Google+ Engineering Director Explains Bi-polar Invite System


Google+’s invite system got you down? Feeling confused, even angry after reading posts and tweets announcing the open availability of Google’s social network to the general public — only to find you’ve been shut out from experiencing the joyful bliss that is Google+? Well, just in case you were starting to doubt the validity of our posts, Dave Bresbris, Google+’s Engineering Director is here to shed some light on the subject.

There you have it. The service is still very much in its infant stage and Google is working on and keeping a close eye on their new social networking baby. It totally makes sense that they would want to make sure the experience remains a positive one for current and new users and really, who could knock them for that?

So, if you’re one of those still patiently waiting to get into Google+, keep a close eye on our Twitter and we’ll announce whenever we hear of users having success logging in. Oh, and if you’re still holding onto an invite from someone, DO NOT delete the email and just periodically check the link supplied therein. Just like T-Mobile’s data, throttling doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cutting you off or shutting you out.

Chris Chavez
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    1. *facepalm*

    1. I got google +,,,,just let me now if you need an invite

      1. Send my one at rmulken @ gmail dot com


          1. Can somebody send one my way Ultimatepunjab @ gmail dot come

          2. Any chance you someone could seng an invite to [email protected] ?

            Thanks :-)


      2. [email protected] would love one

      3. Please invite me… I have cookies! Edit: woohoo! :D

      4. q8penpals at gmail dot com pretty pretty please!

        1. I just invited you! Ur welcome!

          1. i would love an invite too, email l33tlamer at gmail dot com, thanks so much! would really appreciate it :)

      5. [email protected] Id love an invite. thank you

      6. patrickm.panamel at gmail dot com thanks for an invite

  1. “make sure the experience remains a positive one” – my experience of it is pretty negative at the moment since none of my friends are on it. What’s the point of launching a social hub when I can’t socialise on it?

    1. Maybe your family doesn’t love you, or you don’t have any friends…hence no ‘invite’. :)

    2. The problem with your post is that they did not “launch” G+ yet. Its still in a testing phase and the people getting in are basically testers. If you’ve ever tested anything or even understand the concept of testing you’ll understand, just because they are letting people use it doesn’t mean that its been “launched”.

  2. Growing slowly by limiting invites is fine, letting people send invites that do not work is naff.

  3. In the words of a fast food chain, I loving it. i’m already considering deleting Facebook and Twitter account!

    This morning I shared 5 articles with my Psychology circle, chatted with my technology circle and shared 3 family albums with my family circle. All without pestering the other group. Also I’m a lecturer so I need privacy, no problem. All i have showing to the public is my name and gender and everything else is shared with specific circles.

    Just need some more mates on here :D

    1. If you could send a Google+ invite to [email protected] I would be very grateful!

      I love Google products and I’ve been spending the last week browsing profiles.google.com just to read what people are posting, and I would love to finally be able to add my 2 cents to conversations!

  4. Would love an invite if someone has one — [email protected]

  5. If you could send a Google+ invite to [email protected] I would be very grateful!

    I love Google products and I’ve been spending the last week browsing profiles.google.com just to read what people are posting, and I would love to finally be able to add my 2 cents to conversations!

  6. invite [email protected] pleaaasssseeee!

  7. I have had a few people send me invites, but i never receive them, and it still won’t let me access Google+. It makes me a sad panda.

  8. It let me sign in … but I NEED and INVITE, daggnabit!

    clint.williams @ gmail.com

    Please & thankya!

  9. in there like swimwear!

  10. A very kind person sent me an invite; but I don’t see a link or anything to get in with; is there something in the email to hit???

    1. I’m having the same issue. Just takes me to a page that explains Google+ and says that if you can’t get in to please be patient.

    2. Just check back on the link every now and then. I got one during the first mad rush and couldn’t actually sign up for a day or two. About 4 hours after I saw the first article about how the first wave was closed I checked back and was able to sign up.

      1. I recieved an invite like that 6 days ago, and I’ve checked the link multiple times a day every day, but still I get the ‘Google+ is in limited Field Trial’ message every time :(

    3. I”m in! I’m in! (doing the happy dance!!)

  11. I sent out a handful of invites to close friends last night when I noticed it was open again, but no one got them. It’s lonely in G+ without my friends. That makes me a sad clown.

    I sent feedback about the problem. Hope they fix it soon!

  12. here goes my shameless request for a invite thegexx at gmail.com. thanks! I can’t wait to get rid of facebook!

  13. Loving the new Google+ Cant wait to get some more people in my circle!

  14. Google+ is GREAT. Cant wait for it to be open to public! I need more people in my circles.

  15. I’m irritated because I requested an invite directly on day one and haven’t heard anything, my friend sent me an invite which didn’t work, and finally my least techie friend gets an invite that works yet I still can’t sign up.

  16. please send one my way.

    [email protected]

    Thank You!

  17. Please invite [email protected]

  18. A friend sent me an invite almost a week ago and as was suggested here, I just clicked on the link a couple times a day at various times. I eventually got in last night! I was so shocked it took me a minute to realize that I was at the sign-up screen and no the normal “limited beta” crap.

  19. i need it too

  20. I just can’t wait to be able to sign up or receive an invite to Google+. They’ve screwed anyone using the apps account, rather than just giving the apps admin the option to enable it.

  21. can anyone spare an invite? [email protected]

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