Google+ Invite Button Is Back – Get Those Emails Ready


I hate to do this to you guys but — I have just confirmed that the Google+ Invite system is back in effect. Can’t say how long it will be open but now would be a good time to hound your friends already in the service or start sending invites to friends and family. Good luck and godspeed!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. post emails and I’ll start inviting.

      1. done

        1. thank you!!

        2. Could you send me an invite
          [email protected]

        3. can you send me one if its not to much of a bother?

          [email protected]

        4. [email protected]

          thank you please

        5. Invite please [email protected]

          thanks !!!

        6. Could you send me an invite
          [email protected]

      2. Did you get an invite? Can you send me one my email is:
        isjrbar @ gmail.com

      1. done

        1. bnbarker at gmail

    1. s.kenesson at gmail com

    2. THANK YOU! =)

      1. Did you get an invite? Can you send me one my email is:
        isjrbar @ gmail.com

        1. Done! Check your email and hope it works.

          1. Awesome thanks I just got it. Your the best.

    3. Please invite

    4. chaosportal at gmail

    5. Chaoss13 at gmail

      Thanks, even if it doesn’t work

    6. [email protected]

      Ill invite a bunch more people too!!!

      Just let me know when I can try

    7. user101b gmail
      you rock

    8. reon.neo gmail

      Here’s hoping I’m not too late!! (And yes, you do rock)

    9. karl dot bontrager at gmail
      please and thank you.

  2. If you post an email, I can try to get some out as fast as I can.
    EDIT** as of 2 hours ago the “invite” button has been removed from G+

    1. Thanks

      1. robert.alan.swain at gmail dot com

        1. can u add me? [email protected] please thank you

          1. Can someone please invite me? I’m really curious to try it out. Thanks.

            I’m at fourofouram at gmail dot com

          2. Please invite me…..

            [email protected]

          3. Could someone please invite me? Thank you very much.

            sha.unset.hna at gmail dot com

          4. I have been following this for a while and would to try it [email protected] plea invite thank you

      2. Did you get an invite? Can you send me one my email is:
        isjrbar @ gmail.com

        Got one.

      3. [email protected]

        Will you send an invite please? I’d appreciate it

    2. Thanks!

      1. Did you get an invite? Can you send me one my email is:
        isjrbar @ gmail.com

        Got one.

    3. Man I would totally love to get one. Been following Google+ for awhile and telling a lot of people about it. Even had it in my podcast. HOOK ME UP!!!

      Unythios @ gmail

    4. tddriskill @ gmail please!
      I know i’m late to the game here…

    5. Awesome! I am so anxious to get an invite and start exploring Google+

      robert.alan.swain at gmail dot com

      Please and Thank You!

    6. [email protected]

      Thanks man!

    7. Dang!! I just read your komment. *sad face*
      Why kouldn’t I get here sooner?

  3. LOL, i iterally JUST streamed this to Rob Jackson

    1. i submitted a tip about it about 15 minutes ago. i randomly checked my invite and it worked so i freaked and started inviting people like crazy

      1. Hey, how bout an invite for the greatest man alive?

        [email protected]

        If you can send an invite, that would be awesome!

    1. done

    2. Did you get an invite? Can you send me one my email is:
      isjrbar @ gmail.com

    1. done

  4. invited thanks

    1. done

      1. [email protected] if you could. Thanks.

    2. PLEASE Invite [email protected] , Share the love!

  5. or does it have to be a gmail account?

  6. Iain.Mitch at gmail.com. Thanks

    1. done

      1. Thank you

        1. Did you get an invite? Can you send me one my email is:
          isjrbar @ gmail.com

          Got one.

  7. got it… thanks

  8. I Pirate Movies you are the best — Thanks :)

  9. Can someone send me an invite please and thank you :)
    [email protected]
    woops :P

  10. Would love an invite. [email protected]

  11. ill invite people as well…leave your email address ppl and act fast =D

    1. Pls invite me….
      [email protected]

  12. Thanks dudes :)

  13. [email protected] thank you!

    1. done

    2. Did you get an invite? Can you send me one my email is:
      isjrbar @ gmail.com

  14. [email protected] please. Thanks.

