A Look at the Video Chat App Verizon Has Been Cooking Up at their LTE Innovation Center


Verizon just opened the doors to their LTE Innovation Center, and the innovations are already rolling. There is no telling if the video chat app seen here running on the HTC Thunderbolt will ever make its way to Verizon’s handsets, but from the short clip we’d gather the video over LTE demo is looking to give similar services a run for their money. Yes?

[LaptopMag via DroidLife]

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  1. Curious why this would be better then Google Talk/Skype/Google+/Fring … which are all awesome and cross carrier/cross platform.

    1. Better for Verizon because then they could charge you for it.

    2. I can see Verizon not charging data if you use their video service … but that may open them up to some litigation problems. I wouldn’t put it past them though.

      1. … and here is a little bit of what is probably to come. Though, I don’t think it will make it past our new net neutrality laws.

  2. Personally I think they should just get Google talk video working. Instead for the carrier doing something that you will most likely have to pay to have access for.

  3. Idk what’s innovative about this? And why do carriers and manufacturers have to make their own version of everything? It just clutters and causes confusion. When Google Video Chat works across the board. Stuff like this will only work on one carrier and fixed phones. How do you have Android but only make so called “innovative” things run on one network? Why run a platform but only have it for you.

    That’s why the Nexus line is the best. One platform and pure. Represents the community and no skins to confuse and limit consumers. It’s Android vs Android vs IOS. Civil War. Battling within. Pointless. I really hope pure Android gets a look at the entire world on all carriers and represent all their selective 4G methods (lte/wimax) and people get to choose while manufacturers clutter.

    Android was fun with skins back then in Hero days but as the features became more advanced and I personally learned that there was going to be a wait with updates and limitations, it became clear that Nexus was the cure. Imagine getting updates until your hardware can actually no longer support it. Apple does that. Nexus is doing that. And yearly there is a new piece of hardware to represent the Nexus line. Anything in between is bug fixes and new features, and overhauls when needed. It’s so logical.

    1. Exactly, people just don’t understand that the Nexus phones are about more then specs like the other Android phones are.

  4. Now if there were just some selection of phones that actually support LTE available for Verizon. There’s a whopping 3, with the promise of a Droid Bionic carrot sometime later. As purely speculation, I’m also concerned they might be pushing away the Samsung Galaxy S2 because of competition with the Bionic. Stupid mini-monopolies.

  5. Nice idea, but with the shitty new data caps, I don’t think I’d want to waste my data on video calling.

  6. I dont get how they expect VoLTE to be the future with tierd data plans

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