Would You Import a Galaxy S II If No US Carrier Adopted It? [Rumor]


Title says it all, folks. A rumor’s going around saying the Galaxy S II’s launch in the United States is in limbo. The country’s major carriers are supposedly dragging on with negotiations, citing improved CDMA radios by Motorola and HTC as reasons why they’d rather work with those manufacturers on upcoming flagships.

The source speculates that current talks could be in jeopardy because both Motorola and HTC have comparable devices ready for market, with all of the major carriers carrying dual-core handsets from them. Verizon has two dual-core phones in the DROID X2 and DROID 3, Sprint has the HTC EVO 3D and the upcoming Photon 4G, AT&T has the ATRIX 4G and T-Mobile has the Sensation 4G.

For any of these carriers, adding another device of the Galaxy S II’s magnitude to the stable would definitely be pushing the bar of “crowded”, but we can’t imagine they’ll let a lack of elbow room get in the way of providing a sequel to one of the best selling smartphones of the last year and arguably the best smartphone on the market today.

To suggest that absolutely no US carrier would get it is probably a bit out there, but should that happen, would any of you import a Galaxy S II for use on one of our two GSM carriers? Just a bit of harmless discussion until we get to the bottom of things. We’ve contacted Samsung for comment. [Gotta Be Mobile via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The Atrix is any bit as good as the Galaxy S II and just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Plus it have been on the market awhile and is highly affordable. I did see a super amoled plus screen on the Infuse and as nice as it is, that’s probably about all they have to brag about.

    1. Motorola deserves the contempt that they are receiving with their recent string of locked bootloaders and poor support for anything not branded as a Droid. Motoblur slowed down the Atrix to the point that even a single core Snapdragon or Hummingbird would perform on par or better than it. Plus, AT&T is a terrible carrier.

      1. In comparison the S2 is lightning quick, even with shitty Touchwiz

        1. i think samsun being penalized by working with cyanogen mod and the community that allows their phones to be easily rooted.

        2. Touch wizards 4 is actually better than stock for me.

      2. didnt’ say a thing about carrier… if GS 2 (IF) it comes to the US att will be one of the carriers so check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    2. The screen is a pretty big thing and moto and htc are lagging on that front. You also forgot to mention the weight, size (both screen and thickness of the phone) & also the camera. That’s 3 things that i can currently think of, i’m sure there’s more. The Atrix is nice, but it’s just a little ugly in design in my opinion.

      1. You prefer the non-qHD AMOLED Plus screen over the qHD screens offered by HTC and Moto in their latest phones?

        1. What’s the point of qHD if it’s PenTile (Motorola)? The RGB WVGA screen on the Galaxy SII actually has more subpixels than the one on Atrix. That’s not the case with HTC’s offerings, but most people prefer Super AMOLED+ to SLCD.

          1. Count me as one who prefers SLCD over anything AMOLED. I don’t like the colorful UI Samsung developed to show off the AMOLED screen.

        2. Non-qHD, non-Pentile Matrix AMOLED Plus, let us not forget.

      2. I never argue design. I mean, unless you want cheap plastic and an iphone look alike i don’t really care what a cell phone looks like. Half the time the case covers it up. I just think it’s a weak argument in my opinon unless you are vain. As far as weight and thickness, this thing is both very light and thin. I wouldn’t want it any lighter i might forget where it is, geez.

    3. You’re just comparing specs, try comparing real world performance.

      1. I am comparing my own experience with the Atrix. It is super fast and I’ve had no lag.

    4. The Atrix is a significantly inferior phone to the Galaxy S2:

      – The Atrix has an inferior PenTile screen (after seeing it, in some situations, it’s actually worse than the older 854×480 screens)
      – The Exynos Processor is faster, not to mention, real world performance and responsiveness feel much better on the GS2
      – Motorblur sucks; Touchwiz does too, but it seems to be improving
      – While the bootloader is now unlockable, Samsung has been much more friendly to the development community as of late
      – The Atrix still has significant software bugs (that said, the GS2 has issues, but not nearly as many as the Atrix)

      1. Software bugs? I’ve yet to run into one. While I agree its inferior to the gs2 don’t spew out stuff cause you don’t like it. Motoblur is a matter of opinion. I love it, you don’t but having motoblur doesn’t make it inferior. The screen is opinion as well, it looks fine to me especially coming from an iphone 3gs.

