? Do they even make hand razors???

  331. Good thing I can use Swype without my thumbs!

  332. “If thy right hand offend thee… CUT IT OFF.”

    -The Bible

  333. Spidey thought he was the only one who can fly around on the web fast until he found the G2X. I think that’s why he’s so confused in the picture. “My Spidey sense is telling me something…wait no it’s a little green guy. What? I don’t have fight crime in New York anymore!? You’ve already taken a bite outta the big Apple!”

  334. Peter Parker thought his new HTC Invisible was the greatest Android tablet ever! Unfortunately, reading his emails proved to be more challenging than expected.

  335. “This little piggy went to market… This little piggy stayed at home… This little piggy… dammit! It would be easier to remember using Evernote!”

  336. What happened to my Thumbs, now I have to text in portrait mode.

  337. Android asks the iOS how’s it feel to be left behind constantly by innovations.

    iOS responds with well we don’t need it cause our phones can survive a fall from an airplane.

    Android responds with How many iphones have been to space BITCH?!

    iOS cries in shame.

  338. Oh no, so that wasn’t an Android tablet I just used – this is going to be a bumpy ride….

  339. “I think i can be the next android robot”

    1. Prashanth, sorry to comment on your comment, but I have to mention something to Phandroid, and your comment is most liked, so it’s on top XD


      There may be a problem with your contest commenting system many people may have not thought of. If people use a Disqus login, it might not show their email. That could be a huge problem if they win and you cannot contact them… I think you should also announce the winner in the Android Overload tomorrow, or over Twitter.

      Unless of course, website admins have the power to view Disqus emails that people used to sign up. If that’s the case, this post was totally pointless :)

  340. Where’d my Droid Bionic go? Oh yeah…
    [email protected]

  341. “8 fingers, 2 thumbs. I wonder which multi touch phone could handle these”

  342. Hey Jobs … Guess which finger is yours!

  343. now to get to work… (unzips pants) …

  344. Spidey: “Hmm. It seems as though flash has screwed up my web surfing.”

  345. Note to self, don’t “touch yourself” when “Spidey Grip” is active.

  346. “How do I shot web? I’ll look it up on my G2X”
    [Next Frame]
    “How do I search web?”

  347. I have how many android phone options on my carrier of choice?!? Whoa…

  348. “Wait what!? It…it can’t be…a G2X running CyanogenMod 8…?”

  349. I wish I hadn’t made this suit so tight…nowhere to stash my Xoom.

  350. Big Red took away my unlimited webs gotta switch to the black suit

  351. My Thumbs! Ah! What happened to my Thumbs!

  352. Give me the damned G2X already so I can have the web on my hands. *wink, wink*

  353. What the DEUCE?!?! ….and I thought the EVO was HUGE!!!

    [email protected]

  354. This is my gift, this is my curse. NO Seriously, this stupid CURSE won’t stop scratching my brand new G2X.

  355. ‘Unlimited web’ they said… never again Verizon

  356. So what you are saying is that all I need to do to use this powerful device is to allow Google to track everything I do with it. Count me in!

  357. Ohhhhhhhhhh dear, My testicles senses are tingling!!! :O I seem to have to have lost my G2X…
    [email protected]

  358. These aren’t the android capacitive gloves i order? They’ll the steve jobs butt scratchers! Is that what i think it is?

  359. Doc Ock has an octocore Android phone?!

  360. yay

  361. “These hands were made for texting…. and bringing down IOS! Muahaha wait where did my mask go!”

  362. I could hold a Bionic in each one of these hands!

  363. as for spidy; “Oh no i lost my new Samsung GS II” no worries there is an app for that.
    extra credit lol
    Fact: more than 1/3 of iPhone users think their phone is 4g capable.
    When iPhone 5 comes out they’ll think its 5g capable! lol
    Android FTW ;)

    [email protected]

  364. My dermatitis is acting up, again.

  365. “So it IS possible to get my hands off of this phone!”

  366. “Cool now I can I mean follow Mary Jane’s twitter” *shifty eyes*

  367. My Androidy senses are tingling

  368. “Sandman broke my Galaxy Tab, now how am I going to take pictures of myself for the Daily Bugle?”

