Jul 13th, 2011

Looks like Apple might be all kinds of worried with the North American release of the Galaxy S II looming around the corner. Apple and their lawyers have been rather impatient (I wonder why) in their suit against Samsung asking for an accelerated discovery process in an attempt to get a hold of Samsung’s upcoming tablets and smartphones. Yesterday, after Apple filed a motions to speed up the time until trial and compress the briefing schedule, the court finally told Apple to slow down and denied their requests. Why? Well, the judge cited the fact that Apple knew of Samsung’s alleged infringement for more than a year — even engaging in license negotiations with Sammy — and didn’t appear to be in any rush back then. The court (rightfully so) felt that this undermined Apple’s argument that they’re going to suffer substantial harm if things don’t hurry up and get moving.

So, what do you guys think about all these shenanigans? Does Apple have a right for these alleged patent infringements? Think Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S II and 7-inch tab has Mr. Jobs running scared? Leave your thoughts below.

[Via FOSSPatents]

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