Jul 14th, 2011

Looks like Foxconn will be the manufacturer of choice for Amazon’s upcoming 10.1-inch Android tablet. Currently, Foxconn is the manufacturer behind Amazon’s widely popular Kindle e-readers. According to Digitimes, the tablet is expected to ship in 2012 and while that launch date may seem like a little late in the game, perhaps it has something to do with the rumor that the “Hollywood” device will be packing Nvidia’s new quad-core Kal-El processors. Even still, there is the possibility that Amazon could release the 10.1-inch tablet a few months early in time for the busy holiday season.

Also mentioned was Quanta Computer who is apparently manufacturing Amazon’s smaller 7-inch tablet codenamed Coyote and has already begun shipping to the online retailer. This tablet is rumored to be powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 and could launch as early as late August or September.

Looks like Amazon is getting ready for war and I’ve read a few editorials that it might not be Apple who is shaking in their boots but Google. Amazon seems to be using the openness of Android against big “G” to compete directly with almost every one of Google’s online services. Interesting, indeed.

[Via Digitimes]

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