  369. “In Soviet Russia, Interweb posts on you!”

    See “send email” button on linked g+ profile

  370. Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich–They’re all Android but have nothing to do with robots. Creativity failure…

  371. “Uh oh the Green Goblin Stole my Android phone Right out of my hands…..Damn Goblin!!!”

  372. OMG where are my thumbs?!!

  373. Dude these apple tablets are getting thinner and thinner, wheres my xoom?

  374. Its like texting with gorilla glue all over your hands

  375. With these hand i have squashed an apple and create a green robot. I AM Android.

  376. Eight cores left and my spider sense is telling me its not htc, but the lg g2x psss with nvidia this web swinging will be a breeze.

    [email protected]

  377. Bee-Man doesn’t sound as good but with the money from product placement I can finally find Aunt May a new man.

  378. “Is Rob really gonna cut off one of my digits for each core he gives away?!”

  379. OMG Where are my thumbs!

  380. Peter: My hands are in NEED of Android powers! Then I can finally hook up with Jane via Talk! Tegra Zone? I’ll call it SPIDEY ZONE!

  381. I really want a dual core phone! Single core was so July of 2010!


  383. Nice (xperia) play. It appears the Abominable Android has stolen my thumbs. Unfortunately for him I don’t need thumbs to push his buttons (or to use his touchscreen).

    Justice will be served.

  384. “What is all of this white sticky stuff on my hands?!?”

  385. 4 + 4? Aunt May… Can you tell me what 4 + 4 is using your android phone?

  386. Spider man – opposable thumbs = spider cat?!?

  387. Why why why did Apple have to file that infringment suit, they repo’d my HTC Evo and now im powerless!

  388. What kind of surgery is this???

  389. 8MP Camera, Check.
    4G HSPA+, Check.
    Stick Together has a whole new meaning.

  390. Damn these insulated gloves! And I didn’t pack my snack meat stylus! Aaaarrgh!!!

  391. “With a great G2x comes 8 megapixels”

  392. “With these sticky fingers… how can I ever jerk off again?”

  393. “That android app was only suppose to install wallpapers!”

  394. Uhhhh Haahh!! I Cut off your thumbs, when you were sleeping.
    Now you cant sext with your G2X. :p hehe

    Sincerely, Mary Jane <3

    P.S. I should have cut off something else… lol
    [email protected]

  395. These are my jazz hands

  396. “Oh lawwwd!! do i really jack off that much?! Geeeez smh, OMG i need to find a new hobby. T-Mobile G2X would be Perfectamoondo!”

    [email protected]

  397. how the hell am I going to play angry birds with these thing on?

  398. “I swear office. I had my thumbs here a moment ago. Now how am I going to let people know everything’s going to be ok?”

  399. Ribbed for MY pleasure! Score!

  400. Still no 4G on MIUI? Evo 4G has four G’s. Count them. Four!

  401. “my android-senses are tingling!”

  402. Girls stop fighting, you’ll both get a turn

  403. How can I use my Droid… without opposable thumbs?!

  404. Still loading maps….
    Damn you Single core, 528 MHz processor!

    I need that new G2X!

  405. How am I supposed to swipe on my Android with these things?

  406. “CRAP! I knew I should have taken these gloves off before I wiped… it got in the way.”

    ([email protected])

  407. If I’m not mistaken this is the scene in Spider Man 2 where Pete loses his powers….. in the spirit of that:

    Go 4G Go!…… Up Up and Away Web! Shazam! Work Flash! Go Dolphin! Tally Ho!

    [email protected]

  408. The Green Goblin has a G2x!!! I need to upgrade my single core Spidey sense stat!

  409. Screw this all the good ones were taken.

  410. I hope Honeycomb has built in support for eight fingers

  411. Smartphone aren’t really that smart.. or am I just that dumb? Maybe this one can boost my iq..?!?

  412. i cant jerk off without thumbs or tegra 2!

  413. “Hey, Jobs there’s a new joke going around.Have you heard it? What did the five fingers say to the face?” *SLAP* ” HA,HA,HA,HA,HA”
    “im droid bitch” – (Dave Chappelle) voice

  414. Fragmentation

  415. Holy Shit! This really is in 3D!

  416. It wasn’t until the next morning that Peter realized his thumbs were gone. Never again would he accept strange pills from short, round, green men.

