Qualcomm Introduces Vellamo – New Benchmarking App For Web Browsers


For all you benchmarking junkies out there that look to benchmarks as a way of proving one phone/chipset is better than another, you now have a new tool at your disposal. Say hello to Vellamo.

Vellamo is a benchmarking app created by Qualcomm (same company who made the Neocore benchmark) that looks to give you an idea of how well your phone’s web browsing capabilities perform. Qualcomm managed to put together an industry standard benchmark that according to them, incorporates all aspects of the web browsing system on your phone. It measures a few things like java script performance, rendering, networking and user interface. Since web browser performance is a huge deal to me and is one of the things I look at when evaluating phones, I was pretty hyped to get my hands on this app.

At first, I was a little skeptical of this benchmark thinking since Qualcomm made this benchmark, it would be obviously be tailored to phones equipped with their processors. But, I was surprised to see not all Qualcomm devices came out on top. I’ll let you download the app and see for yourself who reins supreme and how well your phone performs against some of the other high-end Android devices. Feel free to post scores in the comments.

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  1. This would be 10x better if it also tested custom browsers. :(

    1. I was thinking The. Same. Thing. (Get out of my head) o_O

      1. I was able to run the HTML5 test on the Maxthon browser. It didn’t score very well though.

  2. Evo 4g on MikG2.3 No OC I got 677 score

  3. Samsung Epic 4G running SyndicateROM Frozen 1.2 (2.2 Froyo, also no overclock or undervolt): 600 exactly

  4. I got 55 -_-

    1. LOL! What device???

      1. Sprint HTC Hero with CM7 lol someone else got a 32 with an Eris, so I’m not complaining ;) anyone have a G1?

        1. G1>Hero

  5. i bet this will be programmed to run perfect on qualcomm chips, and lag/freeze up on other chips. that is of course expected, but i am willing to bet qualcomm will turn around and use this to compare the new snapdragon against the tegra2 chips, and brag about how their chip runs “THEIR” program better.

    1. Did you actually read the article?

  6. 52 on a HTC Hero (UK version) running one of the CM7 nightlies. Damn that sucks! Is there any way to improve that score? i.e. improve my web browsing?

    Would I be better off reverting to a CM6 (Froyo) rom?!

    1. 917 here on a SGS2 with stock browser with lagg :D

  7. Wow this really surprised me. I scored a 798 on my Nexus S, which is surprisingly higher than the Evo3D in the comparison results.

    1. Because the Evo 3d is a joke

  8. 610 on my g2x, lower than my samsung vibrant. Yet in real world use the g2x is way faster. Like I mentioned,i think qualcomm made the program to make the tegra device rate lower.

    1. Run sunspider javascript and compare to sensation/evo3d…

      Joke of benchmark.

      Nice try Qualcomm.

  9. 1031
    HTC Thunderbolt BAMF Sense 3.0 RC4

  10. stock Droid Incredible2. 743. Not too shabby.

  11. Evo 4g. overclocked to 1.15MHz, running Koni’s Elite II ROM, got 590

  12. What a joke, my SGS1@1,2Ghz gets double the score of my SGS2@1,5Ghz.


  13. On my G2x when I looked the system info using this 2nd core was set to max frq 0 mhz and min frq to 0 mhz. After reboot it looked ok but i just looked at it again after 24 hours and it is zero again fore second core. Anybody knows what is going on.

    1. This app did that to your phone?

      1. No not this app. But i guess that’s g2x. That’s why t- mobile is not selling no more. It got so many issues and still there is no date for the update.

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