HTC Sensation Set to Get a Large Update?


If the above image is anything to believe, the HTC Sensation – either the European or the American version – is set to get a pretty sizable OTA upgrade sometime soon. The system verison looks to be and the file clocks in at 369MB – yep, you’d better find a WiFi connection when you’re ready to pull this one down. We can’t even begin to imagine why an upgrade needs to be this large without a significant jump from one major Android version to the next. Anywho, the only hint we get here is that it’s “to improve the performance of your device and add new features”. [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. when did you get this? are you in the US?

    1. Ask the people it came from, this is just taken from Android central.
      Probably just some user that’s trolling.

  2. Maybe it’s that new fangled unlockable bootloader…

    nah, probably not.

  3. wow, i never put together that the HTC pyramid = HTC Sensation … i thought they were two different phones for some reason. I hate code names.

    1. I like code names. I own a Pyramid, not a Sensation!

  4. It’s for the unbranded Euro version, and seems to mostly be bug fixes and the like. No unlocked bootloader.

    1. 368.92MB is lot of bug fixes. I’ve never played around with a non-branded Euro-version, how buggy are they?

      1. Apparently touchscreen issues, respsonsiveness issues, the carousel lag, and similar stuff. They also fixed charge time, or the battery level being shown as lower than it is.

        All the info I’ve gathered is from the thread on XDA where this was posted as people tried it out, so take it for what it’s worth.

        The main hope was that it would enable S-OFF, but it didn’t happen.

        1. Wow. I didn’t realize the Euro versions had so many issues. Hopefully, the update fixes them.

        2. I have the T-Mobile US version of the Sensation and I experience the same issues with my device.
          Touch screen issues/responsiveness…battery level…and a few more annoying phone issues (but that could just be T-Mobile).

      2. …don’t start. HTC Sensation is a nightmare over here….so many problems. Touchscreen and lag are the more severe problems. My friend swapped his last tues for galaxy s II…Not surprised with this update tbh

  5. It is too unlock the boatloader, this is “NOT” speculation.

  6. 1.35.401.1 (26.96mb) just came through for my unlocked UK Sensation. It has sped up the lock and home screen loads.

  7. I’ve just got the update on my HTC Sensation (Europe). But it’s versioned 1.35.401.1 and it has 26.96 MB. As in the picture..

  8. update it now =)

  9. I just returned 2 T-Mobile US Sensations and good riddance, I’m now back with my trusty Nexus One. The first one was obviously possessed by Satan (video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P6Vgsuf460) because when plugged-in it would act with a mind of its own and surf the Web, go to PayPal, view home screens that weren’t even those of a Sensation, etc., so I exchanged it.

    The second one was not sentient but it refused to recognize my Bluetooth car radio (a Motorola Defy and my Nexus One worked fine) and the WiFi refused to maintain a lock on the IP. Besides, there was a serious issue with a death grip; if you placed the device on a table or your hand across the upper portion of the phone the WiFi signal degraded significantly.

    Lastly, the video colors were much less vibrant than my 1.5 year old Nexus One. The blacks were actually gray and the other colors less saturated.

    In short, I’m waiting until T-Mobile gets a quality top-of-the-line device until I try this again.

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