  417. They’re giving my G2X to that guy from the Facebook movie too?!?!?

  418. AMAZING… I got through that Security Checkpoint with the Android fingerprint app !!

  419. Uncle Ben-
    You see here Peter, this is the G2X.
    With great powers comes great responsibility…
    and that is why… you cant have it!!! :P hahahah
    Peter Parker-
    Awwwwwwwwwwww… :(

    [email protected]

  420. Huh? Why did those mysterious men in turtlenecks and jeans just jacked my android tablet?

  421. “Phandroid only has 8 cores left to give away, spidey sense is tingling….time to post and win one!”

    [email protected]

  422. So…I can crush Dr. Octopus…but…got beat up by an android wanting my thumbs… for a phone commercial…awkward.

  423. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 wait you mean to tell me that there’s more things than i can count on my fingers that my android phone can do that my old i*hone cant . Wow thought things like this only happen in comic books

  424. Ladies & Gentlemen the Galaxy Tab 15.0… now 1000% thinner than the ipad 2

  425. “How am I gonna Swype with these on?”

  426. Finally! With these gloves I can use my Android again! Those Spider hairs were really making playing Angry Birds impossible.

  427. Kindergaten:
    “Okay children, today you’re going to learn all about the Alphabets. Repeat after me:

    ‘A’ for – Android

    This is where Apple loses at ground zero :)

  428. “I thought I was the fastest web crawler , but who is this tegra powered dude called android ???? “

  429. “Dude! My hands are so huge!”

  430. HTC Sense 3.0 updated to 6th Sense – the “Spidey” Sense!

  431. Where’s the ‘menu’ button?

  432. Ominous voice in head …[Uncle] “With great power comes great responsibility,” [Peter] “Dang it, I abused the power of Android, showing off it’s awesomeness, that the beautiful robot stole my thumbs…..-sigh- better than losing my Adam’s *apple* ; god knows my voice can’t get anymore cracked & messed up.” ; ” Hey, at least I wont get sued…..right? I mean Apple can’t sue for that can it? Help me Phandroid nerds, before I go emo and enter the dark side (see Jobs).”

  433. Oh no… no… NO!!! How am I going to text Mary Jane with no thumbs!

  434. “Why did I have to use so much hair gel, Swyping is impossible now”

  435. Ok… first i leave verizon bc i was told by a rep that VZ Navigator is superior to Google Maps and get lost.. then i switch to t-mobile for the G2X and lose my amazing phone… I cant win can i?

    [email protected]

  436. Where the hell are my thumbs?

    pulls out android …o yes!! theres an app for that!

  437. Good thing I have eight fingers, as that is how many cores are left in this damned contest! It would be difficult to keep count otherwise…

  438. ” OMG, What have these sticky hands done?!! No UNDO button :( Damn green goblins and green robots are all the same”


  440. “With the new EVO 3D, I’ll finally be able to harness the true power of the web!”

  441. “The Goblin still has HIS fingers! Wait…is this a Green thing?”

  442. Wish I had Tegra Dual Core instead of sticky glue on my dual hands!

  443. can barcode scanner read my webs to tell me my fortune?

  444. “Xperia play stole my thumbs.”

    Also, is this one of those US only competitions?

  445. Whooooaaa! 4G can suck it!! I got 8G right at my fingertips!!

  446. I can fit 8 fingers on the bezel, WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

  447. “Does 4.3″ fit in this Spider-Hands?”

  448. Peter says to himself– “My web has finished. I think it was in trial period. I wish I was an android then I would have purhased a paid web from the market!”

  449. message posted

  450. Wow! a new Content Provider ;)

    [email protected]

  451. Peter: i’m a spider-mutated-human and still have 2 pair of hands on my back. i will donate 8 fingers to “thumbs-only” android robot, so he can play games properly.

