Apps of the Day: Chickie Dominos, Quell and More


Dominos. Great pastime. While I don’t play as much today, a unique spin on the card game (bone game?) will get my urges flowing. If you’re like me, we have a game below for you to try. There are a couple of other great gems that none of you should even think about passing up either. The question, now, is: will they blend? Or, for a more intriguing inquiry, will they play on this brand new HTC Status I’ve received? I’ll find out. Links and quick descriptions are below.

Chickie Dominos 2 – Everyone loves a good dominos game, but Chickie Dominos switches things up. As its name implies, you can three dominos on one end if the situation allows you to. It provides interesting gameplay and a break from the norm. Don’t get me wrong, dominos is a good game, but we always like to check out spin-offs and we think this one is worth checking out. [Market]

Color Link – A new color-based puzzle game that does things a bit differently from everything else. Each block has a shape in it and you can only rotate two blocks at a time. Both blocks must have identical shapes. You rotate until you can get four blocks of the same color connected. It’s a lot more challenging than games of similar premise, but not to the point where it becomes frustrating to play Go on and give the lite version a try in the market. [Market]

Quell – Another puzzle game for you. This time, it’s Quell, a unique puzzle game that has you shifting a piece from corner to corner to pick up the smaller pieces on the board. You can only move laterally so the challenge presents itself right there. It’s another game that really makes you think and you know we love those. Price of admission is for $1.57, but the developer has committed to bringing a light version in the near future. Follow along at [Market]

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  1. Quell is only $0.99 on the app store

    I just downloaded it.

  2. hive player for honeycomb

  3. KidZoo appicaton(freeware), on the anroid app store. try it.

  4. Hope you enjoy it Spencer! See you at our Facebook page (!

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