Jul 18th, 2011

Archos’ G9 tablets are a bit more pricier than initially expected but are still the most reasonably tablets in the market for the kind of power they provide. Archos has put up preorder details and have priced each tablet at 3 different levels. For the G9 101 (10 inches), you can get a 1GHz-clocked 8GB version at $370. The same model with 16GB will run you $400, while the model clocked at 1.5GHz with 250GB of storage will cost you $470. As for the 8GB model, the 1GHz 8GB, 1GHz 16GB, and 1.5GHz 250GB models will cost you $300, $330 and $370, respectively. Affordable much? I’d say so. You can’t preorder them just yet, but Archos is allowing you to sign up be notified at their site.

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