Sony Ericsson Posts Disappointing Q2, Says Japanese Disasters Are to Blame


Things were looking up for Sony Ericsson as they looked to give their business a major uplift. In particular, unique and powerful devices sitting alongside entry-level desirables were expected to boost Sony Ericsson’s performance this quarter and slingshot them into the upper echelon of manufacturers as far as revenue and market share go.

Unfortunately, that slingshotting is going to be put on hold. This quarter, Sony Ericsson lost $70.5 million overall compared to the same quarter last year where they gained $17 million. They also only shipped 7.6 million devices, which brought in $1.7 billion in overall revenue compared to $2.5 the same quarter last year.

All of this is being blamed on the Japanese earthquake that caused a series of tsunamis and disrupted many Japanese businesses. It’s been a common excuse for OEMs who have done poorly since the earthquake, but those excuses can only remain valid for so long.

To credit Sony Ericsson, they were forced to delay the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro far past their expected launch dates. However, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, which was introduced at the exact same time of the aforementioned devices, has seen great market penetration in several regions. Q3 will tell the real story of Sony Ericsson’s performance, assuming no natural disasters occur between now and October. [Engadget]

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  1. More like they need to make just better products overall, the X10 was a joke and the Arc was what that WAS suppose to be the year before, combined with super almost Samsung-ish style updates and having even weaker newer devices and it’s easy to see they aren’t pushing hard enough.

    1. Damn you beat me to it! Lol. Maybe building a quality product, advertising and a few more options. They are treating android like a fad that is going away soon. It’s not silly bands SE!

      1. treating android like a fad? by releasing close to 10 phones this year? by not releasing a WP7 phone? all SE phones this year have shipped with gingerbread, soon being updated to 2.3.4… it’s true they haven’t announced any dual core, but at least that allows them to compete more aggressively on the not-so-high-end

        1. Blaming weather for lack of sales is bad. They jumped on android very late. The phone offerings have been lackluster at best. Yes, they are attempting at competing in the mid range market, but when you have HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola all releasing mid range phones, consumers are going to go with reputation. You may not agree with me but even the play is a gimmicky phone aimed at a small market. Their strategy is wrong, in my opinion.
          They have poor sales because others are putting better products out for the same price, period!

  2. Earthquake, hacks and under estimating customers with poor products. But I’m glad they are getting what they deserve (the company that is, I feel for the earthquake victims). I support Geo Hotz very much and will not be forgetting what Sony did any time soon.

  3. xperia arc isn’t a good flagship and barely surpasses the x10

  4. lol F U Fony
    Samsung is King

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