Motorola Tablet Hits the FCC, Is Awfully Similar in Dimensions to the XOOM [XOOM 2?]


Just earlier, we were wondering if Motorola were dropping prices on their XOOM tablet in order to make room for another, and if this FCC approval says anything, we just might be looking at that type of scenario. This tablet device was spotted on the FCC’s site with the dimensions of 259mm x 166mm. In contrast, the original XOOM was 249.1mm x – in short, this is probably the Motorola XOOM 2. It’ll have LTE radios inside, something that will make current XOOM owners’ blood boil. We’re not sure what sort of package we could be looking at here. The possibilities are endless. NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor is said to be in tablets by the end of this year. It may still launch with Tegra 2, though, or any other dual-core chipset. For now, this is just an FCC listing so let’s hope for some concrete details soon enough. [via Wireless Goodness]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Have OG Xoom users received the 4G upgrade yet?

    If not, this is why companies that are not Apple really suck with Tablets. They promise something, and then it seems like they put it on the back burner and deal with it after they release an upgraded product with that promised upgrade.

    1. It is why some companies suck all over not just with tablets.

  2. Wow this is BS if true. And no, we have not gotten our 4G upgrades.

    1. Or your SD card support. Seems like Moto is trying to piss off everyone.

      1. Moto has nothing to do with SD card support.

      2. The delay is GOOGLE not Moto.

  3. It’s the Xoom 4G, in my opinion.


  4. I’d say this is good news for owners. It almost certainly means upgrades are on the way. And if not, screw Moto! Ya know?

  5. Maybe they will just trade your Xoom 3G for a Xoom 4G-LTE, and then reflash the refurbished 3G units to be sold by CDMA regional carriers.

  6. If the dimensions are not at least smaller than the ipad2, it will fail like the original xoom. Samsung really set the standard for weight and dimensions with the tab 10.1 as far as I’m concerned. That isn’t easy to type given their horrible Android update history, but they delivered the goods and deserve the credit this time.

    1. Now if only Samsung could do that thinness without the propietary BS. They failed on delivering the goods in terms of expandable storage, HDMI, and USB connectivity.

  7. Anyone else notice 32 + 42 + 60 + 10 + 42 + 42 + 17 = 245 not 259?

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