      2. I have had no issues with it, no bugs WHATSOEVER. It’s been running solid and the sound is phenomenal. Better than my Dell laptop with JLB speakers. Yes the Super Amoled Plus is a little better but the colors are cartoonish, almost to bright making everything look unnatural. Not only that, the resolution is not as good as the qHD and in the end I (not that i’m everyone) is using the phone more for texting and browsing, not gaming so qHD is a matter of what your uses are. Don’t even try to give touchwiz an edge, lol. THey both suck. The bootloader is unlockable, enough said. So in the end, you have the edge on screen, Atrix has the edge on sound. Weight is close enough so there is no comparison. I haven’t played with a GS 2 and since you are still waiting (probably in vain) for it be released in the states you probably haven’t played with it that much either. So you using the word “significant” was an absolute joke. They are comprable, Atrix gets the edge because it’s actually AVAILABLE for a US carrier, lmao!!!

        1. You’re commenting on specs for each phone. In the real world. the Atrix has a severe case of LAG. BTW, read some reviews on both.

          1. I’m commenting on my own experience with the Atrix and I get ZERO lag. Don’t know how many times I have to say it. It’s very fast… No issues at all!

        2. Your comment assumes that I live in the United States. I don’t. It’s amazing how many people assume that everyone who visits a given website assumes that the US is somehow the only place in the world with smartphones and other advanced technology. I have seen both phones side by side. Given that you have even not seen both phones side by side, I think it would fair to call you a troll.

          The original Super Amoled had 2 flaws. The pentile display (RRG, BBG) and was over-saturated (although a fix on the Nexus S improved color accuracy significantly, although unfortunately none of the Galaxy S models got it). The Atrix has an even worse Pentile matrix (RRB, GGB). The Super Amoled plus has fixed this (RGB display and better color accuracy) and, despite the lower stated pixel density has better real pixel density. The screen is no competition.

          Touchwiz and Motorblur both suck. True. But what kind of Android enthusiast keeps any of the stock screens (with the possible exception of Sense and even that has the tendency to slow down a phone). In any event, unless you’ve played with them side by side, you won’t understand. The Atrix does have serious lag issues, Tegra 2 or not. In fact, it feels slower and less responsive than many of the Arm Cortex A8 phones. But as I said, unless you get the phone and play with it for a day, you have little credibility.

          1. Haha, figured you might pull the “International” thing. Well, you are now assuming that GSG II is the only phone with super amoled +, which makes you a tool. I went into the AT&T store and saw the Infuse and Atrix side by side. I can compare the screens without going to some other country. Don’t be a dolt.

            I get ZERO lag on the Atrix so I don’t know what to tell you on that. Once again, just proving your opinion is opinion and nowhere close to fact… keep breathing.

  2. You can thank apple for this.
    And don’t forget to thank the US carriers.

    1. this has nothing to do with apple you moron

      1. Calling someone a moron is not an intelligent way to respond.

        1. you’re a moron for trying to look high brow with that comment.

          1. No, you are the moron for trying to look even more high brow with that comment.



      2. only a moron would reply like that. Congrats

      3. Really? You don’t think it has nothing to do with Apple’s lawsuits? I think you’re being a tad naive.

    2. i believe its a matter of supply eventually it will get here in time for android 4.0 maybe lol.

  3. No, I wouldn’t. I want a subsidized phone. Many carriers overseas do not seem to charge for a phone, and have cheaper rates anyway. I want a Galaxy S II, but no thank you if it’s not offered in USA. Plus, I don’t like the trackpad design that the non-US phones seem to have on the Galaxy line of phones.

  4. This phone is taking too long to get to the US, the longer the wait the stronger the competition. But paying 800 bucks for a phone that will be obsolete before the end of its subsidy? No way!

      1. Actually it does support AT&T HSPA+ Bands….

        Please do research before speaking.

        1. what about tmobile? ill just wait for hercules to get true hspa+ speeds of 42mbits per second while you enjoy 14mbits per sec

          1. wait since when were we on AT&T getting 14 mbs?! my atrix can’t get above 3 reliably.

          2. My Infuse consistenly gets 7MBs+…

            And good luck getting 42MBs when that is theoretical peak, more like a max of 10 MBs but I’ll let you imagine.