  452. Dammit…I knew I shouldn’t have slept with Miss. Piggie

  453. ”Got rid of the robot, now its time to eat the Apple”

  454. OMG…Android power has revealed my geeky identity.


    (Apparently Spider-man forgot to read the fine print in his contract with Sony )

  456. I’m going to destroy Apple with my thumbs, oh wait…

  457. iPhone 4 you say? I think I’m gonna STICK with Android!

  458. 6…7…8…OH NO!!! Only 8 cores left! I must win an ANDROID device from Phandroid!

  459. It’s okay, just breathe, just because my hands stick to walls doesn’t mean they’ll stick to my android phone…

    Note: His inability to use his android is the actual reason Spidey went emo in the later movies

  460. Oh…. my …. god…. Do I have the death grip???? How am I supposed to hold my beloved Mary Jane? …. And what about my girlfriend!?!!?!

  461. You know what they say about red hands…

  462. No, no, no, don’t Force Close on me now!

  463. I was hoping to be bitten by a radioactive Android…not a spider!

  464. “Evolution is funny – I can shoot webs out of these things, but companies cant update phones still running Eclair”

  465. My HTC Sense is tingling!

  466. WAIT… Where the HEll is my G2X?!?!?!?

    DAMN!!! Lost another Android phone web-slinging >:/


    If you like what you see… then contact me @ [email protected] :D

  467. Spiderman Spiderman does whatever a spider can…..but nothing that Android can….

  468. My HTC Sense is screaming that I play with my Android phone NOW!!!

  469. Whoa this new virtual Tegra 2 powered Android Spidey suit is awesome!!! Now literally the power of Droid is in my hands!!! This suit even has text to speak!!! Now I can text Aunt May while fighting Doc Oc!!!

  470. “I used these hands to touch an iPhone…. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?”

  471. “Hmmm.. How can I fit an Android phone in my suit?” “Maybe…. eeeshh, I’ll just google on it on my Android phone”..

  472. Woah. Oh my god. It’s a double core all the way. Woooah that’s so intense. Wow. Double core. Oh my god. What does this mean?

  473. “I guess i hadn’t exactly thought out how i would text on my new G2x after giving my thumbs to Sony. Ah well that’s what the voice capabilities are for, right?”

  474. “Hmmm…..I wonder if this suit has a physical camera button?”

    Most android phones dont :p

  475. “i think ill call myself the PETERX2” “Ill be unnstopable”

  476. OMG! What just happened… that Tegra 2 was so fast my phone took off with my thumbs!

  477. “Was it four lefts and then four rights or four rights and then four lefts?” “I sure wish I had my Android phone with Google Maps right now.”

  478. WTF!! I just saved the world and only 8 people +1’d me! Only 8!!!!!


  480. Can’t… find… tablet… NOOOOOOO!

  481. “Great! My iPhone is broken, because it couldn’t properly multi-task and alert me I was low on web fluid when I tossed it up to snap a picture….time to finally switch to android, I wonder if Harry’s dad can get me a prototype of the Nexus Prime”

  482. Oh Sweet! When I signed up to be spiderman, I never new that the spidey costume comes with sausage fingers so that I don’t need to cut my nails when using my iPhone. Oh right. cheap android phones have resistive screens.

  483. Spiderman: “Yeah, I wouldn’t thumb my nose at a free G2X, hey, did you hear me, Lizard?”
    Lizard: “Yeah, I heard you. And even though I have the nervous system of a reptile, I’m still very embarrassed for you.”

  484. Whoa…did I…just root…BOTH cores?

  485. 2 Nvidia Cores down, 8 to go. My chances of winning an Android from Phandroid are what again?

  486. Humm…What’s better, two hands that shoot webs…or dual cores that rip through the web and the BIG Apple.

  487. Damn you Sony Play robot!!! He knew he would be unstoppable with my superpowered thumbs. Let us pray he never gets the power of Tegra otherwise we are all really screwed.