  15. [email protected] thanks mate

  16. bc at clark20.com – thanks!

  17. I got two invites but it won’t let me join. What am I doing wrong?

    1. There might be some occasional load trouble. I’ve heard that it should work if you keep trying.

    2. keep trying. they might be at capacity right now. it’s still letting me send invites though

    3. i invited you…try using chrome as your browser…i heard ppl getting results with Chrome

      1. Please send invite [email protected]

      2. Thanks for the invite, I’ve been a Chrome user since the beginning. I got an extension that keeps refreshing the page every five seconds.

    1. Please send invite [email protected]

  18. Could you please give me an invite?
    My email is [email protected]
    Thank you!

  19. ———–

  20. Thanks Ivan I pirate and anyone else. But it says that its currently working out the kinks and i dont know how to accept the invite. anyone else having this problem?

    1. getting the same message..perhaps invites are shut down for now already.

      1. man that would suck i had three different people invite me.

        1. does my invites from them become invalid once they open it again?

    2. Some of these are apparently “getting in”, however. I would really just keep trying until it works. Seems to be that way almost every day.

  21. [email protected] Please and thank you!

  22. Also adding people to Google +. Complete this form bit.ly/mWIZU0 and I’ll send out multiple invites at once. #googleplus

  23. sorry, i dont have access to that first one anymore. current one is [email protected]

      1. Please send invite [email protected]

  24. [email protected] if anyone has an extra invite…would greatly appreciate it.

  25. [email protected] pretty pretty please!

    1. Got it. Thank you very much, Dave W!

  26. me me meee…
    please and thank you
    [email protected]

    1. done

      1. Do you mind sending me an invite pls….
        [email protected]

  27. done

    1. thanks man… but it looks like its already over :(

  28. Forgot to say please and thank you. :)

  29. Edit: Thank you mr Osti for the invite!

    Thanks in advance guys!

  30. I would certainly appreciate being considered for an invite: [email protected]
    Thank you

  31. [email protected] if anyone has extras!

  32. Please and thanks sorry

  33. OK my fingers are getting tired. I’ve invited a good 100 people across 3 different sites in the past 20 minutes or so. Those of you that got in please make sure you pay it forward. Glad I could help everyone that I did.

    1. take a break ill invite people also =]

      1. thanks

        1. please send [email protected]

      2. Thanks, just got mine… Apparently they closed but I’ll hold tightly to my invite….

        Thanks a lot!!

        1. when there open again u can use your current invite to get in….so check daily and no problem

        2. Please send invite [email protected]

      3. thank you!

        1. no prob…glad to help a fellow android user =]

          1. Mind shooting one my way?
            xexaxmx (at) gmail (dot) com

          2. although you made me do extra typing!!! lol no prob man added

          3. hey man, mind shooting an invite this way if they’re still open! [email protected]….thanks!

      4. Please send invite [email protected]

          1. Please Invite! [email protected]

          2. Invite please – [email protected]

            Thank you, ^_^

      5. [email protected] please some one invite me

          1. its closed again :( damn I always miss it.

      6. Thanks Michael…i appreciate it…as soon as they allow me to login with the invite i’ll be glad to help you all out as well

        1. One you get access can you please send me an invite. [email protected] thanks

        2. can i get an invite!???
          [email protected]

          i’ll help out too, if i get in

      7. [email protected]

        appreciated if it goes through

      8. please invite me
        [email protected]

      9. Please and thank you ! chaosportal at gmail

      10. please invite me too
        [email protected]

      11. [email protected] please and thank you

      12. Hey I would like an invite if possible?
        [email protected]

      13. Please invite me [email protected]

      14. clint.williams @ gmail.com


      15. [email protected]
        Please invite me and I’ll pass along the fortune.

      16. [email protected] please if you still can…thanks, i will spread the love as well!

      17. please if you still can/are can you invite [email protected]? if you do ill invite as many people as i can

      18. engen.lucas (at) gmail.com

      19. cdc5205 at gmail.com

      20. joshsahib at gmail.com

      21. ms.jessicatorres [at] gmail [dot] com

      22. Please someone send me an invite jonathanjarrin (at) gmail (dot) com

      23. could someone please ivite me?

        bornlucky0918 at gmail dot com

        please and thanks

      24. Please invite me

        [email protected]

      25. someone

      26. if possible can you send me an invite?
        [email protected]

      27. Can someone invite me? rickartiga44 at gmail (dot) com

        I will pay it forward to others as well.

