T-Mobile Introduces Name ID – First Real Caller ID System For Wireless Phones


I don’t exactly know the technicals on why this hasn’t been released sooner but — T-Mobile officially announced today via press release, that they are introducing Name ID, the first caller ID service for a U.S. carrier. I know what you’re thinking, “My phone already has caller ID.” and to an extent, you would be right. But it’s not the same caller ID like on your home phone (remember those?) where it displays both the number AND name of the party calling.

While I’m sure some of you will say there is little-to-no need for this on a cell phone where only a few close friends and family have your number, as we begin to move away from landline telephones and more and more people are using their cellphone as their primary contact number, you begin to see how this can be huge for many T-Mobile customers.

The service wont come free however. After a 10-day free trial, Name ID will run you an extra $4 on your phone bill but the peace of mind could last you a lifetime. Trying to avoid annoying creditors? Done. Waiting for a call from a potential new job? Now, you wont miss it. Baby momma harassing you to pay child support? Woman, please.

Just like WiFi Calling, only a few phones will be able to take advantage of the service namely the Samsung Exhibit 4G followed other devices like the Mytouch 4G Slide they’re available later this month.

Chris Chavez
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  1. +1 for Woman, pleassssssssssssse!

  2. hahaha, no baby momma drama!

  3. Lol you rock chris

  4. No Sensation support?

    1. When I activated my Sensation, I had this automatically added. It was even listed in my account events. I can also confirm I started seeing names along with the numbers for incoming calls, even from people I don’t have in my contacts. So, yeah, it works for this phone. I don’t know why it’s not listed as supported, especially considering it’s a “flagship” phone (lol).

      1. Good to know! Bumped.

  5. I’ve been wondering why nobody’s done this as a carrier yet. Technology should be moving forward, not backward, and this has been sorely missed by me at least.

    1. It’s like Apple said back in 2007 when intro’ing the iPhone that the carriers have NO incentive to innovate, it took Apple to force Visual Voicemail on the carrier. Carriers want to do as little as possible while charging as much as possible.

      1. Truth. Carriers are ruthless monsters. Anything to turn a buck. Should it really cost $20 extra a month for “tethering?” Absolutely not. Does it, if you don’t know how to hack it yourself? Absolutely.

  6. Oh my google!! The fact the the US Tmo is still doing stuff even though they’re about to be sold. It’s weird. It’s like they’re doing more than ever now. I think I like this whole merger thing. And caller ID is perfect. Though everybody else is right. I never noticed that I really “didn’t” have caller ID. Hmm…

    1. I was thinking the same thing. It’s almost like they’re pretending they never accepted AT&T’s offer. So weird… and sad. Such a good carrier. =/

  7. Too bad I’m trying to leave T-Mobile. :( This would have been so awesome to have though!

    1. (See previous post about new T-Mobile charges)

  8. ive had this for months now its great i cost me 299 a month
    good for work as it gives you company names that call
    also have a sensation

  9. “Baby momma harassing you to pay child support? Woman, please.”

    LOL, this line is gold.

  10. i already have this. it’s called not answering numbers you don’t know and sending it to voicemail.

  11. this caller ID feature won’t work if a Verizon customer is calling you. big negative.

  12. Yet still no Gingerbread for the G2

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  14. A little lost.. “the first caller ID service for a U.S. carrier” but MetroPCS has been offering this for a while now with Screen-It.
    Still a great feature. but this automatically comes on any metro phone with a $45 plan.

  15. $4/mon for a feature that should be included in the cell service fee like Voicemail, it’s a pathetic money grab, sounds AT&T inspired in fact.

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