Jul 15th, 2011

Wishing to roam on AT&T, Sprint’s or someone else’s 4G LTE network now that most of the US and the world over are adopting it for next generation data speeds? Unfortunately, that won’t be possible… not yet, anyway. A Verizon spokesperson confirmed that, even if they wanted to let their customers roam on AT&T’s LTE network or even international carriers’, they wouldn’t be able to do it due to widely varying frequencies that the data networks for each carrier will be running on. It’s unfortunate, but we understand.

We hope in the future LTE roaming can be possible, but as of yet it isn’t. Besides, we still need more than just a few carriers to get their networks off the ground before we can even consider such a thing. AT&T should get their ball rolling this summer, while Sprint is expected to announce their plans at the end of this month. [PCMag via Engadget]

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