      28. can you invite me too please? [email protected]

      29. [email protected] please :)

      30. Please invite me

        [email protected]


      31. can i also get an invite? If its not too much to ask.
        [email protected]
        Thank you… It would make my day better!

      32. hope its not too late please invite. [email protected]

      33. rrp.1120 (at) gmail.com

        1. please could i get hooked up shaynejardine (at) gmail.com

      34. tyger79[at]gmail.com please

      35. Don’t hesitate to send one to


      36. i also wouldn’t mind getting one :-) laz0rbrain [at] gmail [dot] com

      37. Please send one to [email protected]

      38. [email protected] at your service……..i mean, i would also like an invite if its not too much trouble

      39. please invite me… :)
        Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot !!!!
        [email protected]

      40. please invite tovmeod [at] gmail [dot] com

      41. [email protected] please :)

      42. Please invite me too. jezlukin/gmail/com tyvm.

        1. can some invite please [email protected]

          1. [email protected] ??? please? thx

        2. Could someone invite me? Sha.unset.hna at gmail dot com

      43. Can someone please invite me too: huschke[at]gmail[dot]com? Pleeeease :)

      44. [email protected] if anyone could please :)

      45. Mr. Montañéz, would you please send me an invitation? Thank you [email protected]

      46. could you invite me please, [email protected] thanks

      47. calibretto[at]gmail[dot]com

      48. i could use one plz
        [email protected]

      49. i know i’m late, but… can i get an invite!!!
        [email protected]

      50. Please send me an invite! [email protected]

        Thank you so much!

      51. I would like to receive a Google+ account pls at [email protected]


      52. [email protected]

        Sent from my Moto Xoom

        Pls add

      53. hi can you add me please [email protected] thank you

    2. [email protected] if you could please…thank you

    3. Thanks a lot man =D

    4. I tried inviting some more and can’t. Appears invites are completely closed now.

    5. Invite to nepherim at gmail dt com would be appreciated, thanks.

    6. Rayacer7 at yahoo dot com

    7. me please

      [email protected]


    8. invite me please [email protected]

    9. invite [email protected] because i love you long time

    10. Can someone invite me? rickartiga44 at gmail (dot) com

      I will pay it forward to others as well.

    11. If anyone has an Invite I would be grateful [email protected]

    12. Please invite me. I’ll spread the Google+ love! [email protected]

    13. LoL!! Your nickname. Heh heh…

    14. please invite kuntau17 [at] gmail.com.. thx

    15. I would love an invite if anyone has a minute! mauroisthegreatest/gmail/com Please and thank you!

    16. could you toss an invite to [email protected]?

      thanks if you do.

    17. please invite me [email protected]

    18. I would loove an invite :-) [email protected]

    19. can i get an invite to csdozier (at) gmail (dot) com

    20. plz invite [email protected]

    1. Thank you!!

  34. Thanks all for the invites, but it says it temporarily exceeded it capacity, dont know if I should keep trying or not, any help?

  35. I would like an invite please!!
    [email protected]

  36. Invite me please. [email protected]

  37. thanks in advance

  38. looks like it’s already over guys… i get a “We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.” message now

  39. got an invite, thanks! have to wait until capacity is available again, but at least I have it, Thanks again!

  40. invite please!
    [email protected]
    **hands out cookies as bribe to get invite**

  41. [email protected]

    somebody hook me up!

    1. invite me im kickass!

  42. I got the invite, thx. But it won’t let me sign up :-(

  43. I have invites from like 6 different people but it doesn’t help if I can’t get in …. I can understand the demand for G+ is really high but google should let people with invites to sign up or just not let people send invites …. this is leaving a bad taste ….

