Apple Asks Judge to Speed Up its Suit Against Samsung – DENIED


Looks like Apple might be all kinds of worried with the North American release of the Galaxy S II looming around the corner. Apple and their lawyers have been rather impatient (I wonder why) in their suit against Samsung asking for an accelerated discovery process in an attempt to get a hold of Samsung’s upcoming tablets and smartphones. Yesterday, after Apple filed a motions to speed up the time until trial and compress the briefing schedule, the court finally told Apple to slow down and denied their requests. Why? Well, the judge cited the fact that Apple knew of Samsung’s alleged infringement for more than a year — even engaging in license negotiations with Sammy — and didn’t appear to be in any rush back then. The court (rightfully so) felt that this undermined Apple’s argument that they’re going to suffer substantial harm if things don’t hurry up and get moving.

So, what do you guys think about all these shenanigans? Does Apple have a right for these alleged patent infringements? Think Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S II and 7-inch tab has Mr. Jobs running scared? Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Absolutely

  2. Haha uh oh apple feeling the heat since Sammy is gonna steal all your thunder from the iphone 5.

    1. Not to be a downer here but the iPhone 5 would steal thunder from the SGS2. Don’t get me wrong I love android but you can’t deny that the iPhone has a lot of brand power that the Galaxy simply doesn’t.

      1. If that were anywhere close to the truth, then it would Samsung suing and trying to rush the trial, not Apple. Apple comes off as running scared with their current dealings with Samsung

        1. Patents and IP’s suck; however, Apple has them. The Galaxy S 2 looks iPhone-esque. Sure most black rectangles do but both HTC and Motorola have created products (read smartphones) that create an excellent Android experience without looking too much like an iPhone.

          Put it this way Android may have gained a lot of market share and notoriety but iOS was here first and iOS is tied to one phone. People know what the iPhone is because it’s all that’s there while every Android phone that emerges has competition not only from other OS’s but from within so it’s not going to be as successful as the iPhone 5, I guarantee it. What it will be is a great phone, if not the best on the market, that will slightly hinder Apple’s sales and they would prefer to avoid that.

          I don’t have a law degree and I haven’t extensively studied this case but Apple does have legal points even if the legality is stupid.

          1. Samsung’s main problem? They made their app menu slide left/right instead of up/down…

          2. well do a little research look back before the iphone came out in 07 what samsung was making then tell me they copied apple. Too bad they were making phones way before apple was yet samsung is copying apple.

  3. I hope iPhone sales drop so low and Samsung and HTC pass current iPHone sales. That would be awesome.
    If only..

  4. Love the comparison pic

  5. Apple is not king in court. That’s what they get for trying to sue everybody. Can’t wait till they get sued for copying Android notification system. And yes they did copy it. Apple products are great but the company is led by the next Hitler.

    1. Android is open so sadly they can’t be sued for the notification system.

      1. It is open but it also has a license, probably the GPL. Now I don’t really know what that covers but there might be some way to leverage that.

        1. Wouldn’t it be something if a judge forced Apple to release the source code for iOS because of that?

        2. GPL gives anyone the right to use the work (i.e. Google’s work on the notification system) of anyone under the GPL freely. It is the whole idea of open-source. But of course I don’t think Apple took Google’s code so that doesn’t even apply in this situation. Yes, Apple copied the idea, but Apple did not copy anything in which a lawsuit could be filed. Same as with Samsung, even though Samsung had that same basic design long before Apple ever came up with it…

        3. Android is Apache 2.0 license.
          Linux kernel is GPLv2.

      2. Open source is about copyright.

        Google could patent the notification system and sue Apple for patent infringement.

        1. Okay then. If you’re reading this google, go for it!

          —–Original message—–

  6. We all know the real reasons behind Apple in doing this. The Galaxy S II is has superior hardware even than the iPhone 5 and Apple desperately want to take this off the table to eliminate competition. I’m with HTC, GetJar, and Samsung on this. They should try and compete fairly in the market than to try and bully in court rooms.

  7. One well known technique scammers employ is to try to hurry their victim so they don’t have time to realize what has just happened. Best course of action in such situations is to slow things down and take control of the pace.

  8. From what I understand Apple suit is because they think That the Samsung will confuse shoppers and they’ll accidentally get it instead of the Apple. If I get the Samsung instead of the Apple it won’t be because of any confusion.

    1. So put the apple product in a green box and the Samsung product in a orange box. That way the “mindless, stupid, and illiterate” Apple consumers can’t get confused. Seriously, is that really how stupid Jobs think his sheep (consumers) are?

      1. Have you ever talked to anyone in his customer base? Just sayin…

  9. I think we need to rework all current patents and how they work in the future. These lawsuits are becoming ridiculous and costing the companies money which in turn trickles down to the consumers eventually.

