Archos A70S2 Leaves Us with More Questions than Answers as it Passes the FCC


Archos has a few new Android slates lined up for release, but none of them seem to match up with the mysterious A70S2, which just passed through the FCC. Due to a confidentiality request, little can be gather about the upcoming tablet until at least August 19th when the regulatory commission’s veil of secrecy is lifted. Though we don’t know the screen size, Android version, or storage capacity, we get the feeling this isn’t the stripped-down Arnova 7 or either of the G9 series slates already announced. Could a 7-inch, Android 3.2 tablet with 250GB HDD be on the way from Archos to fill a noticeable gap in their upcoming tablet selection?

[via Engadget]

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  1. If I had to guess I would say due to the numbers its a variation of the Archos 70. Maybe A70S2 stands for Slim 2. It seems as though slim is the trend or a much wanted feature. I never owned one so not sure on actual A70 weight or size in hand but it fits. I usually have a knack for these things right though.

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