  44. Kennedy dot bill at gmail dot com please

  45. thamks guys but i get an email saying this “The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. If you’re not able to access Google+, please check back again soon.” :P

  46. Hmmm, is it full already now? @.@

  47. Hi,
    [email protected]
    Thanks in advance

  48. Dang, so much demand for this. Is it going to be a Facebook killer? I’ll throw my hat in to look around, jrcorey.

  49. Could someone send me an invite to [email protected]

  50. Please send invite [email protected]

  51. Please send invite [email protected]

  52. Please send invite [email protected]

  53. Please send invite [email protected]

  54. somebody, anybody, please [email protected]

  55. Please send invite [email protected]

  56. Please send invite [email protected]

  57. thanks yall

  58. Please send invite [email protected]

  59. Can someone please send me an invite.
    [email protected]

    Thank You in advance

  60. enigma429ad at gmail.com please and thank you very much if you are able to!

  61. Anybody who wants one, email me your email address to [email protected] or tweet it to me @MS507

    EDIT ::::


  62. hoping to get an invite.. [email protected]

  63. [email protected]
    please , thank you very much

  64. invite please!!!! [email protected]

  65. My invite button is gone

  66. A big cheer to whoever can invite me: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance!

  67. please invite: [email protected]. Thanks. Will pay forward.

  68. Please invite too late :(

  69. Can a dude get a invite [email protected]

  70. yes please send an invite [email protected] I will totally pay it forward!

    1. [email protected] please, thanks in advance

  71. **Please invite me :D [email protected] THANKS IN ADVANCE :D:D:D:D

  72. please hook me up!!!

    [email protected]

    thanks in advance!!

  73. [email protected] to anybody who feels the need to spread the love!

  74. Please ! An invite would be great ! chaosportal at gmail

  75. I would love an invite please.

    [email protected]

  76. please invite someone, [email protected]


  77. Any invites left? Would appreciate one:)
    [email protected]

  78. [email protected] would sure appreciate an invite.

  79. [email protected] would appreciate an invitation

  80. Please share the love [email protected] Thank you in advance…..

  81. [email protected]

    Thank you!

  82. please invite me
    [email protected]

  83. can I get an invite too? Please I would like to try out Google Plus [email protected]

  84. Please invite me: dewayne.korth[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  85. would love one….

    [email protected]

  86. Rayacer7 at gmail dt com

  87. please invite [email protected]

  88. please guys somebody invite me
    [email protected]

  89. Could you send me an invite
    [email protected]

  90. Crossed fingers….
    [email protected]


  91. Can i get an invite please.

  92. May i get an invite please?

  93. I will give anyone who invites me an internet high five. An awesome one. ([email protected])

  94. Please add me. You would be so kind.
    [email protected]

  95. Could you send me an invite
    [email protected]

  96. Anybody willing to send an invite my way? [email protected]

  97. Invite me please [email protected], I can’t wait to play with Google+

  98. Me too? If not now then maybe next time? If not I certainly understand.

    [email protected]

  99. [email protected] if anyone can invite me please.

  100. I’d love an invite if anyone has any left. :-)
    [email protected]

  101. Invite please?… Cueball.tech@gmail
    I will invite others on here

  102. if any are still available, I would love one, dpilsbury1 AT gmail dot come

  103. [email protected]

    Pretty pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!

  104. Anyone wanna invite me id be grateful manuelavitela(at)gmail(.)com

  105. [email protected] please I will deff pay it forward

  106. jmoscato at gmail thanks!! :-)

  107. Please [email protected] I promise I will pass it forward

  108. [email protected] – please, please, please!!

  109. looks like its closed again. I got a few people in then i noticed one of the invite buttons on the main page on the right side disappeared and now no one i am sending stuff to is getting and invite but everyone i sent an invite to when the button was available did. weird anyone else experiance this? also some people got the invite but received the server overload lol

  110. [email protected]

    Please and thanks.

  111. [email protected] for anyone feeling charitable

  112. could someone please send me an invite?

    bornlucky0918 at gmail dot com

    please and thanks

  113. [email protected]
    please send me a invite.
    thank you

  114. aleis38@gmail

  115. can someone please invite me its my birthday [email protected]

  116. Pretty please: [email protected]

  117. aglenn88 at gmail dot com please

  118. fredhoffmann3 (at) gmail (.) com .. Pretty please!!!

