Samsung Expecting 26% Profit Drop This Year


Even though we’re seeing Samsung break sales records with their Galaxy S II line of smartphones, not everything is turning up roses for the Korean based company. Apparently, Samsung is expecting its quarterly operating profits to hit somewhere around 3.7 trillion won, a 26% drop when compared to last years 5.01 trillion won. This is largely in part due to poor PC, TV/LCD sales and the fact that nobody is buying those fancy 3D televisions as expected.

The company’s handset business may become its new cash cow with 19 million smartphones being sold in the second quarter, easily beating their 2011 smartphone sales target of 60 million units. Since its debut in April, the Galaxy S II has sold more than 3 million units and some analysts expect the phone to sell 20 million units by years end.

[Via Reuters]

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  1. So, the PC (Microsoft eco) is failing, and Handsets (Google eco) flourishing… No wonder M$ is mad.

    1. Yes and no…Obviously Microsoft is upset and will have to change, but to believe that the PC market is going to disappear anytime soon is naive, and as unlikely as it seems…Microsoft will adapt…they may do it slowly and lose a large portion of the market. But make no mistake Microsoft will be here for a LONG time…maybe not forever, but sure as hell a LONG time…

  2. I have an idea how then can make money: release the Galaxy S2 in America already!

    1. Ha! They might as well just jump to galaxy S 3 already.

  3. how does selling 19 million beat their goal of 60 million for the year?

    1. 19 million in the second quarter alone

      1. Quarters = 4. 60 divided by 4 = 15. 19>15.

  4. What? You mean no one cares about 3D screens that require 100+ 3d glasses and batteries per person to use? Gee who didn’t see that coming?

    The TV market got greedy when they saw the popularity of HDTVs and tried to invent another market with 3D TVs and they’ve fed into thier own hype so much 3d cell phones are on the way out now … guess how well I expect those to do?

    1. Well the 3d phones sound good to me. It may just end up being a gimmick in the long wrong, but they seem kinda kool for now at least. But for one reason only………. THEY’RE GLASSES FREE!!! No one wants to carry glasses around with them, or have to look for them at home before yuo can see the TV clearly. Its just stupid. 3D will NEVER catch on unless its in glasses free form. Even then, only if you can watch it from every angle. Not just at a few specific spots.

  5. It might be because some of their products like the cell phone I was forced to accept by my cell phone insurance to replace a good phone was junk.

  6. They’re playing the coy Apple game. “Oh we don’t expect to make much money this quarter” and then crushing their own estimates which drives up the stocks and has Wall Street gushing over them for no real reason. In turn, that makes more people want to buy their stuff. That’s the Apple way!

  7. I support anything Korean. I’m sick and tired of Americans who think they are the only innovators and try to crush Korean competition with patent bullshit (*cough Apple).

    1. Not to defend apple but time and time again samsung has shown that they do not have much creativity, same goes for much of the Asian nations. Everyone will tell you that samsung has great hardware, very poor software, and that is what is crushing Korean competition.

      1. Samsung is actually very innovative. They monopolized the AMOLED type displays. My next phone must be an AMOLED display, that’s at least comparable to a Super AMOLED+ HD 720p display. Samsung also makes ultra-thin and ultra-light devices which I love.

        1. Repeat: great hardware, poor software.

          1. well i’m using nexus S, so great hardware, and great software. Super AMOLED+ HD 720p = nexus prime, which is the next phone i’m waiting for, go Samsung innovations! i hope they will keep the awesome full-on clean front design, and also keep the curved glass.

  8. Seeing the word trillion in there tripped me up for a moment. Anyway:

    (About $3.5 B)

    1. That’s right. About tree-fiddy.

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