Rumor: Amazon Android Tablets Will be Ready to Go By October


The Wall Street Journal has heard from “sources familiar with the matter” that Amazon’s plans to launch a tablet will be ready to go by October. October marks the beginning of the 4th quarter. It’s interesting to note that because other rumors have stated that Amazon would be ready to ship tablets in the third quarter. It lines up. Just barely, but it does. (Saying “by” October means we could see it well before October.)

It’s said to be one of two devices being released this holiday season. The second device won’t be a touchscreen tablet, says WSJ. The other is expected to be an Android Honeycomb tablet with deep integration with many of Amazon’s services, including Cloud Storage, MP3 downloads, video rentals, the Android Appstore and more.

They mentioned that it’ll have a “roughly 9 inch” display – sounds like it could be an 8.9 inch display, but there’s no telling. There’ll also be a camera, according to their sources. Other rumors we’ve heard are of NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El (Tegra 3) being inside.

It’ll apparently be to directly compete with offerings from Barnes & Noble and other OEMs who are currently dabbling in the tablet market with a focus on e-reading. With a rumored Q3 date to look forward to we shouldn’t be too far off from an official announcement of some sort. All of these rumors and all of this mounting evidence seems to suggest that much, as well.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can someone block this spammer… PLEASE Phandroid????

  2. Ummm article says NO camera and no mention of which version of Android it will run.

    1. ummm depends on the reporter, dumbass.

  3. Will the tablet have a camera or not? WSJ said no camera… I think that would be a huge miss for Amazon.

    1. yes because everyone using cameras on their ipad2s.. just ask them. I know I don’t use mine. Why? Because it’s a dumb idea and the picture quality is horrible.

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