Comcast XFINITY TV Gets Honeycomb Support, Your Tablet is Your New Remote


After months of being relegated to Android smartphones only, Comcast’s XFINITY TV app has been updated to support Honeycomb, bringing a retooled tablet interface that will have you ditching your traditional remote in no time. So far Comcast is only officially supporting the Motorola XOOM, but the app should be compatible with any Honeycomb tablet with WXGA resolution (1280×800). Gingerbread users are in luck, too, as the latest update also brings support for the newest version of Android for mobile handsets.

XFINITY TV lets you surf channel listings, schedule DVR recordings, and search through Comcast’s lineup of programs. Chances are you’ve already got your Honeycomb tablet sitting in your lap while taking in the good ol’ boob tube, so why not put it to some real use?

Android Market Link: XFINITY TV

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Awesome, I’m glad they updated the app for us gingerbread users as well.

  2. Not compatible with the GalaxyTab :-(

    1. My bad – it could be because I was trying to install it while I was/am in India – will need to retry when I am back in the US….

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