    1. I totally agree…some of these lawsuits, to a regular layperson like myself, appear to be as ridiculous as McDonalds suing Burger King because their food and menu is too similar to theirs

      1. That’s because it is. Oh look! Someone released a slab phone that’s predominantly a screen with a few buttons and a window with lots of icons in a grid!!! Shocking!

  10. Apple is completely ridiculous.

  11. My thoughts? I think Apple is finally seeing how big of a threat Android really is. iPhone may be the big one, but Android is starting to eat away at their profits, due to the sheer number of phones available. They took the exclusivity of the iPhone away from ATT and brought it to Verizon to expand their markets. My guess is they want to stop as many of the major Android manufacturers so they can keep their market share up.

  12. In your eye Apple

  13. Apple is just a sue-happy company. Sue. More $$. Sue. More $$.

  14. Time has come to face reality and that time is now no doubt. Apple feels that Samsung copied their products in some ways may be true but what’s their overall problem with HTC?? they don’t and have no need to copy apple and every device made by HTC works so much more better than any apple product its not even funny any more. This is all about apple not being innovative enough and everyone has caught up to them and in htc’s case past over them in so many ways. Check mate apple time to innovate not slow down the industry….

  15. apple needs to see how a good phone is built fast or else they’ll have to postpone the iphone5 launch even furtther

  16. This is why i hate apple.vthey think their going to loose to samsung. Their going to keep suing till everybody stop making phones. What these idiots should do is compete NOT STOPING oyhets to make a profit. SAMSUNG is the top manufacturer next to HTC. If Apple so worried then release your crappy iphones on every carrier.

  17. It’s strange that you guys didn’t get these before us here in Oz. The Galaxy S2 is a superb device. The same person who convinced me to get an HTC Desire now has an S2 and side by side, mine looks and feels old. Compared to the iphone 4, the S2 is a lot more impressive as a piece of hardware. Unless the iphone 5 is a significant step forward in terms of packaging, I think Apple will be concerned. Maybe their current actions hint at a “No”and a “Yes”.

  18. Apple wake up and get to business. Stay the hell out of court and start making some God dam new phones. No one likes a cry baby!!!!!!!

    1. Once upon a time they did.

      At one time Apple was so far ahead of the rest of the computer industry that I wondered if they would ever catch up. The list of ways Apple was ahead was a very long list, and Mac users were rightfully smug about it.

      Eventually Mac development stagnated. Apple couldn’t get their next generation OS out. Jobs hired. A few years later, OS X. iMac. iPod. iPhone. iPad.

      Android appears. Catches up rapidly. In many ways is better.

      It is once again the cathedral and the bazzar. (Google that.) The Android ecosystem is buzzing with activity and innovation. Apple is now trying to play catch up. Multitasking. No Flash. Steal Android’s notification system. Copy Google’s cloud syncing.

      There are technical issues as well. A platform without runtime type information and garbage collection. The lack of GC is baked into the OS via its API.

      Apple finds itself on the way to becoming the underdog. Just like Microsoft (in the mobile / tablet business).

  19. If we’re going to malign Samsung by calling them “Sammy” it only seems fair to call the iPhone the iPhony.

    1. Calling them Sammy isn’t maligning.

  20. Every climbing handheld company has been able to produce a new amazing phone every 12 months (if not sooner). Had Apple launched iPhone 5 back in June this would be a non issue (at least without the sudden urgency). Technology doesn’t happen within itself, while Samsung may have borrowed ideas from Apple, it’s clear Apple has borrowed from others.

  21. Stupid US patent system. Btw do HTC and the other companies, that pay fees to microsoft have to pay for each phone sold in the US or for each worldwide?

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  23. I think Apple’s end game plan is to some how delay the launch of the S2 in the states until after the i5 comes out. First out typically gets more sales.

  24. Apple is not wasting their time, they are staying competitvie by attempting to protect their patents – Im an Android user, but any company with as much money to toss around as apple that wouldnt attempt to protect their patents would not be in business for too long. I highly doubt that Jobs is running scared of anything as far as competiton is concerned. Maybe cancer or whatever he’s dying from. What is also ironic is your picture. The “factories” on the right, are most likely busy making apple their internals. This has nothing to do with factories or manufacturing, this is software based. And if you havent noticed Samsung fucking sucks as producing software. Samsung knows damn well they bit off peices of iOS and only time will tell if it was more then they could chew

  25. FAPPLE!!!

  26. Apple has nothing else to do.

  27. Please PLEASE release Galaxy S II on the day iPhone 5 launches in the U.S
    That will make my day.

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