        2. Calling ATT’s hspa+ 4g is laughable. they barely have 3g! lol

          1. They barely have 3g? I have 3g and get 3 megs down and 1-2 up on average. Sure better than all the verizon 3g speed tests I see online. I’ve even put up videos showing the speeds of at&ts 3g.

      2. Let me just say one thing, most phones from Sammy in America far exceeds most handset bandwidth performance as Korea has the fastest internet in the world. And it shows in their handsets.

        ps – they’re getting ready to setup a new 1gigabit connection for every individual by next year lol. About 100 times faster then us in America.

        the avereage speed in Korea right now is 100 Megabit. Compared to 4 or 5 in Amercia. Not only that it’s cheaper.

  5. No thanks to the Atrix. Motorola cannot compete. :(

  6. Im on your side Ash. I hate Apple/

  7. They could put a keyboard on it for Sprint, a la the epic… I know an epic 2 codename’s been leaked, but it was only rumored for a single core, and I would certainly day 1 purchase it if they made it a GS2 slider. Then it is differentiated, since the only dual core keyboards are the Droid 3 and MyTouch Slide 4g, that leaves AT&T and Sprint with nothing, putting it out on all 4 would certainly sell

  8. No one wants motoblur, at&t and verizon need a better high end device like the GS2

    1. Same could be said for some people and touchwiz

  9. nope – tired of waiting – about ready to buy something else. EVO 3D? Photon? Bionic might even be out before the GS2. What should I get guys? since GS2 is a only a dream.

    1. Are you not on a contract?

      1. on verizon currently. my droid one is dying ;( no contract in force thinking about moving to sprint if they have a device I want . . . . like the “rumored” GS2

    2. I got sick of waiting too. I picked up a droid charge, no dual core but it isnt laggy. 4g and super amoled +. I cant complain.
      Sprint does have some nice options but their network is atrocious where I live. And I think Bionic will definitely be out before sgs2 IMO.

  10. Maybe but IMHO a top Android phone should be running the latest version of Android not something a year old.

    1. …the Galaxy S2 runs Gingerbread. That is the latest version of Android.

        1. My apology…that 0.0.1 addition is just so important when only ONE phone current has it (Nexus S).

          1. My T-Mobile G1 has 2.3.4 using Ginger Yoshi 1.2.1

      1. I was referring to the Atrix but my attempt to reply to another comment seems to have failed.

  11. As much as I love and want this phone, I’d probably settle for the Infuse or Atrix if it isn’t coming. I can get the NFC on the microsd card if needed. Just one more example of how the US is getting embroiled in legal chains…

  12. Welp…that sucks.

    Importing isn’t an option for me since I’m on Verizon.

    1. Same here.

      Even tho I did get the Droid X1 retail…I know some ppl could and would get it this way. But damn…wouldnt it cost even extra if it was imported?

      And without LTE it’s not worth it to me at this stage in the mobile game.

  13. Carrier or not I decided to pass…1. I just don’t like the interface. And secondary to that has been 2. Samsung’s perceived dismissive tone regarding customer feedback as well as 3. their seeming desire to be Apple 2 (and their supporters come off like iPhone users). Even with the latter two I still considered the phone…but htc’s Sense 3.0 put the EVO 3D over the top.

  14. If I could afford it, I would in a heartbeat. Alas, I cannot though.

    This phone outperforms any other dual core at this point. Period. Look at the benchmarks, look at the reviews. Myself, I currently have the Infuse and it does have a public 1.6Ghz kernel out there (mine BTW) and I’m running my beta 1.8ghz kernel that I need to tinker more with. Atrix? Till the development post bootloader unlock starts happening, it’s not much yet…. period.

    1. The EVO 3D has been overclocked to 1.8 GHz (with a still-locked bootloader).


      1. That I know, but moto’s bootloaders are alittle harder to get around. With the GB leak, it’s good, but I think it was too late….

    2. Who gives a shit about benchmarks except lonely nerds who need to justify to themselves that they’re cooler than everyone else.

      It’s all about real-world performance.

      1. Benchmarks give a general idea of what performance MAY be. But that’s why I also suggested to read the REVIEWS as well. It’s the best phone out there at this point, over 3 mil in under 2 months and still going strong…..

        I look for performance, always. My last 4 phone have been the Infuse, Inspire, Captivate, Nexus One. This phone is today’s standard of performance… (but may not he tomorrow’s)

        Good day.