  488. Wtf! I’m still not avbl on android market and that faggot superman is!!! Its time to kick some ass!

  489. Would it be reliable righty or loose lefty to help with my spidey sense from tingling so much?

  490. With great power comes not-so-great battery life.

  491. Go web! Fly! Up, up, and away web! Shazaam! Go! Go! Go web go! Tally ho…. hmmmm it’s not working i guess i’m running on AT&T

  492. I suck at this, I won’t even try. :-(

  493. Can I haz an android?!

  494. Great! I forgot to wash my hands after going to the bathroom! Oh no, a call is coming in on my smartphone!

  495. Cannot sum up 4 + 4 without my Droid. WTH?

  496. My spidey senses are tingling! One phone and two cores down… Only eight to go!

    [email protected]

  497. So that’s how many more weeks before the Droid Bionic is released???

  498. And here all along I thought the Evo 3D was just a gimic!

  499. Anyone can travel the web as fast as me… Why didn’t I wait for 4G!!!!

  500. “Alright super powers, I know I promised you that last time was the last time I would use you for my own personal advance, but Superman invested in Google stock, Batman invested in Google stock, Spiderman………RIM. Looks like ‘Venom’ will be making another unlawful ‘withdrawal’ from the banks tonight…………..”

  501. (Harry) What is that?!?!
    (Peter) Its called an Android, its a rare species.
    (Harry) Whooooa. Is it changing colors? Its turning green!
    (Peter) Yes, that’s called Lookout Security.
    Some Androids change colors to blend into their environment.
    Its a defense mechanism. hahaha LMFAO :)

    [email protected]

  502. Don’t blame me.. It’s all thumbs .. Hey thumbs where are u Hiding…


    1. Can anyone of u guys can see my photo I post ? Plz comment. I think something srew up here….

  503. While Doc Oc’s shrink ray was somewhat effective against Spiderman, it did a real number on his G2X.

  504. OMG, Where are my thumbs? How am I going to use that new Thumb Keyboard App I just got for my galaxy tab?

  505. 4.0″ screen? Masturbating has never ben easier with these sticky spidy hands!

    [email protected]

  506. Can my web be throttled too?

  507. “I can now shoot webisodes in 3D with my Evo 3D!!”

  508. It looks like i’ll need to weave a nice ole spidey net for this puppy!

  509. With the power given to me by my G2X… I can save the world!! And search, txt, and Facebook with amazing speed.

  510. I’ve eaten so many apples, that my palms went green, and I’m even two times faster than before. But wait! Shouldn’t I be a robot eating so many iFood?

  511. Sh**t. Ice Cream Sandwich leaked.

  512. Oscar, the singing dog, will sing the Android theme song if we are selected.

  513. My spidey sense tells me there is a G2X close by. With the web at my finger tips, I will be unstoppable!!!

  514. Really? I had to be bitten by radioactive spiders? It couldn’t have been little radioactive green robots?

  515. “Woooooo … my hands have been upgraded to NVIDIA’s Dual-Core processors. If only I had an Ice Cream Sandwich in each hand!”

  516. introducing android 5.0, SPIDEY-roid. Complete with all the inter-webs you need.

  517. Batman Uses “Google Nav.” on his Droid X2, Super has a air traffic app on his G2x, Wonder Woman has a “How to Tie Rope Knots” app on her Mytouch 4G, Even the Hulk is playing “Words With friends” on his HTC Evo 3D, but I’m still here using T9 word on my Razor V3m….. Grandma!!!! can I have some money??? I need to buy an Android phone!!!!

  518. Gorilla glass?? Pshhh…that’s nothing compared to my SPIDEY SCREEN!

  519. Oh NOES! How can I play PewPew without my thumbs??

  520. No thumbs?! It’s okay with my spider grip and my capacitative gloves I am ready to go!

  521. “So with these android phones, I can have the web at the tip of my fingers?”

  522. Hey Spidey my name is Android :) and lefty over there is iOS ;(

  523. “I WILL AVENGE THAT LITTLE GREEN ROBOT! He ‘swyped’ the phone right from my hands”

  524. idk how Steve jobs does it! All my friends hold his apples all day and tell me they love it. Why do these hands only enjoy gingerbread?! WHY CANT I ENJOY HOLDING STEVE’S APPLES?!?!?!

  525. I could just imagine what my pecker shoots!

  526. Oh my god! This is better than that app I downloaded yesterday!

  527. And for my next feat, Google Web App!

  528. How did Steve Jobs patent my thumbs?!!