Motorola XOOM WiFi Drops $499 in Canada


Canadians might not be privy to Android 3.1 (let alone the 3.2 update that just began rolling out), but those still interested in picking up the Motorola XOOM can now score the tablet for $100 less than they could yesterday. The XOOM WiFi has dropped to $499.99, in line with price drops the slate has been experiencing across the board. Most believe the drop in price signals a new XOOM could be right around the corner, and rumors have been picking up on that front. So get the original while it’s hot. The price sure is right.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Um, I think you mean drops *to* $499

  2. $399 for a refurbished one on woot ATM.

  3. After taxes mine was 700.. but I have no regrets. I’ve got mine day 1 and have been loving it ever since.

  4. Best option for us Canadian in Android Tablet is:

    1. Buy Canadian Xoom for 499$
    2. Folow easy guide (available on Moto’s website) to switch it to the U.S. Rom
    3. Updates to 3.1 and 3.2 will be coming your way upon reboot…
    4. $$$

    Don’t forget if you decide to switch it to US Rom…you will need to unlock the boot loader and do not relock it!!! (it could brick the device)

  5. Canada users not getting updates? What a sham Android can be at times. Isn’t this supposed to be a Google Experience device?

    1. You fell for that? According to the small print only the US Xoom is a GED. So says Motorola anyway.

  6. can anyone tell me if the xoom has any SD/microSD card slots. rather get it from woot for the $399 myself, the description I read at doesn’t show any sd card slots so I want to confirm with you guys, i’m trying to get this off woot and i’m at work so I can’t run to a store to check it out.

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