Motorola Droid 3 Reveals its SIM Card in Device Teardown


The folks over at iFixIt got their hands on the newly released Motorola Droid 3 for Verizon, and in typical fashion the handset didn’t stay in one piece for long. The device teardown shows us much of what we expected — a dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 CPU, 512MB of RAM, and a 4.0-inch qHD Gorilla Glass display — but has one rather interesting revelation. The Droid 3 features a pre-installed SIM card to further expands the handset’s global reach. The inclusion of the GSM-compatiblity makes this Droid 3 a true world-roamer, though (as a Verizon warns) data fees could reach as high as $20 per MB when outside the US.

You can see the full teardown at the source link below, where its details might just come in handy if you ever have the need to replace any components on your Droid 3 (and are feeling froggy enough to do it yourself).

[via iFixIt]

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  1. LTE uses SIM cards, however Verizon is still using CDMA for voice/SMS. All data is handled through the LTE chip.
    Eventually LTE will do voice (similar to VoIP) and data.

    1. Last I checked the Droid3 was not LTE compatible

      1. Ahh, you’re right. I forgot.
        I saw the pic of the SIM card next to the slot and made an assumption.
        If it was just a picture of an empty slot I would’ve said that most Verizon phones have a SIM slot since they’re the same thing GSM carriers get, just a different chip.

  2. You don’t need to tear the phone apart to see it has a SIM. It’s plain as day right there next to the Micro-SD slot. And even if you didn’t want to take off the battery door, all the literature said it comes with a SIM. This is a non-revelation.

    1. Was thinking the same thing after looking at that picture!

      Wow, they took off the back cover and made and important discovery that would elude most!

      I guess they figured Verizon customers would have no clue what a SIM card slot was.

  3. Motorola simply fucking sucks asshole. All they are good for is throwing old recycled tech in to a plastic case and simply calling it a device. Droid 1,2, and 3 all look and feel the same, not much innovation there. They all look like shit, if you own one and someone says to you its a nice phone then they just lied right to your face.

    1. I like my Droid 2 Global, its worked great for me. I especially like the slide out keyboard. Sure, there are other more powerful phones now, but it’s Android and I’ve never had a single issue with it.

    2. Another HTC marketing rep heard from…

      1. It would be nice if your stupid ass comment made any sense. Silly mid school children.

      2. This wasn’ta bias comment either, just stating one man’s opinion on a device. I wish I did work for HTC though, it would be fun.

    3. i have all 3 droids and they are definetly not the same, they all had their improvments and for me and alot of others its the perfect phone

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