New Droid X2 Soak Test Starting Soon, Could it Be Gingerbread?


One of our faithful readers has just sent word that Motorola has begun inviting Droid X2 owners to participate in a soak test for an upcoming update for the handset. The details of the update weren’t made available, but unless Moto has a slew of bug fixes headed our way logic tells us it very well could be Android 2.3. You will remember the original Droid X received the new version of Android almost concurrently with the launch of the X2, so it’s about time the newer phone gets some Gingerbread love.

DroidLife provides a few more details on the update. Several thousand X2 owners ill receive the test update. This includes all Motorola Feedback Network members. The soak will take place over two days to make sure the update is going smoothly, but it isn’t intended to beta test the software. The update being release will be the final version, pending any major bugs that may be uncovered.

No word on when exactly the soak test will begin, but if you want to guarantee your Droid X2 is one of the many to receive the update early, sign up for the Motorola Feedback Network and you should be in.

[Thanks, Inrediboy84!]

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  1. How do people survive with phones that update so late….
    I got a nexus one and waiting for the 2.3 update when the nexus s was out was already too long…..then again I really like new tech, just wish I had more money to spend on it


    Any non-US people with the updated android market? I still don’t have it and considering downloading the APK, but I’m curious how it functions outside of the US, since it has the books and video tabs, whilst we don’t have a announcement of books and video’s making it outside the US, or did we?

    1. It is pretty bad that the Nexus owners get just as mad as people who have other Android phones when it comes to updates. The old Nexus One support forums had one thread that reached 5,000 angry comments because 2.2 was one month late.

  2. Nice.

  3. How about a 1 click root for the DROID X ota gingerbread update.

    Wolfs And Licks All.

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  5. Annoying as hell. Can’t believe it’s taken this long.

  6. Where the hell is the D2 Global update?

  7. I got a refurbished DX2 from bitching to Verizon so much about 2.3 on the DX1. The DX2 that I received had 2.3 on it and was slower than my DX1 was with 2.2

    I promptly sold the DX2. Had enough. Got a Charge for now until something less cheap and “plasticky” comes along.

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