        1. Then please tell me how you equate a bench score to actual performance?
          Because my old G2 didn’t get great scores but it was a smooth experience in
          every area.

          —– Reply message —–

  15. I feel bad for the americans. the wow-factor of the SGS2 dried up a long time ago with all the android people i know irl.

  16. I already have. :)

    I remembered how the carriers ruined the Galaxy S (espeically with updates) so I decided that I’d just import the original this time. Must same that I am quite pleased.

    The GS2 can also be bought for about ~$670 now.

  17. I wouldn’t because there isn’t an AWS variant to import. If one of Canada’s AWS carriers got it I might think about it. Otherwise I’ll keep on keeping on with my Nexus One until the next Nexus comes out.

  18. I already have imported this phone and I can say it is amazing.. I have used the samsung captivate and atrix and also have tested numerous phones out at at&t and verizon stores (which you don’t get the full experience) but you can still find out some things.. I recently went to the verizon store bc I was thinking about jumping to them bc of the unlimited data grandfathered in and was testing out the droid charge, dinc 2, x2, thunderbolt and revolution and they aren’t nearly as smooth as the GS II.. I was really surprised that the droid charge was so laggy. I was going to wait for the moto bionic but i’m not a big fan of motorola so I am staying with this phone. I was expecting a lot better even for single core phone.. I was a huge iphone guy from the start and over the past year and a half I wanted to make the switch but could never stay with an android bc of the lag and battery life and some other things but I imported this beast and now I can’t even use an iphone anymore.. I’m just giving my opinion but really think it would be a shame (and most likely not going to happen) if it doesn’t make it on to us carriers.. Great phone and battery life is phenominal for an android phone! I like to change my phone like every couple months but I can say I won’t be changing this phone until something with LTE and is as smooth as this phone!

    1. lol ” already have imported this phone and I can say it is amazing” This coming from an ex-iphone user. Of course.

      This phone is crap. It needs 4G
      I dont understand why Samsung didnt just call this phone the iphone5, instead of galaxy S II.

      Note to Samsung: Stop making all your cell phones and cameras feel like cheap plastic!

      1. You obviously haven’t seen all the reviews pretty much giving this the super phone of the year. 4G is great, but not the end all be all of the smart phone world. There are more *important* features than just 4G.

        1. well reviews these days are as reliable as commercials like apple saying iphones are the only phones with apps…they just like it cuz its something new and with my cappy the colors were oversaturated and from what ive seen they’re worse the screens to damn big they feel like cheap ass kcock off plastic sh*t sammy’s really lettin down and their support on devices blows to no end

    2. This phone is what Android phones should have been. Lag free…
      Has very good build with no creaking sound. Back cover of this phone is super flexible and stays in place.

      1. my nexus s with stock gingerbread is lag free =)

  19. I would if it looked more like an iPhone.

    1. yeah and the ihomo copied from LG Prada :) U FAIL

      1. You’re correct but also a moron.

        1. I lol’d – thanks.

  20. I would but the price is outrageous. I fear though that the US version will be a watered-down Tegra-based one though.

  21. If Sammy would add tmo 3g bands, then I would import it. Sammy has really stepped up their support, at least for the international phones, whereas the US carriers have not had a positive impact. My SGS was great, the only issue I had with it was the screen size. I wanted a bigger screen.

    1. Theoretical question. Does any of the Canadian carriers have compatible 3g or 4g bands with Tmo? If so, I might import one of those when they arrive in Canada (very soon from what I’m hearing). But while I love the phone specs and reviews, must have 3g minimum, better yet 4g.

  22. if there is no SGS2 then it is iPhone 4S or 5 for me

    1. I am thinking the exact same thing. Im so sick of laggy android phones. Thats the only reason I wanted this phone, Android with no lag..

  23. I’ve already imported one ;)
    This is the Best Smartphone ever made :-)

  24. Negative on my end. If the specs are going to be a Tegra 2, I’ll steer clear.

    Sigh*, I just want a phone that will b*tch slap the upcoming iphone5. Put them in their place. Come on manufacturers, can’t you just listen to consumer’s demands!

    1. I think if its imported it wont be Tegra 2.

  25. Google+ is open!!!
    At least for now…

  26. I’d rather not see it in USA.. more for us in Europe :D

  27. i’m importing one in a month or so when my verizon contract ends because i’ll be leaving the country in a year or so

  28. google + isn’t open! i just tried!

    anyway, no i’m not going to import it via amazon. I’m on Verizon and so are all of my friends and family. I guess i’ll have to wait for the Bionic, but i’m not sure how thick that thing is.