  119. jay.giller

  120. send me an invite please.. [email protected] .. Thank you.

  121. Invite me pls…..sgoodwin89@g mail dot com

  122. technerd [at] gmail [dot] com please? Will pay it forward!

  123. please invite me bradb47 (at) gmail (dot) com

  124. chrismbradshaw at gmail.com

  125. Please invite me….sgoodwin89@g mail dot com

  126. I would personally admire anyone who could help an android brother out
    [email protected]

  127. kkaluger @ gmail com

  128. Man G+ beta has got to be a spammers dream.. its like christmas morning for them

  129. If this is still working I would like to get an invite, [email protected]

  130. Please invite me! I will definitely return the favor!

    chris.cooper1127 (at) gmail. (dot) com

  131. [email protected]

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I will send a hundred invites and pass it on. Thanks!

  132. Please Oh Please!!! [email protected]

  133. is this an invite:
    “Google +person” is sharing with you on Google+
    Google+ is a project that aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in the real world.

    Is this an invite? If so do I just wait until they are inviting people again?


  134. Would love an invite, thanks in advance.
    [email protected]

  135. [email protected]

    thank you :-)

  136. [email protected]

    Someone please invite me!!!! Been trying like hell to get on here.


  137. [email protected]
    Though if you don’t want to it’s fine. :) I’m not really SUPER pumped about this yet, but I’d like to get some experience going on it.

  138. greenwaldjared [at] gmail.com – please :)

  139. Invite please turnedtwo (at) gmail (dot) com.

  140. Invite please turnedtwo (at) gmail (dot) com.

  141. Invite please—> [email protected]

    Huge thanks!

  142. any invites [email protected]
    ill repay the favour to others

  143. [email protected]

    I’d like to test this thing out.

  144. would be great if i could get an invite!

    [email protected]

    thanks in advance!

  145. If anyone got in share the wealth [email protected] thanks

  146. hey guys please send me an invite, [email protected]

  147. [email protected] will pay it forward! thanks!

  148. [email protected] will pay it forward! thanks!

  149. add me please … [email protected] … thank you very much …

  150. Can someone invite me? I’ll help invite more!

    [email protected]


    Edit: It’s closed for now. I’m determined to get in this!

  151. Can someone please invite me? I’m really curious to try it out. Thanks.

    I’m at fourofouram at gmail dot com

  152. Hope I’m not too late… [email protected]

  153. someone please invite the greatest man alive, please.

    steveisthegreatestmanalive at gmail dot com

  154. If someone still has an invite. Thanks!

  155. [email protected] –> Please been trying since two weeks.

  156. I dont have the button! I have Google+ but no button

  157. No invite button shows up for me. Its 11:49 pm CST

  158. Do you mac users also have the little red icon shown in the picture to add people?

  159. I will pay it forward. Invite me whoever can please. [email protected]

    1. karl dot bontrager at gmail , if you get in please.

  160. Can someone please invite me? I’m really curious to try it out. Thanks.

    I’m at fourofouram at gmail dot com

  161. [email protected] please add me im just got home from afghanistan and id love some g+ love on the new thunderbolt

  162. Invite please turnedtwo (at) gmail (dot) com.

  163. [email protected]

    An invite would be greatly appreciated from someone. Thanks!

  164. [email protected]

    thank you!

  165. Please send an invite to [email protected]. I will certainly Pay it Forward! :)

  166. Please invite me too, [email protected]

    Thanks !

  167. I’m not seeing the button.

  168. If someone gets an invite, can they Invite me? I will pass the favor on….
    [email protected]

  169. [email protected] please and thanks

  170. Hey! I’d love to get onto Google+! I’m mister.adkins@gmail

    Many thanks!

  171. Would sooooo love to try out Google+
    [email protected]

  172. I see a find and invite button but it’s kind of confusing. I’m not sure if that’s really inviting people or just sending emails to correspond with them.

  173. May I have an invite also jsparker88 at gmail dot com?

  174. Can i get one please????

  175. Nice :) plz invite me [email protected] hugs and a big thank you !!!! :)

  176. Invite please :D Thank you



  178. m dawt estrada @gmail.com preeze!

