Dolphin Sends Out Email Addresses of Beta Participants, Apologizes for the Mistake


Over the weekend members of the Dolphin Browser beta program received an email that looked like it was alerting folks of the Dolphin Browser HD V6.0 private beta. Instead, the email was opened to reveal a large number of email addresses belonging to those signed up to participate as beta testers. The news is disturbing, but thankfully no passwords or other sensitive information were included in the mailing. Dolphin has since issued an apology for the mistake and assured users that their information (minus their email addresses) remains safe. Unfortunately for those wishing to keep their email addresses private, the damage has already been done.

[via Dolphin | Thanks, Trevor!]

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  1. It happens, I still love my dolphin browser beta. I actually use the new webzine feature a lot.

  2. Guess I wasn’t chosen for the beta then. :)

  3. You weren’t really picked I think. I just happened to notice there was a dolphin browser beta in market place about a month ago and simply downloaded it. I have been using it ever since.

    I just checked though, and it is no longer showing up.

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