    1. you want an invitation leave gmail

      1. azimuth79 at gmail dot com pls!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I will not import this, as I’m requiring that my next phone have 4G LTE for my Verizon plan. If Verizon’s version of the SGS2, the Function, doesn’t have 4G or it doesn’t release by or shortly after the Droid Bionic release (whenever *that* will be), I’ll be getting the Bionic instead.

  30. I would consider importing, if importing didnt require being on at&t. IMO, if the euro sgs2 could work on vzw, this would be less of an issue, a TON of people including myself wouldve imported it a long time ago.

  31. Nothing compares to SAMOLED.

  32. no, I’ll just buy it from Bell in Canada because not everyone who reads this site is american…

    1. If you actually read the article, it’s clearly tailored to Americans. Why even comment?

    2. Are all Canadians this touchy? Geez.

      1. Shhh, don’t them started again… the fires from the riots in Vancouver could flare up at any time!

  33. Never, 4G are my top priority.

  34. Not unless they support Tmobile’s 3G bands

  35. I really want the Galaxy S2…but can’t / won’t afford to import it. :(

  36. No way I’ll import.

  37. I’m seriously contemplating importing a GS2 and using it on AT&T’s $50 unlimited goPhone pre-paid plan. The data actually works (and users report full speed HSPA+) because AT&T doesn’t recognize the IMEI because it doesn’t sell the phone…

    Another advantage of having the international SGS2 is that developers are cranking away on porting CM7 over and when/if the device is released here in the US it will most likely have hardware tweaks that prevent us from using the custom ROMS that are available…

  38. if i could import a CDMA version i would have already done it

  39. I’m waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich to replace my phone. The current crop is only slightly better than my Nexus One and there is little they can do that my Nexus can’t.

  40. I would have already imported it if CM7 was ready for it

  41. ivate button to google+ back, someone want

    1. I do

  42. Rather get Bionic with LTE.

  43. I wouldn’t import it, even though I want it badly. I will never be an AT&T customer.

  44. I’ve also got to say that your source is more than likely FOS. With the buzz around this phone, and the Great sales of the original SGS variants, the carriers will be offering this phone.

  45. To me it seems that the SG2 is the most complete Android phone available. I haven’t seen one negative review. Other Verizon offerings don’t intrigue me…the DX2 still has perceived lag for instance…not the experience I’m looking for

    I love Android but if the SG2 isn’t coming I will take an honest look at what Apple is going to offer.. I know I know…

    1. It is an amazing phone. Just wait 2 months though and it’ll be obsolete already like every android phone. My atrix is considered obsolete by many now but it doesn’t bother me a bit

  46. If I can find a CDMA GS2 for Sprint with WiMAX support, I´ll buy it… but don´t worry, it is coming…

  47. I would definitely import it.

  48. I would love to import one but AT&T just sucks in Boston area. I get only 200kb down at the best. That is just pathetic. They call it HSPA+. This is the USA not some 3rd world country.

  49. I love everything about my Fascinate besides the “update factor”, and was really looking forward to this phone hitting the states. Unfortunately, I have been very happy with my Verizon service for 7 years now and have no plans on switching just for this device.

  50. I’m French, I have this phone since a month, I just can say that it’s the best phone I have ever had !

  51. Unbelievable. I am wedded to Sprint and have been wanted to ditch my laggy, undersized, poor battery life Pre for quite sometime. I really want an iPhone as I use Macs at home, but I don’t think Sprint will ever get one because the iPhone 6 will be LTE and I don’t see Apple adopting WiMax. I finally settled on waiting for a Galaxy S II land at Sprint. Super slim, fast, a light skin in TouchWiz, gorilla glass and good battery life. I don’t want the Evo 3D, its battery life isn’t as good, it is substantially thicker and Sense has become a monstrosity. I don’t want a Photon because frankly, I have never liked anything by Motorola. Now the GSII may not land at all. Like I said, unbelievable. Plus, this story makes no sense, why would ATT and T-Mo care about improved CDMA radios, they don’t use them.

  52. Mine will be here tomorrow. Ordered it off of Amazon.com and am excited to run it on AT&T.

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