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There is something quite news-y about today’s Apps of the Day, and that might be due to the fact that both entries have the word “news” right in the name. But the similarities (for the most part end there), with one giving you the day’s stories from one source while the other pulls from thousands to provide up to the minute coverage. It’s all part of Apps of the Day, the feature where we check out what’s new and hot in the Android Market so you don’t have to. Read on for more.

ABC News – The name says it all. It’s the official ABC News apps, so fans of the network can get access to all of their favorite coverage on the go. National and local news, top of the hour video news briefs, and all the top stories and pictures you can handle. Pretty standard as far as news apps go, but worth checking out if your a real information junkie. [Market]

News360 – Unlike the above ABC News app, News360 aggregates stories from 4,000 sources into a single streamlined interface featuring photos, videos, and more. You can customize feeds to your own specific interests, view live news streams, and view detailed dossiers on the people, companies, and brands featured in the stories you read. We’re mentioning the app here because today marks the first time that the popular app for tablets is also available for Android smartphones. [Market]

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  1. i use news 360 for my transformer and it’s great. i’m definitely going to load it on my g2x.

  2. i like news 360 too

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