Office Depot Begins Shipping Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Orders


The Lenovo IdeaPad K1 had a long and bumpy road to travel in order to make its US release. The dual-core Honeycomb tablet has been making the rounds for the better portion of the year, finally scoring a pre-order at the beginning of the month. If you count yourself among those that put your money down early in hopes of being among the first to hold Lenovo’s baby in your hands, you’re time has come. Reports are in that Office Depot has begun shipping the slate to customers. For some, the IdeaPad will be arriving on doorsteps as soon as today. Now the real question: how does Lenovo’s latest stack up to the current crop of Honeycomb powerhouses.

[via Engadget]

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  2. I tested this today in an Office Depot in MD. Hands down, this was sweet! Lenovo really scores on this one. It had great sound. Better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, Transformer, Toshiba Thrive, etc. The only tablet which beat it sound wise is the Acer Iconia. The iconia is even louder and has a better bass response. The Lenovo has good bass way better than the other guys. It took putting my same chip into both and running Another One Bites the Dust to find a Bass string that sounded harder to hear on the Lenovo. It might have JUST been volume difference. I played the Need for Speed Demo, was awesome. The screen is better than the Acer, no doubt. I am shopping for Sound and will get the Acer, but, if it weren’t for being just a hair better in sound, i’d get the K1 Lenovo Ideapad. Biggest Surprise sofar.

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