Jul 8th, 2011

Title says it all, folks. A rumor’s going around saying the Galaxy S II’s launch in the United States is in limbo. The country’s major carriers are supposedly dragging on with negotiations, citing improved CDMA radios by Motorola and HTC as reasons why they’d rather work with those manufacturers on upcoming flagships.

The source speculates that current talks could be in jeopardy because both Motorola and HTC have comparable devices ready for market, with all of the major carriers carrying dual-core handsets from them. Verizon has two dual-core phones in the DROID X2 and DROID 3, Sprint has the HTC EVO 3D and the upcoming Photon 4G, AT&T has the ATRIX 4G and T-Mobile has the Sensation 4G.

For any of these carriers, adding another device of the Galaxy S II’s magnitude to the stable would definitely be pushing the bar of “crowded”, but we can’t imagine they’ll let a lack of elbow room get in the way of providing a sequel to one of the best selling smartphones of the last year and arguably the best smartphone on the market today.

To suggest that absolutely no US carrier would get it is probably a bit out there, but should that happen, would any of you import a Galaxy S II for use on one of our two GSM carriers? Just a bit of harmless discussion until we get to the bottom of things. We’ve contacted Samsung for comment. [Gotta Be Mobile via Androinica]