  179. Please invite me!!!!!!! my email is : [email protected]

    Thank You

  180. Please invite me!!!!!!! my email is : [email protected]

    Thank You

  181. I’d love an invite, and will pass some along.
    [email protected]

  182. Please invite [email protected]
    Many thanks

  183. If someone has the time and the button is still active..
    Please invite me.. per.ardne at gmail.com
    I know I’m late as h€ll but it’s morning over here.. :)

  184. An invite for me please luisenriquereyes at gmail.com thanks so munch

  185. Any chance of an invite please invite me jas.c.owen at gmail dot com

  186. Can anyone invite me ? my email is [email protected]


  187. please invite me
    [email protected]

  188. can u invite me, [email protected]

  189. can i bother someone for an invite? im [email protected]

  190. Now if someone would just set up text message alerts for those with invites waiting to be able to use them. I can just never seem to catch it. Oh well. Eventually.

  191. Hi

    Anyone to invite me? Would be nice.

    user101b gmail


  192. [email protected] please invite – thanks :)

  193. Cowql8er at gmail if you please. :)

  194. [email protected] pretty please

  195. i hope someone will add me… plz?? [email protected]

  196. If anyone can drop me an invite, I’d be more than happy! blaghda(at)gmail(dot)com.


  197. S’il vous plaît..
    pfhonore (chez) gmail.com

  198. [email protected] Please.. Cant wait to try it..

  199. Please invite me: [email protected] :D
    Thanks in advance!

  200. 1wayjonny gmail com

    please send an invite

  201. I would like an invite too please: husmanahmed [at] gmail.com

  202. Please invite me! Thanks in advance:

    [email protected]

  203. please invite me

    [email protected]

  204. Can someone please invite me?


  205. Can someone please invite me at mlinsell at gmail.com

    I’d be very grateful, thanks!

  206. invite me please :) [email protected]

  207. Is it too late? Please send me an invite to no.cannabis at gmail

  208. [email protected] , would appreciate an invite to try it out. thanks.

  209. Hi! Would a generous soul send me an invite too? It’s feast2famine at gmail dot com. Many thanks!

  210. please invite me [email protected]

  211. SOMEBODY PLEASE [email protected] :D ahhaha

  212. whoops!

  213. Can someone invite me? martin.phil4[at]gmail.com

    1. Look for the people who said thanks and ask them, they already got an invite.

  214. Please invite boboslave at gmail dot com. Cheers. Pay it forward.

  215. Could someone please please please invite me I’m
    Shaynejardine at gmail.com

  216. Can someone invite me too please ? my gm : [email protected]

    Thanks in advance !

  217. Thanks in advance!

    [email protected]

  218. Might as well join the party
    [email protected]

  219. If anyone could invite me, I would greatly appreciate it! =D
    dpakman19 [at] gmail [dot] com =]

  220. Jonesing for an invite!

    craigfalknor at gmail dot com

    Thanks in advance!

  221. Please can I get an invite? thanks btiics at gmail dot com

  222. Would appreciate an invite… bslater02 at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Kevin, I will be paying it forward!

  223. [email protected]
    invite plz…

  224. If someone would be so kind, harvey dot london at gmail dot com.

    1. A big thanks to Sandeep and Kevin. I’m in!!!!

  225. please :

    [email protected]


  226. [email protected] If anyone can still invite :)


  227. Can you please send me an invite? [email protected]

  228. accord281[at]gmail[dot]com please :)

  229. OMG! Someone please, [email protected]

  230. lol, I have never done one of these from paranoia I guess but Google+ is too tempting…. Can I has invite for? =) Thanks

  231. can someone please send me an invite. [email protected] I’ve been waiting for this.

  232. [email protected] please invite

  233. [email protected] please :-)

    1. Done, check your email!

  234. Greatly appreciate it! dejah007 at gmail dot com

    1. Check you email.

  235. Haha wow I doubt someone will ever get me an invite but if they do


    1. Done, check your email!

  236. could you invite me please, [email protected] thanks

  237. could you invite me please, [email protected] thanks

    1. Done, check your email!

  238. [email protected] please and thanks ahead of time